Stuff Blender Users Say

I decided to have a bit of fun this week by jumping on the popular “S**t Girls say” meme bandwagon and creating a blender equivalent.

There’s really no point to this other than to have a laugh. Enjoy!

What parts can you relate to? ;)

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About Andrew Price

User of Blender for 9+ years. I've written tutorials for 3d World Magazine and spoken at three Blender conferences. My goal is to help artists get employed in the industry by making training accessible and easy to understand. I'm an Aussie and I live in South Korea ;)
  • Maksim Plohuta

    Yep. Thats me :D.Wesyuseful tutorials, by the way

  • redwaller

    That… was hilarious. Click… and crash. I really don’t know what I’m doing. Loved it!

  • fergus

    1:47 ha funny.

  • fergus

    1:55 haha lol!

  • Guillaume JORANDON

    Loved the last view (Sintel right? :p Scales is the name of the baby dragon that died at the end. :’<)

  • Brett

    When will cycles support volumetric rendering ? … boo-hoo-hoo (crying).

    • fergus


  • Gimli1357

    “Click and crash” is the story of my Blender life.

  • http://blenderguru lori

    love the things blender users says……I am a newby on a mac Macbook Pro—–From the High desert of Sunny Southern California . YOU made me giggle THANKS.

    (Specifically regarding to make CONSUMER PRODUCTs – Like Whisks
    (Cooking Utensils) Toys & Seasonal Gifts….

    IF -Ever have TIME to assist /answer a few of these questions-
    DROP me an email. (PLEEZ)!

    BOSS Says I need to learn-
    ASAP or i W L M J …..!

  • http://stillintheethersomewhere Ken D

    Andrew awesome dude,
    Kudos to you
    do you ever sleep?
    how in the F&*%are you able to get all this stuff done?
    oh now I get it you have a clone. smart

  • Chester

    LOL, I’ve said probably nearly every one of those that you did. xD

  • Jesse

    I’m pretty sure I’ve said all those things lol. Blender rocks… just wish I had more time to play with it.

  • davis morgan

    your the man i said half of those stuff daily

  • Bonnie

    HAHAHA!! I’ve been working with Blender for only a month and already said 90% of that XD

  • Mykekaworu

    i’ve got a solution:
    when you’re about to render or when you are doing somethig cool and blender crash out.
    heres a tip you can use to don’t lose your hours and hours of work,
    just go to my computer local disk (that means partition C) search the users folder, then in the users folder look for the folder that have the name of your windows account, then in the folder look for another called AppData(somethimes it’s hide, go to tools,folder options and in the view tab click in the radio button to make it unhide), in the AppData folder look for Local folder then in temp and…. write in the finder (the frickin bar that search files) this .blend (the dot before blend it’s important) and you are going to see all the files of blender(the ones that you had open) look for the rescent one (it usually have a numer) copy that file and put it to whatever your frickin stuff is, and voila you got your file before blender chash away just rename it….

    • me

      Or just click File -> Recover Auto Save…


      • Blender Alpha

        or go to splash screen and click recover last sesion…
        mine is the best :)

  • smeogel

    haha.. cool…
    blender is free,.. tutorial must be free… >_<

  • Hungry Computer

    I love this video!
    Thank you Andrew for bringing me so many laughs, it definitely deserves a place in my blog!
    I only started realising how much I said these things, and it’s uncanny how many of them you highlighted in the video!

    • Hungry Computer

      One question, why is it unavailable in safety mode on the Youtube site?

  • Aka

    “Click …. and crash.”

    True story..

  • Connor

    It saddens me slightly that I’ve said everything on here.

  • Robert

    Wonderful! Thanks for the laugh :-D

  • Vinjeru Vinmkhumbo

    Delete the default cube Lol …. and then add a another cube right afterwards!