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Finally an easy way to fix that empty background

Nothing screams “fake” more than an empty horizon in the background of your scene.

I’m sure you’ve been there: you’ve spent ages modelling a car, a house or whatever, and the empty background just glares at you. It looks horrible, but there’s no way you have time to model an entire environment, so you just leave it.


A Solution

I got so sick of this problem myself, that I created a solution: a collection of alpha masked tree lines that can be easily added to your background in seconds.house_backdrops_comparison2

In one fell swoop your entire looks instantly more professional and complete. I’ve been decorating my backgrounds like this for years, and now I want to offer it to you.

This is a pack of 54 alpha-masked trees to cover that unsightly horizon that ruins otherwise great renders.



5 Easy Steps to Using Backdrops

1. Enable the “Import Images as Planes” addon that comes with Blender


2. Go to File>Import>Images as Planes


3. Select the image you wish to import


4. Enable the Use Alpha, and the Diffuse & Transparent shader


5. Position it behind your subject, and it’s done!



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