Top 20 Blender Artworks from 2012

Congratulations everyone! Despite grim predictions we actually made it through the year 2012. On the off chance any of you want to buy a 20 year supply of bottled water and shelter supplies, hit me up.

In other news, the Blender community really came through this year! There were some absolutely stellar artworks posted all over the place. But trying to keep a track of all these artworks is like trying to get all the marbles in Hungry, Hungry Hippos; it’s almost impossible.

So I’ve done the hard work for you. I went through 92 pages of artwork in the Finished Projects section of BlenderArtists and the featured images on BlenderNation to find the very best artworks. My eyes are blurring and I’m beginning to doubt reality.

So here goes, the Top 20 Blender Artworks of 2012 as decided by me:

20. Alpha Rest Room

Created by enricoceric

Created by enricoceric


19. Kraz 257b

Created by ntnsftr

Created by ntnsftr


18. Dune Boiserie

Created by alan.zirpoli

Created by alan.zirpoli


17. Cryptocephalus

Created by Gabich

Created by Gabich


16. The Rudolph

Created by Pratik Solanki

Created by Pratik Solanki


15. Armored FS100 Fighter

Created by Agus3D

Created by Agus3D


14. Simple Interior

Created by camara

Created by camara


13. Ferrari 458 Studioshot

Created by Linolafett

Created by Linolafett


12. Pioneer VSX-D511

Created by Chrisbono

Created by Chrisbono


11. Opel GT

Created by rogper

Created by rogper


10. Bidirectional interior with Yafaray

Created by Riofranco

Created by Riofranco


9. Extractor

Created by !Fab!

Created by !Fab!


8. Cabin in the Woods

Created by Jonathan L

Created by Jonathan L


7. Sci-Fi room in Cryengine 3

Created by MM

Created by MM


6. K.i.t.t

Created by tomket7

Created by tomket7


5. Loft in cloister

Created by enricoceric


4. 19 Billion Polygons

Created by Agus3D

Created by Agus3D


3. SSS Study

Created by theLuthier

Created by theLuthier


2. Juggernaut

Created by MmAaXx

Created by MmAaXx


1. Green Woods

Created by major4z

Created by major4z. Winning entry of the Photorealism Competition.


So there you have it! Proof that the Blender community is really putting in the hard yards.

So whether you’re a newbie, occasional hobbyist or professional, give yourself a pat on the back. Your participation helps push Blender to new heights :)

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About Andrew Price

User of Blender for 9+ years. I've written tutorials for 3d World Magazine and spoken at three Blender conferences. My goal is to help artists get employed in the industry by making training accessible and easy to understand. I'm an Aussie and I live in South Korea ;)
  • ReggiDavid


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  • Shaun McKenzie

    well this makes we want to give up :/ dose any one no anything about ‘The Nature Academy’ or the book ‘The Wow Factor’ which one should i consider buying i have only been using blender for 2 weeks and one day ?

    • fergus

      the nature academy is focused on nature & the wow factor is an ebook on compositing in blender. there is also an architecture academy for, you guessed it, architecture.

  • MistahTibbs

    Number 3, SSS Study, looks like an very much aged version of the actor Jonathan Slavin.

    Here’s his IMDB page.
    Excellent work!

  • Saurabh

    I really couldnt make out if they were 3D art or real images, one day I am going to make my place in that list!

  • sewrtdsfh


  • sewrtdsfh


  • sewrtdsfh


  • Sandro

    Absolutamente incrivel.

  • As Mi

    great motivation for me considering i had one month to learn Blender….
    keep fight!!!

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  • Owldude

    Ha, it’s funny to see that SSS dude right before the Juggernaut. All of those are fantastic and well-chosen artworks, and I give a grand bravo to all the artists. Well DONE!!

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  • Andrews Ofori

    Pure inspiration

  • Andrews Ofori

    I will be on this list next year!!!

  • Ian P

    SSS Study kinda looks like Anthony Hopkins. LOL.


    I bet most of them rendered externally..
    Too bad that blender’s internal has such limitations.

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  • Mr. K

    Great work!

  • JonathanL

    Thanks for including me here (cabin), my goal for next year is to make something even better!

  • sourabh suman

    can any body help

    i want to work at home as blender artist
    can i get job at home

  • Balkin’ Balkan Billy

    I agree with Tibor Farcas – “EXTRACTOR” was the clear winner, with me judging. A complete and incredible world, strange yet familiar, replete with stories, history, inhabitants, bums and heroes, broken hearts and triumphs – all of that comes to mind while viewing that piece of ART

  • richard78

    I saw the ‘waving flag’ tutorial which was cool. But why do you pronounce ‘flag’ as ‘fla-a-a-a-a-a-c-k’? :-)

  • Nicholas Bradley

    Now I need to master the gingerbread man in the tutorial!
    Seriously though. This gallery is very insprational.

  • Justin Barrett

    thank you for posting these, it is nice to see the quality that comes out of blender, not just seeing my own crappy stuff…;)

  • Richard van dijk

    They’re all so good :D

  • tomket7

    Thank you for including me! (K.I.T.T.)

    • cesarecf

      Nice concept! :D transformer K.I.T.T. wasn’t expected!

  • Gwidno

    You Guy`s are so awsome !!! I`m just a newbe still fighting with basics :-)
    I LOVE ALL OF THEM ! Be creative and a happy new year 2013 to all

  • Shashank Raj

    The Pioneer VSX-D511 really blew my mind. So much detail… It looks as if someone just took a picture. I think that the entries 10-18 are all Ultra-Realistic and of-course the top 3. Great job people, you all deserved you names there.

  • Kent Trammell

    I’m so honored to be included – Thank you! (SSS Study)

    • yeobe1

      I think you named the image “Sad Eyes” if I recall correctly. Has a nicer ring than SSS study, interesting that at least three of the images were done as “tests” to see what blender could do.

    • cesarecf

      i’m following that tutorial, it’s just amazing!!!

  • Max Puliero

    thankyou for including me! (juggernaut) ^^

    • Steve H

      Just found your timelapse on you tube!! well deserved place there!!!

    • Cesarecf

      i saw your timelapse, absolutly stunning!!!

  • Bea

    Blender can do anything as long as the user, it also can. Great artwork, really awesome!

  • Thelemic

    Are these pictures of real things or are they completely made in Blender?

    • Landon Kirk

      I believe they are post processed in photoshop or gimp and some have picture backgrounds(ie. the car, I think)

      • Thelemic

        Ok:P Well, I wouldn’t see any difference between a photo of a real thing and the same thing made in Blender. Incredibly well done:o

  • asket

    4 the best! :)

  • Tibor Farkas

    BTW I thing Andrew you have some work which need a place here!

  • Tibor Farkas

    +1 for “extractor”. The atmosphere is just unbelievable, and really precise modelling! Amazing, for me this is the clear winner!

  • Ethan

    Interesting choice. Very few characters as opposed to interiors or hardsurface (cars/planes/stereo/transformers). Is that intentional?

    • Andrew Price

      Nope. I tried to be fair to all different scene types. It’s just that there were more quality interior renders (easier) than character renders (harder).

  • Stefan

    Great works! I would add some from

  • Jeremy Deighan

    What does Bidirectional Interior mean?

    Those are some great renders!

    • me

      bidirectional path tracing, google it

    • yeobe1

      I think he did a comparison of three different render engines; BI, Cycles, and… yafafray? it’s was a fairly interesting read. All three render engines looked amazing with him behind the wheel.

  • rakesh shrestha

    great!!!! especially SSS Work :)

  • Kîmô Ôthmân

    Awsm !

  • Eka Kurniawan

    First! Okay i’m crying seeing this. wonderful and awesome!

  • Ben Amend

    A great collection! Though I’m pretty sure that “Shark Ride” is from 2011.

    • Andrew Price

      Great Scott you’re right! Don’t know how I missed that.
      Alright I’ll replace it with another.