New Competition: Scifi

As requested by followers on twitter, the theme for this blender competition is: Scifi! (aka Science Fiction, aka every teenage boys favourite topic, aka most images on every cg forum ever).

Aliens, deep space travel, robots, futuristic worlds, I’m sure you’re aware of the possibilities.

To try something new, there will also be a new category for animations.


One winner will be decided for each category: Images and Animations. Each winner will receive:

  • 300€ credit for the RenderFlow renderfarm (new sponsor!)
  • $250 for a charity of your choice
  • Any item from the Blender e-Shop
  • A permanent spot in the Winner’s Hall of Fame


  • It must be created with Blender
  • Only one entry per person
  • You may only enter into one category (Image or an Animation, not both)
  • Minor post processing in Gimp, Photoshop or After Effects is allowed
  • Minimum size is 1280 px wide but the bigger the better (any aspect ratio is fine)
  • Animations must be less than 60 seconds long. There is no minimum length.
  • Your entry must be a new creation, not an existing project
  • It must be your own work. No bought/borrowed or third party models allowed
  • All plugins are allowed except MakeHuman
  • Photographic elements are allowed, but must not make up a significant part of the image (sky backgrounds are okay)
  • Animations are permitted to use live action, camera tracked video.
  • Keep it family friendly. No overly sexual or gory images please.
  • Your entry must in some way relate to the theme
  • The winners will be asked to submit a .blend file to prove it’s creation


What you do with this competition is up to you, but if you’re drawing blanks, here’s some inspiration…

Created by Stefan Morrell

Created by Stefan Morrell

Created by Filip Novy

Created by Filip Novy

Created by Robin Benes

Created by Robin Benes

Created by Edi_W

Created by Edi_W

Created by Averkin, using 3dsmax and Vray.

Created by Averkin

Created by Stefan Morrell

Created by Stefan Morrell

Get more inspiration

Criteria for Judging

Entries will be judged by me on the following criteria:

  • Aesthetics
  • Storytelling
  • Impact

To increase your chances of winning, aim for all three.

“The best art has meaning beyond just an image; perhaps it will bring you to tears, make you laugh, or remind you of something you’d almost forgotten. It stands out in a crowd, and dares to be different.” - Source

6 Reasons to Enter:

  1. Competitions can help you to think creatively through working around constraints of a theme
  2. It teaches you the importance of deadlines
  3. It can push you to better your skills by exploring new themes
  4. Competing alongside other artists is a great way to stay motivated
  5. Your entry will be seen by thousands of daily visitors, increasing your online exposure
  6. You’re helping the world! This is a rare opportunity to use your artistic talent to donate money to a charity of your choosing.


The deadline is the 29th of April at 11:59PM GMT (6 weeks from the announcement). The winners will be announced two days later.

Submit Your Entry Here

May the best artist win! :D

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  • gust me

    this for April 2014

  • Guy

    great tutorials, busy with blender for 3 months and i learned already a lot,

  • WillTell

    Didn’t make it to the last competition, but finished just in time for this one. There’s this strange delight of having finished something. Now to hope my post doesn’t take 3 days to be approved LOL

  • anonymous

    Put nearly six weeks into this project, and not leave my self enought time to render it out properly….I have now learned time managment when it comes to these contests, 6 hours to and im not done rendering forget compositing, maybe i will get something on the next one

  • Miguel Angel Vicens Oviedo

    I have seen this movie on youtube and it seems incredible, the ships, the shield of the ships, the ships lasers and photon torpedoes. I hope the photos and videos are like those in the video.

  • pranavjitvirdi

    i need some render power!

  • Che’

    Are we allowed to use render farms?

  • Slader

    Are there limitations to music used with the animation?

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  • Julian

    Are the “drag and drop” models from the nature academy allowed to make an appearance?

  • Ethan Hansen

    Oh yeah! Finally!! This is what VFX are all about! Thanks for giving us so much time. I’ll probably submit my entry about 2 days before the deadline. The best part of these is seeing the amazing creations from blender masters who enter.

  • chris

    wait hold on? animations must be less than 60 seconds long? Dammit , I wish i had seen that three weeks ago, now i will have to come up with a whole new plot

  • Erik Da Silva Gelbing

    Motherboard is broken… Everyday I’m watching the Computer without beeing able to work on it ;) I hope that I can replace it tomorrow and start working… time will be the biggest problem