New Competition: Christmas 2013

draguuIt’s time for the annual Blender Christmas competition!

The competition is simple: create a Christmas themed image using Blender. The best image wins :)


The winner will receive:

  • $250 Cash
  • $250 for a charity of your choice
  • Any item from the Blender e-Shop
  • A permanent spot in the Winner’s Hall of Fame


  • It must be created with Blender
  • Must be created by one person, and only one entry per person
  • It must be rendered with either Cycles or the Internal Renderer
  • Minor post processing in Gimp or Photoshop is allowed
  • Minimum image size is 1280 x 720, but the bigger the better (any aspect ratio is fine)
  • Your image must be a new creation, not an existing project
  • It must be your own work. No bought/borrowed or third party models allowed
  • Addons are permitted (except MakeHuman)
  • Photographic elements are allowed, but must not be a central part of the image (sky backgrounds are okay)
  • It must be family friendly (no overtly sexual or gory imagery)
  • Your image must in some way relate to Christmas
  • The winner will be required to submit their .blend file to prove it’s creation


To get your brain firing, here’s some of the best entries from last year’s Christmas competition…

Created by Pratik Solanki

Created by Pratik Solanki

Created by Ezekiel123

Created by Ezekiel123

Created by Rangiz (The Winner of last years comp!)

Created by Rangiz (The Winner of last years comp!)

And some more general inspiration:

Created by worldmode

Created by worldmode

Created by Martin Nabelek

Created by Martin Nabelek

Created by Elif Serencio

Created by Elif Serencio


Criteria for Judging

Entries will be judged by me on the following criteria:

  • Aesthetics
  • Storytelling
  • Impact

To increase your chances of winning, aim for all three.

“The best art has meaning beyond just an image; perhaps it will bring you to tears, make you laugh, or remind you of something you’d almost forgotten. It stands out in a crowd, and dares to be different.”Source

6 Reasons to Enter:

  1. Competitions push you to better your work by exploring new themes
  2. It trains you to work to a definitive deadline
  3. Working around the constraints of theme can help you to think creatively
  4. Competing with others can push you to better your work
  5. Receive exposure by having your work seen by thousands on Blender Guru
  6. You’re helping the world! It’s a rare opportunity to use your artistic talent to help a charity of your choice.


The deadline is the 16th of December at 11:59PM GMT. The winner will be announced two days later on the 18th.

Submit Your Entry Here

May the best artist win! :D

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User of Blender for 9+ years. I've written tutorials for 3d World Magazine and spoken at three Blender conferences. My goal is to help artists get employed in the industry by making training accessible and easy to understand. I'm an Aussie and I live in South Korea ;)
  • joseph

    um, why is the image not uploading?

  • joseph

    Hear is the image

  • joseph

    This is my image i could not get it to work on the other sight even though i posted it in time it is called “The Lone Warrior”
    cheers Joseph.

  • Joseph

    hear is my image i am not sure if it worked on the blenderguru sight it is called “The Lone Warrior” the reason this is coming in late is because i entered it into the blender guru first.

  • Neo

    Making a Minecraft Christmas, Booya!

  • David Ruegg

    can I use arbaro for tree generation?

    • Mason Menzies

      no but you can use the add tree addon. you can enable it under the addons section. under add mesh you can add a tree and make it just as good as arbaro.

  • karen simon

    cool contest ! and all these motives could be fantastic christmas cards. you should use them afterwards for this other contest here hehe:


  • Deb

    Hi, can anyone help me… I have submitted my entry at blender artists but it is not showing ….. I ‘ve joined blender artists a couple of days back

  • Deb

    Hi, can anyone help me… I have submitted my entry at blender artists but it is not showing ….. I ‘ve joined blender artists a couple of days back

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  • Andrés

    I know that it’s kinda late, but I was wondering: Can it be inspired in someone else 2D work? Like, if by chance (^^), I really like the christmas drawing of an artist and then I make an atempt to make it in 3D.

  • Neon15 (Iago Mota)

    If I win, how can I send my .blend file to proof it’s creation?

    • Kebron Kebede

      I dont know … drop box maybe

  • Mason Menzies

    good luck every one. and may the odds be ever in your favor

    • Javontay

      You should do a Hunger Games Christmas theme, lol. Christmas in The Capitol or Districts!!!

      • Kebron Kebede

        Im gonna steel that idea if you dont mind

        • Javontay

          Haha, I don’t mind, lol. I actually would love to see someone try that! If it’s good, you might become The Hunger Games fan of the Week!

      • Mason Menzies

        ha ha! thats not a bad idea ;)

  • Kaela Street

    Looking forward to seeing some of the entries, especially the top ten, good luck everyone.

  • Piotr Lindner

    Nice.Maybe I’ll try. This will be my first competition :):) Good luck everyone :)

  • Mike

    Why can’t i use a external renderer?

    • CG-Predator

      Because the competition is about what Blender users can do in Blender Software. Indigo , Octane,Maxwell…etc have their own competitions.

    • Mason Menzies

      some render engines have different materials and or better and easier ways of lighting and what not. this would be unfair to others because they might not have the same experience. hope this made sense

  • Klisa

    caunt me in :D

  • Spelle


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  • Wwza7

    Goodbye League Of Legends for a month, my BlenderWorld needs me!

    • Mason Menzies

      lol i hear you

  • Hunterofdeath

    Just ask, if i win, ( just if) how can we get the prize, i mean some of us are live very far, can you help me? (noob question)

    • chris

      Andrew comes round to your house and presents you with the prize personally. He expects biscuits when he arrives.

      • Hunterofdeath

        Lol, maybe i give him a drink of milk , but seriously, i live in the orther half of the earth, so ?? ( maybe he takes the santa slide??) :)

        • chris

          lol, he probably just makes a bank transfer or paypal for the money and the blender E-shop is downloadable content anyway. just concentrate on your art and worry about the prizes if you win

  • Souvik Karmakar

    Is this okay If my created image looks like extracted from a film?

    • Mason Menzies

      yes. as long as they ARE made in blender.

  • Johncjb

    Not sure ill have time to join. Good luck guys

  • Tettsch

    I never took part in a blender competition but I’d like to try this out. Does “Addons are permitted (except MakeHuman)” include blender-internal addons or just third party software?

  • Minde

    should i be +18?

    • Calzaath

      any age is fine

  • Jonathan

    Does “photographic elements” mean no textures created from photographs? Definitely looking forward to the contest thanks for putting it on Andrew!

    • Luca Stampe

      Photographic elements means photos of architecture, plants etc. that u photoshop into your scene or has it as a plane with an alpha channel in your scene, this elements shouldn’t be the main focal point in your scene, and are okay as small addition in the background. (as far as i know from other competitions in the past) (:
      Image textures are okay to use!

      • Jonathan

        Cool. I’m somewhat new to Blender terminology as I’ve only been doing this for about a half a year. I’m not expecting to win anything but it should be fun!

  • Someone

    can it be a short clip…..because i have the best idea

    • chris


  • Drosophila

    does it HAVE to be about christmas?? or can it be about winter in general? becuuuuuuuzzz I’m not christian…

    • Alec Whitcomb

      In the U.S. Christmas is technically a federal holiday… Meaning non-Christian’s celebrate it. But you don’t NEED to celebrate it to make some good art for the competition. As long as it relates to it in some way it passes. Snow, rain deer, Snowmen, candy canes, spruce trees, whatever. Just as long as there is something symbolizing the holiday your good.

      • ghansham

        so you mean that any one who works on Christmas will not be called christian..!

        • chees cake

          Nowadays christmas, is a brand that has nothing to do with christianity. It’s about family, presents, christmas tree and santa. None of these are about christian cristmas, even if exploited by christians and christian churches as an excuse to make a party.

    • andrewpprice

      Well winter’s fine, but try to put some fairy lights or a conifer in there. Otherwise people could call foul if I awarded the winner to someone who’s entry had absolutely nothing to do with Christmas.

      For more of what’s okay, check out the inspiration from last year:

    • Shams

      hahaha funny, do you have to b Christian to create Christmas theme ? dont tell me i have to be a monster to create a monster in blender ;)

    • Mason Menzies

      i am not christian and i love Christmas. this is a weird q but if you must know it would be fine to enter a winter scene. also if it is Christmas it will increase your chance of winning.

  • Tim

    Can we work in a team do you know?

    • andrewpprice

      Nah one person only.
      Gotta keep it fair for everyone :)

  • MV

    I noticed he seems to have omitted the “one entry per person” rule this time, is this intentional, or an I missing something?

    • andrewpprice

      That rule still exists. I’ll add it now.

      • MV


  • Alec Whitcomb

    I’ve never entered one of these contest before but I’m going to enter this one. I’m saying this here so I don’t decide not to enter again… Good luck to everyone!

  • redwaller

    Woohoo! First!

    • Adrian Kubasa

      nope :-)

      • paul

        Actually he should be first. He posted his comment 2 hours befor the first one. I don’t know how…

        • Alec Whitcomb

          That’s because it’s sorting them from newest to oldest. The older ones move down and new ones go at the top.

          • paul

            Yes, now i see, thanks.

      • Grue

        Um.. sort by “Oldest”. :-)