Video Game Competition – Winner

The theme for this competition was Video Games. Contestants had 5 weeks to create an image related to a video game(/s) of their choice, and were encouraged to be “creative”.

A whopping 176 entries were submitted. So deciding on the winner was quite challenge. But after sifting through them all, I found a favorite. Scroll down to see who won.

All Entries



These entries didn’t win, but they came close, and deserve a mention:

Created by Madhunt6666

Created by Madhunt6666

I love the minute amounts of detail in this character, from the brushed metal to the light scratches on the head. It’s subtle but it adds a lot. The lighting is fantastic too. Great job!


Created by Shadosk

Created by Shadosk

The modelling and lighting in this scene is superb. I especially like the detail in the clothing, and the velvet look of the penguin. Great job!


Created by drtomtron

Created by drtomtron

Nostalgia anyone? I like the grainy, discolored feel this has. Very true to it’s time. I also like the additional porting Yo Frankie ;)


Created by Jfaurbo

Created by Jfaurbo

This one looks really close to a real promo image from the game. The only thing letting it down I think is the lighting and modelling. But overall I like it :)


Created by pauloh.crincev

Created by pauloh.crincev

You’ve captured the scale of the scene really well. You can get a real sense of the size of the giant. The hair and fur rendering looks great as well.


Created by reynante

Created by reynante

Fantastic! I love this scene for both the visuals and creativity. Combining two iconic app games, Plants vs Zombies and Angry Birds. Well done reynante!



Created by swmo

Created by swmo

Awesome idea! An 8-bit Mario in a real world retirement home ;) I’m not entirely sure how you modelled Mario, but he looks great. The quality of the interior is worth mentioning too. Awesome work :)


Created by vllano

Created by vllano

Quite a few people submitted Hitman images, but yours was my favourite. The environment and color palette make it stand out. Great job :)


Created by marcellmota

Created by marcellmota

Great homage to an iconic game. The grass and composition could use some love, but the modelling on Ryu makes up for it (check out those veins). Nice job.



Created by AlinB

Created by AlinB

Aside from the nice lighting and composition, the part that got my attention were the materials. The paint on that globe looks completely believable. Well done!


Other honourable mentions


Created by Josh Maule

Created by Josh Maule

Congratulations Josh! I liked your image for it’s creativity and storytelling. You jam packed it with references to the game (my favorite is the tissue box) and also worked in some simple, yet realistic looking materials for each character. Even the brick wall behind them works as a homage to the brick boxes in mario.

So well done Josh! You’ve won $500 for a charity of your choice + Any item from the Blender eShop + a permanent spot in the Winners Hall of Fame.

A big thank you to everyone who participated in this competition. There were some very high quality renders in this competition and I can’t wait to see what comes out of the next one :) Unfortunately I don’t have time to go through each entry to explain why it didn’t win, but if you’d like some feedback, post a link in the comments below and I’m sure readers will give you some pointers for next time.

Stay tuned. The next competition will be announced in two weeks on the 19th of March. So clear your calendars and get ready to go another round ;)

About Andrew Price

User of Blender for 9+ years. I've written tutorials for 3d World Magazine and spoken at three Blender conferences. My goal is to help artists get employed in the industry by making training accessible and easy to understand. I'm an Aussie and I live in South Korea ;)
  • Madine

    nice job.. Congrats to all winners.. Minneapolis Divorce Lawyer

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  • tommy

    why isn’t the nomad (crisis) render a finalist

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  • Andrew Clancy

    Man some of those pics were so not “family friendly” like in the criterion… but I guess that’s why they didn’t win.

  • Stephen Ritter

    Nice job Josh. I really like the vending machine, the pamphlet the bomb is reading lol, and the holder for the pamphlets with the pictures on them. :) Overall great job.

  • Nita Ravalji

    congratulations josh.. nice details… it reminds me the world of wreck it ralph… :) and well done everyone.. some are really nice entries here…

  • Anthony Pilon

    Idea for the next competition: underground. It could be a subway, cavern, mine, sewer, anything of subterranean nature.

  • Abdel

    Yeah the winner definitely deserved to win. Wow that’s very very impressive. Good job to whoever made that.

  • LswaN

    Darn, I didn’t have time to get my entry ready, cause I was busy with college work. Now, I’ve got a week off from school for spring break, and there’s no new contest till break is done.

    Ah, well, maybe I’ll be able to get in on a contest again this summer…

  • tnifong

    No way I would have been able to make that decision from all those incredible entries. This competition has to be one of the best examples of creativity and skill to date. A big congratulations to Josh for creating such a simple concept to capture a gamer’s imagination in a way that melds nostalgia with a comedic story-line. Phenomenal.

  • Willy Nsangou

    The winner is WONDERFUL. Well story telling, incredible rendering,made me laugh on every little detail!!!!! 5 stars

  • Luis Felipe Ocampo

    Excellent work everyone! Congrats Josh!!

  • Paulo Crincev

    Congrats Josh… this work is awesome and very creative.
    Congrats to every people that participate of the event.

    Andrew: Thanks for event, is very cool.
    Wow, be among the finalists was very good for me… hahaha… (although not my final render).

    *Bring on the next event!

  • Reynante Martinez

    Thank you so much for the opportunity, Andrew. I’ve had so much fun joining this competition and it pushed me to my known limits.

    To everyone who joined, congratulations! :D


  • Lendel Fajardo

    The mario was remeshed, set on cube

  • Santor4

    Congratulations Josh!!
    Really great work, with great story :)

  • guest

    The winner is good. I like the idea and execution. But AlinB’s work with LittleBigPlanet…he simply nailed it. Not as creative as Josh Maule’s but quality is superb. I stunned for a minute when i saw it.

  • André

    I have to admit, I really like the character in the image made by Shadosk. Odd though how her hair kinda looks like feathers. =)

  • Max Berends

    Wow, great job to all contestants, and amazing job to the winner! Bandage your wounds, pick up the pieces, clear your scene and get ready for the next round :D

  • Shashank Duhan

    :) Congrats

  • Skepter

    Whoever this Josh person is, I’m astonished. I’ve always been a Mario fan, and this seriously answers the famous phrase ‘a picture paints a thousand words’. Your mind drifts off into a world of it’s own when you look at it…..

  • Ciano1000

    Unfortunately I coudnt enter this one because if school but the renders look amazing cant wait for next comp maybe the theme could be easter?

  • David Stringham

    Wow, there were a lot of entries this time. I wish I could go through all of them now. I really like #73, but it’s difficult to pick out just one as my favorite. Josh definitely did very well, however.

  • pnut14

    Haha I probably did the worst out of all the portal entries but I think I was the only one to use an orange portal gun :)

  • Ben Amend

    Congratulations, Josh! My favorite image of all the others by far :D

  • Guss

    Congrats to the winner! I had a feeling you were going to win, Josh.

    Thanks for the great competition Andrew, I can’t wait for the next one!

  • André

    I kinda knew Josh was going to win the instant I saw his submission.

    Very well done Josh!

    Hope I get as good as you one day. ;)
    Can’t wait for the next competition… :D

  • Shinsaku

    All Great renders however I was surprised to not see tangowolf_01 win (or at least be “close to” winning) ! That Portal render is awesome special congrats to that artist.

    • jfaurbo

      He did get an honorable mention. And while a good render, IMO, it didn’t tell a story. It just looked like a scene from the game (only have a vague idea of the game). As well the render could have done with some more samples. It was very noisy. But cudos on texture, scale and lighting.

  • jfaurbo

    Congrats Josh. Definitely one of my Favorites too.

    Andrew: Thanks for the nomination as a Finalist. I am honoured.

  • MuRi

    The winning render is amazing! I knew I wouldn’t win but at least I was hoping to get on the “Honorable mentions”… Well sadly I didn’t : … Pretty excited for the next competition though!

    • William Barber

      I know the feeling, I was confident of an honorable mention this time around and now I’m forced to ask myself, am I being one of those annoying people that rates their own work unobjectively… I may start a thread on the blender forums and ask people to let rip and let me have it :D

      Edit: Just wanted to add, congratulations Josh, your piece was one of my favorites as I was browsing the thread.

    • André

      I also felt exactly the way you did. Everyone did a great job with their works but in the end only one can take the prize.
      Everyone can give themselves a pat on the back even though you were not mentioned or even if you think your image looked stupid, you gained experience and learned from the other artist’ work, and most important of all; had FUN.


  • Gustav Nilsson

    I really love the winner! :D Well deserved, Josh!

  • Al

    Great entries, as usual. Well done, all.

    Also: Andrew, please can you stop using that really annoying photo pop-up on the gallery pages? It makes it really hard to click through the images.

  • Kevin Chen

    Wow that is a deserved win right there!

  • Amogh

    Really great Josh!!
    Creativity and Aspects makes it stand out than the visual effects..
    The story impact and originality is all that matters just like the Oscars!

  • Nathan Ferguson

    Congrats Josh :D You deserved it! Also great effort for the other entries :) They’re all amazing.
    Counting down the time to the next comp :D