“Saying Goodbye” – Competition Results

6 weeks ago I announced the “Saying Goodbye” competition. I didn’t offer any clues or inspiration as to what the theme meant, participants had complete creative control.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a massive 183 entries!

 All Entries


All entries were judged on the following criteria:

  • Aesthetics
  • Story telling
  • Impact

The Finalists

These are the entries that although didn’t win, look great and deserve a mention:

Created by Pratik Solanki

Another great entry by Pratik Solanki. The composition and fun atmosphere make this one stand out. The color scheme could be better, but it’s still great, keep it up!

Created by Greg Zaal

Created by Greg Zaal

An entry by Blender Nerd‘s Greg Zaal! As I wrote on twitter: “well done mate! Looks dope. Captured the atmosphere nicely.” The ocean and jetty in particular are great :) Some brighter lighting on the character would improve the focus, but it’s still a solid image. Well done :)

Created by carita87

A simple yet effective concept. The footprints on the window were a nice touch. Great job carita87!

Created by Josh Maule

Created by Josh Maule

This perfectly captures the mood of saying goodbye to a loved one. Well done Josh! The style could be more decided (as some parts seem cartoonish and others realistic), but it’s a solid effort nonetheless. Keep it up!

Created by mcdavid

Created by mcdavid

A great tribute to forgotten childhoods. Nice job mcdavid! Better lighting would definitely improve the image, but it’s still excellent.

Other honorable mentions are:

Runners Up

These Runners Up will both receive any item they choose from the Blender Store:

Created by Nita

I like the less serious approach and the cartoony style. The characters look fun and the lighting is simple. A clearer story would improve it (as currently it’s unclear if the focus is the children or the grandma), but it’s still an excellent image and one deserving of the runners up prize ;)

Created by Ex-Nihilo

Created by Ex-Nihilo

Beautiful! This one wins points for harmony. Everything just seems to fit together nicely. From the soft lighting to the desaturated color scheme. I’m still not sure who is leaving or staying, but it’s a nice piece of work nonetheless. Great job Ex-Nihilo!


Created by Simon Meloche

We have a winner!! Definitely an unorthodox approach to the theme but it’s one that I love. It’s light hearted and fun. The lighting and colors are the hardest things to do well and you nailed it. The frothy part of the wave is the only weak point, but the rest makes up for it. Beaches are notoriously difficult to create (speaking from a first hand experience), so the fact that you managed to create believable sand AND waves in the same picture is nothing short of amazing.

So Congratulations Simon! You’ve won:

Thank you to everyone who entered this competition! I’m constantly surprised to see what the Blender community is capable of. Time and time again I’m wowed by the entries that are sent in. It truly is a blessing to have such an eager and ambitious audience.

Unfortunately I don’t have enough time to explain why each image didn’t win, but if you list your name in the comments I’m sure the community would be more than happy to offer you some constructive critiques.

The next competition will be announced in 2 weeks. Stay tuned :)


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  • Cugino

    Andrew, if you are not sure about who is saying goodbye to who (image by Ex-Nihilo) I think that Uncle Sam is pretty clear! The man is joining the army… wish I am right :)

  • http://nurharamaintour.wordpress.com/ Nur Haramain

    In my honest opinion, the winner’s wave is less realistic… But it’s cool though…