‘Open Movie Remix’ Competition Results

It’s been 5 weeks since the Open Movie Remix Competition was released and since then, 39 artists have submitted their entries.

The rules were simple, take any of the elements from the Blender Open Movies and use them to create a new concept. Sadly, many users experienced difficulty finding the open movie assets online, but for the few that did, there were some great entries.

This competition was special, because for the first time ever there will be two winners: Best Image and Best Animation. To start, let’s take a look at the images…

All Image Entries

Image Finalists

Although they didn’t win, these artists did an excellent job and deserve a mention:

Created by amogh

Created by amogh

A beautiful image expanding the story of Sintel as she treks across the moutains. I love the way that you used the foliage to frame the scene, drawing attention to Sintel. Great job amogh!

Created by Masluch

Created by Masluch

A classic homage to the famous “Death of Marat”! I love the lighting and the matching the two images ;) Well done Masluch!

Created by Max Evil

Created by Max Evil

Awesome! A nice way of combining 3 open movies into one. I like that Sintel doesn’t trust that chubby squirrel sneaking up to the table (who would?). Great job Max Evil!

Created by quidsinski

Created by quidsinski

Another expansion of Sintel to include a trek to a castle. The nature is overall really well done and the lighting is lovely. Well done quidsinski :)

Created by LswaN

Created by LswaN

This was submitted past the deadline, but I’m a nice guy so I’ll feature it here anyway ;) Brilliant storytelling and camera angle. Grabs your attention immediately. Well done LswaN!

Winner: Image Category

Created by Jonathan L

Created by Jonathan L

Well done Jonthan L! This great image of Sintel contemplating the destruction of the world is awesome. I like that you kept it simple and easy to understand, whilst also including detail where it was necessary.

So congratulations, you’ve won any item from the Blender e-Shop + $250 donated to a charity of your choice + a permanent spot in the Winners Hall of Fame!

Video Entries

Winner: Animation Category

Congratulations TheDuckCow!

I nice homage to the cult hit Gangnam Style, using characters from Big Buck Bunny and Sintel! My only complaint is that I wish it were longer… I was just getting excited when it finished :P

For your effort, you’ve won any item from the Blender e-Shop + $250 donated to a charity of your choice + a permanent spot in the Winners Hall of Fame!

Very Honourable Mention

An awesome animatic by the two time winner Pratik Solanki!

Pratik said that he actually didn’t want to be considered as a participate for this competition, so I can’t give out any prizes. But how can I not feature it?! Really incredible work. It was even reposted by the official Mango Facebook page. Awesome job!

A big thank you to everyone who entered into this competition! And my apologies to those who couldn’t find the open movie source files online. I honestly thought they would be easier to find :/

A new competition has just been announced: Christmas!

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  • Gerbert

    Who do you think you are? Do you think that you have to do Andrew’s job? He is the moderator, not you; So don’t act like you were important; believe me, you are not. Maybe want to be important, so I guess you aren’t older than 13.

  • Atlantisbase

    I’m a little supprised Mad Max’s tea scene didn’t win. I think there’s far more going there than in Johnathan L’s Also, Sintel is either eyeing chubby squirrel or evil squirrel spiked her tea (seriously, she looks like she’s a bit high).

    I also want to see more of Blender Style, just because Buck works so well as a total pimp gangsta, and evil squirrel is totally his bitch now. :P

  • http://www.facebook.com/EvenTarash Even Tarash Tudu

    Deserve it congrats TheDuckCow and Jonathan

  • Ristridyn

    Congratz to the participants! Really enjoyed following this contest. And offcourse an extra Congratz to the winners!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lawrence.mercieca Lawrence Mercieca

    Well they were all pretty good but who decided the winner of the animation category?
    I personally think that Pratik Solanki should of won.
    I do get it though that he has won 2 comps before though.

    • andrewpprice

      As I stated below the video, he didn’t want to be considered a participant for this competition. He just did the animation for fun. Probably to give other artists a chance at winning :P

      • GK

        I love the idea that there was an own category for animation.
        In future competitions also?

    • heronegg

      it was good but i think the one named contest entry was a better animation.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.b.beatty.5 Michael Bean Beatty

    love the detail in the sand in the render blender style video!!

  • Wwza7

    my god, only 34 artists? Looks like it wasn’t the best competition…

    • Nkansah Rexford

      How many participants did you expect? 25 Million?

      • Wwza7

        no, but few last competitions had over 100 artists, and sometimes over 300, check last competitions results

        • Gerbert

          300? There have never been 300 artists. NEVER!

          • Wwza7

            284 to be precise if missing 16 is too much for your pedantic brain mr. hater

    • andrewpprice

      Yeah. Apparently a lot more people wanted to participate, but they couldn’t find the source files online.

      • Wwza7

        That’s right, the only problem here was main topic, but animation contest is amazing, so please keep that idea.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wjbarber William Barber

    LOL nice, my entry got submitted even though I posted it up as an example of how I kept getting half way through something then decided to scrap it and move on :D … Shame, BorgSintel would have been awesome if I’d have had the time :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/fajardolendel Lendel Fajardo

    Render Blender Style hhahaha

  • alwadhani

    HI andrew you do know that the end of October to November are exams time in Australia, i didn’t have time so i made a very simple image, but hopefully its holiday time now so am looking forward for the next competition, and Congratulations to every one. ;)

  • http://twitter.com/DenisZholob Denis Zholob

    Congrats Jonathan L, I had a feeling you’d win… A great scene i think, and with a good amount of detail.

    Also TheDuckCow, gj, care to extend the video? :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1272481997 Patrick W. Crawford

      I was somewhat surprised not many people entered, and it’s a little too bad.. Given that one was basically encouraged to download these cc assets, it would have taken a lot fo the energy out of modeling and into raw creativity (or at least less time commitment).

      As for Blender Style… yes, yes I think I will have a go at a proper remake of it, I also am curious about what the full thing would look like ;)

      Congrats for everyone who entered, every creation adds something new to the community and that’s what makes blender so awesome.

      • LswaN

        I think that the reason there were so few entries is that it’s a time of year when lots of people don’t have much time to commit in the first place. Hopefully there will be more entries in the Christmas competition since most students (like me) will have a break from school and have more time to work on entries.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1272481997 Patrick W. Crawford

          Completely true, though I feel like I always never have time, but this time it was at least more plausible since I wouldn’t be making everything from scratch ;) oh well

    • Ben1995

      Well, I just found something that might be what you were looking forward to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXCowlg3qBo
      The Video suffers from a lack of creativity, but the lyrics (can be viewed in the comment of the author) are great…

  • John C.

    Hi Andrew, I thought that it was against the rules to include other peoples models, but “TheDuckCow,” animation used models by several people, as said in the credits. Is this allowed?

    • Maxy

      “No bought commercial models allowed”, was the only rule about models i could find. So if models where downloaded for example from BlendSwap, it would be allowed.