Top 10 Tutorials from 2011

Wow, what a year! We’ve seen some massive changes to blender in 2011, along with some massive tutorials right here :)

So to round up the year, here’s the Top 10 Tutorials from 2011:

10. How to Make a Realistic Asteroid

9. Create a Realistic Water Simulation

8. Create an Eye Catching Energy Drink Advertisement

7. Create Realistic Outdoor Lighting

6. Create a Flame Thrower

5. Smash an iPhone

4. Create a Realistic Earth

3. Introduction to Rigging

2. Introduction to Cycles

1. Create an Underground Subway Scene

Thanks for sticking around and making this year a blast!

I normally don’t share my new years resolution, but since you’re all here, let’s talk…

Blender Guru’s Goals for 2012

  • Cycles focused – More and more tutorials geared towards Cycles
  • New Product range – Textures, models etc.
  • New staff

What else should be on the list?

Here’s to new year of blender tutorials! ;)

About Andrew Price

User of Blender for 9+ years. I've written tutorials for 3d World Magazine and spoken at three Blender conferences. My goal is to help artists get employed in the industry by making training accessible and easy to understand. I'm an Aussie and I live in South Korea ;)
  • Rob

    Just want to preface this by saying, I’m a HUGE fan of the BlenderGuru .. But, could you please put out more tutorials more frequently. I’m new to this site, but I’ve already seen everything.. Maybe a new tutorial every other day??? Now that would keep me on your site all the time. You seriously have the best Blender tutorials on all of the interweb. (and believe me, I’ve seen EVERYTHING). And of course, more Cycles tuts. I know you mentioned it, but thought I’d just show some more support for it. I refuse to ever use the internal renderer ever again. It’s all cycles all the time from here on out.. So please Mr. Andrew Price. MY Blender Guru. More tutorials!!!!!!!

    • 黄中柏

      They say dont depends on tutorial :D

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  • Anjii

    That’s a smart answer to a tirkcy question

  • wall.e

    Hey you said “Regular fortnightly tutorials” and it has been 15 days since your last tut :D

  • Olly

    Hey guys, sorry for shamelessly promoting myself on such an awesome site here ;) But go to :) Would really appreciate comments!! :D

  • Andra

    Maybe you’ll get inspiration to make a tutorial about game in blender from korean games andrew…or tutorial in Nature Academy, how to make a scene in Jeju island :)

  • YoungB

    Thx for all the tutorials.
    Now, what I would like to see is some interior architecture tutorials, like bedrooms and living rooms, complete with texturing and photorealistic cycles rendering.

    So we can finally kick 3ds max butt :)

  • Revolt

    This year is going to be EPIC with all the new tuts and stuff that is gonna come out. Hope you get time to teach us how to make some fireworks with cycles. >.<
    Good luck on going to S.Korea meeting the parents. ;)

  • Andre’

    At first I thought you it said N.Korea.What a relief.How long are you going to live in S. Korea?

  • PJM

    I just learned about this energy drink tutorial, which was something I’ve been looking for for a while. Now, I’ve found the thing that’s going to occupy the rest of my day. :-P

  • Jared

    Is there any chance you could still show how to render & light scenes with the blender internal? Not everyone has a super fast graphics card/cpu that can handle it.

    Anxious for the sci fi academy!

  • johnsmith

    hey andrew, do you thing you could do a series on re-creating a scene from the movie 2012! (the L.A. scene).

  • Ralf Diel


    happy new year, and good luck at all for 2012 from me too.

  • Jean-Paul

    Happy new year and best wishes for 2012.

  • Adão

    Andrew your tutorials viu.agradeço got me away by force of will and for sharing all this treasure more than a top 10 but top one thousand, one thousand quality thanks again!

  • chaos221991

    Hello everyone – Last year was indeed awesome! So much changed – i remember the first tutorial from andrew i saw – bout the BMW rim – your teaching style was way stiffer than nowadays ;D And the way you teach always makes us look forward to the next tutorial.
    Recently i also thought about making a few tutorials. However it’s more dificult then i thought ;/. Irecorded a test tutorial so to say and wanted to ask if you guys could check it out and give me some feedback – i’m swiss so english is quite a challenge.

    Happy 2012!
    @Andrew if the guru himself could even give me some tips – that would be awesome!

  • Anita

    Hey Andrew really you’re begining a good year. Wow Korea. Good Luck, Have Fun, Enjoy it and take many many pictures please and share with us :)

  • Shivraj

    First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!

    I just want to thank you Andrew for everything you taught me in such a quality manner.

    Till Today’s date whatever I know about blender, is because of you.

    Thank you for all the tutorials, suggestions, critics & advice.

    Good luck and best wishes!

  • pascal

    Cher ANDREW ; Merci ! pour tous tes didacticiels

    ( dommage qu’ils ne soient pas traduit en FRANCAIS , mais bon … ) .

    Je te souhaites une heureuse et bonne Annéé ! ! !

  • Jahnu Best

    Wow, moving to South Korea. That’s real far out, have fun.

    Interesting to see you will be using Cycles for everything. Cycles can’t render hair yet, as far as I know. So if you would want to render hair, well, I dunno.

    Just wondering, what do you mean by new staff?

    Cheers Andrew,

  • liser

    Thank you very much for your tutorials!!!!
    And good luck in Korea!!!!

  • John

    Good luck and watch out for those angry northerners. Maybe you could design a tutorial on how to shake hands.

  • Andrew

    If I may, I’d love to see you tackle the new Camera/Object tracking features in Blender. and maybe something where you take us through the making of a VFX shot from beginning to end. Thanks for all the great stuff in 2011!

  • ThatsMe

    …and of course a happy new year to everyone!

  • ThatsMe

    good luck with the parents! and – if i may ask – when would
    you like to start the “blender wedding scene competition”?

  • Elliot

    Anyone know what the developers are working on? They should make a cheesburger one of the stock mesh objects, like the monkey. (IDK what to call them…)

    • johnny

      Her name is Suzanne, and they are called primitives.

      Visiting her parents for a YEAR, uh, I hope you are not living with her- unless you Australians call your wives girlfriends.

  • Elliot

    Good luck on the move…. I guess.

    You should do some more things like the energy drink, the glass with water, and the outdoor scene. Those were interesting…

    I don’t know about that apocalyptic idea. xD

  • Kasper

    I’d love to see a series of tuts on sci-fi stuff like animated laser shots, moving light sabers and forcefields. But that’s just because I’m really into sci-fi…

  • grizato

    loved the cat!

    • j-man123

      That was an awesome cat!

  • Samuel

    I can’t wait for this year to end because I know that and the and there will be a lot of amazing tutorials and I will have learned so much! :D Good luck! And happy new year!

  • John

    I like Create a Realistic Earth. very good one.
    Thank for tutorial.
    One question,
    How to add some ocean splash effect when the waves hit the rock (landscape)?
    just like in movie “2012″

    Good luck “meet the parents” lol

  • Rafal


    First of all! Happy New Year!

    Your tutorials just rocks. I am far from pro in Blender, but what is important for me in your tutorials that: “I always get nice, aestethic and pleasing results when finished, while learning at moderate speed some new goodies. Unfortunately it is not always like that with some other tutorials, where guys just show off or what is worse: results of tutorial suck, but they something like “well, you will put up this together to get something nice, i do not have time in this tutorial to do it”

    Good luck with moving!

  • Victor A.

    You’r tutorials are a real pleasure to watch. You’r humor, lightheartedness and comments on why or how you decide on a technique are great.

    The only criticism I have is that partway through a tutorial you sometimes start to rush without explaining why you are doing what you’re doing, although I’ve heard you catch yourself a couple of times.

    Excellent job with Blender Guru and good luck in South Korea.

  • Peter

    Hi Andrew! I just feel i have to thank you for your tutorials and for keeping a site like Blenderguru alive. I installed my first version 2.46 in 2008 and i never looked back. But 2011 was really a turning point for me since i discovered your tutorials. Now im looking forward to your cycles tuts(i already have 2.61 on my pc)
    Thanks for being a buddy and for teaching me.

  • Peter

    Good Luck! Have much fun there!

  • Mark

    Great year for Blender and an excellent year for Blender Guru. Thanks for all your hard work Andrew; looking forward to more in 2012!

  • Raptor

    Haha, I love the reward for the survey, and I am not a cat person.

  • lifeafter2am

    ” don’t normally sure my goals, but since you’re already here, let’s talk about 2012:”

    I think you mean “share”.

    Good luck in your move, see you on the other side!

  • Colin

    can you do something with making a realistic moon scene?

  • c0dehunter

    I just want to thank you Andrew for everything you taught me in such a quality manner. Really, it’s just amazing. Good luck and best wishes!

  • wjbarber

    LOL @ the cat destroying the birthday card, epic… and good luck with the move Andrew.

  • niko

    andrew, i know a tutorial you can make, a 2012 doomsday short, 10 – 15 sec of total doomsday, fire, deathstars and stuff. make it apocalyptic and i bet your name will be forever in the glory of fame.

  • kuemmel

    You are moving to Korea? Awesome! Andrew? Do/make pictures, many pictures, please! :D Good luck with that to you and your girlfriend!

  • Wasabi

    Damned i forgot one thing in the Survey.
    I want like to see an Special Effect Academy.
    With stuff like Shieldsystems, Laser- or Plasmablaster, Deathray, Energy aura like in DBZ or a good locking Attack out of any Anime (Kame-Hame-Ha)

    • Wasabi

      sorry i meant looking not locking. Damned auto correction.

  • greg p

    I have no doubts 2012 will be a monster Blender Guru year, thanks and best wishes!
    I am learning heaps from the Nature Academy, just what I needed!

  • Mike Pegelow

    It was a great year for blender and this year will be twice as good^^.

    • Elliot

      Hell yeah!

  • Diego


    • Andrew Price

      Lol. Apologies for the quietness around here ;)
      I’m moving to South Korea in 4 days and will stay there all year, so I’ve been a little bit preoccupied making sure I have everything in order.

      A new tutorial will be posted in 2 weeks when I have settled in.

      Thanks for your patience :)

      • Ravish Malik

        Moving in with your girlfriend I presume? That’s awesome! Best of luck out there and play loads of starcraft!!

        • Andrew Price

          Yer gonna visit my girlfriend and meet her parents for the first time. Wish me luck lol :P

          • Matt Valdez

            Good luck Andrew :D

          • oliver

            when will you do the focused critique? 2 weeks?

          • zac

            uah oah. meeting the parents.
            can you speak Korean?

          • mrfixit1170

            good luck on the move…can image its a headache..I have moved across continents in my travels…can feel your pain…..thanks for everything you do for us fans…..

          • JA12

            Meet the parents?! Andrew is going to get some focused critique right there :D Best of luck!

      • Dan Sanderson

        I wonder if you’ll be in a place to observe old, traditional architecture or objects/scenes unique to S. Korea? Better than looking at someone’s vacation slides, tutorials that can’t be seen anywhere else (nor understood in the English-specking world) seems a great attraction to new tutorials! :-)

      • beth

        have lots of fun, thanks 4 the tutorials this year!!