Sci-fi Competition Winners

A staggering 190 images and 27 animations were entered into this competition, and the quality was some of the best I’ve seen. There’s just something about the topic of the ‘future’ that inspires wonder and creativity. And although judging the entries were hard, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing what you all created.

So first let’s start by looking at the images…

Image Category

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These didn’t win, but they came close…

Created by yg3d

Created by yg3d

I love the composition and compositing. My eyes were immediately drawn to the jet burners and then to the rest of the scene. I’d be interested in hearing the story behind this. Great stuff :)


Created by Bumbledare

Created by Bumbledare

Absolutely beautiful entry! I love how complete the whole scene feels, as well as the strong story telling. The only thing letting it down is that their are two points of interests, the bright planet in the backdrop and the robot-bee, leaving the viewer feeling unsure what to focus on. Other than that it’s excellent. Top work!


Created by Falcon_Master

Created by Falcon_Master

Technicality wise, this entry wins. There’s almost no flaws to speak of. It’s easy on the eyes and is overall just a really nice scene. I only wish there was more of a story or a stronger character to hold the interest. But other than that, it’s spectacular. Well done!


Created by JulianZombie

Created by JulianZombie

An interesting, yet kinda depressing take on a “sci-fi” future :) I really like the detail in the ruined buildings as well as the lighting and compositing. The only thing I’m not really a fan of is that the birds are such a central element of a focus. I feel that the background is more interesting and the birds would be better suited just flying in the sky. But it’s still an awesome scene. Well done!


Created by wokjow

Created by wokjow

Very unique render. I really like the use of the wide angle lens to capture the dramatic scale of the scene. There’s a bit of visual confusion with the dog ends and the spacecraft, but overall I like it. Especially the colors! Great job wokjow.


Created by niittymaa

Created by niittymaa

Cool story telling! Reminds me a lot of the Iron Giant. The scene feels a bit too yellow and could probably benefit from a background, but it’s still a really nice scene. Well done niittymaa :)


Created by Kramon

Created by Kramon

Very nice take on a futuristic robot. I especially like how it’s lit and rendered like a car promo. Clean smooth lines and sexy curves. Great job Kramon :)


Created by CarloBergonzini

Created by CarloBergonzini

Very interesting scene! I’m not entirely sure what the story is, but the large scaled futuristic city is of enough interest. Nice work :)


Honorable Mentions

These didn’t quite make the finalists list, but they still deserve a mention:

Winner: Image Category

Created by ex-nihilo

Created by ex-nihilo

Congratulations ex-nihilo! After entering into a staggering 12 competitions, you’ve finally pulled through with a winning entry!

I really like the story, and detail of the environment in this piece. The anamorphic flare above give it a nice “futuristic” touch, and the prisoner being escorted by guards makes the viewer curious to learn more of the story.

So well done! You’ve won: 300€ credit for RenderFlow + $250 for a charity of your choice + Any item from the Blender eShop + A permanent spot in the Winners Hall of Fame.


Animation Category

All entries


Holy Ship by Nita
This one came really close to winning! The lighting, colors, animation and everything was excellent. The only thing letting it down was the anti-climatic ending. But still a very nice animation indeed :)


Lotto Redshift by TheDuckCow
Technically this entry shouldn’t be included since it’s almost double the maximum allowed length :P But I can still appreciate the amount of effort put into it, as well as the interesting story. So I think it deserves a mention. Great job on the freestyle rendering too!


Mech Scene by wrjaravaza
The lighting and set design look fantastic and remind me a lot of the alleyway scene in Sintel. It’s a shame you couldn’t finish all the rendering on time, but it’s still a very decent animation. Great job :)


Norway Docks at Pellstation by Carel de Winter
Wow! A surprising amount of content in just 60 seconds. You can really see the amount of work that went into this. The story seemed a little confusing and lacking, but the visuals made up for it. Very well done.


Ironman Comic by Pratik Solanki
Yet another thoroughly enjoyable entry Pratik! I wasn’t sure if the comic part was done with blender, but if so, amazing! The lighting was a little dark at the end, so it was hard to see what was happening, but the animation looked great. Nice job once again :)


Forgotton Life by Webhead

Beautiful! This animation really hits the theme on the head and it looks brilliant. I liked how you made it relevant to current life by including nature, then zooming out to show a full scale modern world. Very nice indeed.

So congrats! You’ve won, 300€ credit for RenderFlow + $250 for a charity of your choice + Any item from the Blender eShop + A permanent spot in the Winners Hall of Fame.

This competition was a joy! Thank you to everyone who entered.

Unfortunately I don’t have time to explain why each entry didn’t win, but if you’d like feedback, feel free to post your image in the comments below, or start up a thread on BlenderArtists asking for feedback.

What was your favourite entry? Post in the comments below :)

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User of Blender for 9+ years. I've written tutorials for 3d World Magazine and spoken at three Blender conferences. My goal is to help artists get employed in the industry by making training accessible and easy to understand. I'm an Aussie and I live in South Korea ;)
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  • Tay

    Idk if there is a Nature competition… But i would love to see one :D

  • Aaron Annuscheit

    How long till the next one because I really want to give it a go

  • Emiel Hoekwater

    This was a nice competition (although i didnt finished it in time)
    id love to see a steampunk competition someday

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  • baal

    Great theme for a contest. Lots of very creative artwork. Congratulations to all

  • Blender3dboy

    I’m sorry if my question is silly, when will the new competition?

  • Blender3dboy

    Hey Guys! I’d like to have a feedback on my animation that, unfortunately, I could not submit it because I was still too young, in fact I just turned 13 years old.
    I would love to get some feedback from you, but above all by Andrew.
    Hope you like it! :)

  • Paulo Crincev

    Wow… This competition was amazing!!!
    Thank you for mention Andrew.

    Congratulations everyone and especially to the winners.
    I loved the videos, they were very good especially the winner, I really liked the set.
    I hope to be among next in the finalists list.

    See ya.

  • nodnarb162

    Great competition and congrats to the winners! I just got started with blender this last week or so, there was no way I would have had a suitable entry in time, but I made this, its the first thing I’ve done and its Sci-fi so it fits with the theme. so any comments or suggestions would be appreciated! :)

  • Daniel Buckmaster

    These competitions are really inspiring! Good work everyone who entered, and congrats to the winners.

  • G.Montaño

    this is the first time i post something in BG… am just a rookie whit a crapy computer that only dream whit the things that Andy manage to inspire for thouse who “enjoy” this art, and congratz to all who get in, no matter the winner.
    I really thank you men, you really keep me going “investing” time and energy in this career? hobby? i dont know yet, and i hope i´ll be able to participate in the next competition… perhaps about sports?

  • DerekG1080

    Great stuff guy…lots of work:P The animations were overall very impressive…my favorite was “Oh Ship” :) Andrew thanks for the mention…hopefully next time I’ll make it back on the list or better hehe. Happy Blending guys!

  • John B

    Hey Guys, I’d just like to have some feedback on my animation. :-)

    • Douglas E Knapp

      I really liked it and I was surprised that it did not make it into the top list. Crits? Smoke looked bad and I have no idea why it was there. Start looked a bit too much like a video game and a bit dark. Plot was a bit weak and I did not understand the ending. I thought the rest was top. I really liked the fire blood flowing out and waking him up!

      • John B

        Thanks for the reply Douglas, The smoke is supposed to be the result of him attacking earth. I tried to make lasers and explosions but the lighting looked unrealistic. The strange thing is that the video looked darker on YouTube than it did on VLC media player. :-
        I just know I’ll make my entries brighter from now on.
        Thanks for the Critique, more is welcome. :-) P.S if you liked the animation, please vote it up. ^

    • fergus

      I liked the direction, and the lava glowing like substance under the alien sking looked ool, made him look dangerous. the smoke could have been better composited, but overall, quite good!

  • Douglas E Knapp

    I just wanted to point something out for Andrew Price and all the artist. The image by niittymaa was said to be too green and it is on my monitor too but you want to bet that it looked great on niittymaa’s monitor?

    Every artist should have his monitor, printer and anything else on his system color calibrated. If you don’t you will end up making something that looks great on your monitor but sucks on a standard one.

    I would bet that Andrew’s monitor is calibrated or at least new enough to have OK colors. Read up everyone!! There are a ton of good sites about this subject and don’t overlook photography websites on this subject.

    Good luck on the next contest. Great work EVERYONE!! I really liked the egg robot greeting the chicken egg! Great story telling!

  • William Mackay

    I would like this to be reviewed, I know I had some lighting issues. but beyond that I’m curious, I was told I should try DOF on it but I couldn’t figure how to tie a multiple scene render like that to it. I really enjoyed the contest.

    • jeffrey

      Well first thing and this is just to help so please don’t take it for more than that, First thing i picked out is the light of the pilot house, its to fake blue and needs to be more translucent,. It looks like the window is blue not the lights inside. Try putting a few light sources in there. Second you need more soft edges and less just sharp cuts. It makes you scene fake. Next i don’t like the yellow whatever they are. I don’t understand why they are there. i love the tower lights good work there. No bounce lighting in space. I would guess this is no in cycles. I am looking to start a great network to review art works to help out every one. So if you would like to help out send me an email @ thanks

      • William Mackay

        um okay thanks?

      • over the phonies

        nice ad, I wouldn’t use you to review a blasted thing. obviously his work needed more tweeking but it’s better than. quite a few of the others. stick to finger painting jeffrey…

  • Daltom

    Congratulations to the winners, good jobs ;)

  • Wwza7

    Hi, This contest was amazing! I really enjoyed watching all creations, and creating mine. What I made was the best I ever made, but I want to know what could be made better, so please judge my entry:

    • Douglas E Knapp

      I am a nobody but I think this image has a big problem. I can’t tell what is going on. It is two ships, right??? You need to lead the eye through the picture. The eye goes first to the brightest thing. What is that here? You also need contrast to pull the elements apart. you have grey on grey and your edges need to be rounded so that they catch light and give edge clues. What is that ship shooting at and why? Why are there rocks in the way? What is going on here? Where is the front of the middle ship? What direction is it going? Why is shooting off to the side? Are those blue circles at the front engines (or is that the rear? is it flying backwards?) It is also really hard to tell the scales here, perhaps a human at window or something that we know the size of. Do you see what I mean? It is really hard to read. Hope that helps. :-)

      Cool planet btw! Rocks are nice and the spaceships are OK but need textures or at least a bit of dirt or scaring and some beveling. Also all that fire should be casting light but it does not here, at least not a lot. Read up on lighting ratios. Best DEK

    • LswaN

      I agree with everything Douglas has said here, I think that the composition of the scene needs a bit of work. One other thing that I’ll mention is that I recognize about 80% of the render from Andrew’s past tutorials. While tutorials are great for developing your skills, it is important that your personal projects (like competition entries) are just that, personal. Make something new and exciting that you come up with on your own. There may be some things that you can only learn from tutorials, but I’d suggest adding your own personal touch to the result. For example, maybe you could find some other planetary textures, and turn the Earth into Mars or Neptune, or edit the textures in GIMP or Photoshop and create your own unique twist on the planet. Experiment, play with stuff, and work to build a scene that is unique to your vision and ideas.
      I hope this helps, and happy Blending!

  • Che”

    Maybe the next competition can have cartoons as the theme, that could be pretty fun.

  • Carel de Winter

    I think the right animation won (though I loved holy ship)

    I really really enjoyed the challenge, thankyou, and I look forward to having another go!

  • lujet

    Are all of these entries really “a new creation, not an existing project”? If so, I’m blown away by the animations. I had no idea those could be created so quickly, professionally, and all done “on the side” for a fun competition.

  • Balhinho

    Hello Andrew :)
    my entry was for a college work, and I knew I wouldn’t win, because I not that good … but would like to have some feedback, what can I do to make it better?

    • Chris

      Expand the range of colour in the landscape maybe? It seemed as though it was hard, for me, to understand the depth between the foreground and background at the best I could because both parts of the landscape seemed to blend together. Apart from that – brilliant.

      • Conner

        I’m not nearly experienced enough to point out 2 or 3 things, that will instantly make a picture beautiful, but I can share some thoughts, hope it helps.

        There is a mismatch in lighting. The crescent of the moons suggest a sunset on the right and in front of the camera, but in the scene the light comes from the left. And I’m not sure about the softness of the shadows either. Maybe if the scene is moonlit, but even then they would be sharper, imho, considering the clear sky.
        The gradiation of the sky tells me there is atmosphere, so you can push back the elements in the background with atmoshperic perspective. When there is no atmosphere, the sky is pitch black (see pictures taken on the Moon). But for artistic purposes, people tend to add some subtle haze none the less, because it gives a better read on the depth. It would also help reduce the need for details on the mountains, because now they look cartoony, mismatching the detail level of the main characters. The cliff’s edge would also have sharper contrast.
        It’s also hard to tell the size of the background elements. For me, the city seems miniaturized, because it reminds me of those snow globes. Add something in front of the city that is immediatly recognizable, like two tiny guards or something. I would also make the windows smaller and more dense, because tiny details make things seem bigger.
        Speaking of windows, sunglass business must be huge in the city :) The brightness takes the focus away from the main characters. I would also consider changing the city lights more bottom up, having a glow at street level.
        Maybe giving a sharper, more rocky feeling to the cliff with little stones would help also.
        Maybe more equipment in the foreground? Arranged in a way that leads the eye to the caravan, which leads to the city, that could point back to the characters. That would be a nice flow.

        Anyway, keep up the good work! See you in the next contest?

        • balhinho

          thank you so much for the reply i really grateful, and you are right about every thing :) thank you again
          and yes see you in the next contest :)

      • balhinho

        thank you so much for the reply :)

  • Steve

    Lots of great Entries! Congrats to all!

  • Challita

    Good job people :) the winner was amazing, any idea what the next theme is gonna be about?

  • draguu

    very well done guys …… and thanks andrew …..

  • Patrick W. Crawford

    haha I really shouldn’t have gotten the mention, but thanks! :) I might pay attention to the rules in the future – or perhaps not, the point is never to win, but to do your best to create something worthwhile!

    This was one of the best contests so far, so many great things came out of it. I love having the new animation category, even if for no more than discovering who in the community actually animates!

  • Nita

    awesome job everyone.. congratulations to winners and finalist..

  • samuncle

    Wow all images are beautiful, and I have a mention o/. It’s encouraging for me.

    Congratulation for the winners

  • Anthony Dmitriev

    Agree, really cool enteries, exectly finalists.

    I would to note work of TheDuckCow – cool and innovation, cartoons style and good idea:) good work:)

    The Holy Ship by Nita – its amazing:)Cows are so cute! Agree with Andrew – everything is exellent!

    Setting in MechScene is really good. Natural post-apocaliptic!:))

    Carel de Winter, Space Odyssey isn’t your film?:)))Joking! Good job)

    Ofcourse, Dragoneex! Creativistic, dynamic, funny and cool)!!!

    And work of winner remind me animation movie “Wall-e”. I don’t know why, but great work. Keep it up!

  • Small Troll

    too many brilliant entries i would hate to be on the judging panel (or do you judge them by your self Andrew?) i’m surprised my entry didn’t win though! (i’m not, that was a joke!) i was rooting for “Norway docks at Pellestation” as that is an exellent piece of work. i’m not surprised it got pipped to the post by the actual winner though, that is awesome! congratulations to the winners

  •éla-Szabó/100000198577059 Béla Szabó

    Lots of amazing entries. Congratulations for the winners! :D

  • Katarzyna Zając

    All these competitions are great qay to encurage me to work harder. I love the winner and honorable mentions but also I loved especially works of Szczuro, Alch3mist, and Bintang Senja. Anyway – great entries everyone!

    • Bintang Senja

      Hi thanks for mention dude.. I learn a lot from this competition.. :)

    • alch3mist

      Thank you Man! i’m honored of your mention!

  • Aaron Annuscheit

    Well you could have at least put mine in I mean I know it sucked but when you said all entries I thought you were going to put it in. Also the next one should be on vehicles.

    • Andrew Price

      Hey Aaron, I’m really sorry you’re entry was missed. I can assure that it was mistake.
      Shoot a link to your work at and I’ll make sure my assistant adds it.


      • Joe Austin

        You have an assistant?!?! Now there is a WOW Factor for you!!

  • Przeszczep

    Now tell us something about next theme.

  • Nuno

    Awesome entries!!!! I just fell in love with the “Holy Ship” animation! Really really good to see everyone evolving so much! Congratulations!

  • SbroCali

    My favs are Kramon’s, Niittymaa’s, Falcon_Master’s, & 3dberserk’s

    • Maciek Jutrzenka

      thank you.

    • 3dberserk

      Hey man. I’m glad you like it. I put a lot of work on this piece. the fact that someone likes it, make it worth effort.

    • Falcon_Master


  • The Queen of Roth

    I really loved this competition! Some amazing pieces were made.I think you are right about the confusion in the render of wokjow, but other than that this would be the winner of the still image competition. And again I agree with you on the disappointing end of Holy Ship, but that is the winner for me of the animation part :-)

    I learned a lot participating, an encouragement to do it again!

    • Wokjow

      Thank you :) this competition was a pleasure to enter and as always a fantastic incentive to sharpen one’s skillset. Congratulations to the winners and everyone who participated. I will be back soon :)