New Blender UI Proposal

In this video I’ll attempt to provide a solution to the problems I addressed in Parts 1 and 2.


Here’s a summary of the issues addressed in Part 1 and Part 2.

Main Problems with Current UI:

  1. Inconsistent - Some operations, terminology and mouse functions differ, depending on the screen or operation.
  2. Unfamiliar - Mouse functionality difficult for newcomers as left-click for select is the UX standard
  3. Recall instead of Recognition - Heavy use of keyboard shortcuts make users think.
  4. Poor Error Prevention - Blender let’s operations proceed that will cause errors.
  5. Poor Feedback – Many button presses don’t respond immediately. System lag with heavy meshes.
  6. Poor Recovery from Errors – Undo functionality sometimes clears work from other modes. Crash recovery hard to use.
  7. Visually Complicated - Too many buttons. Should adhere to Gestalt Principles. Text too small. Wireframes too dark for good readability.
  8. Not Goal Oriented (the main one) – Too much emphasis on customization and not enough on users common tasks. Results in slower workflows, and confused users.


#1: Tabs

Give each task in Blender it’s own tab and selection of tools. This gives the artist all the tools they need to perform that task. Eliminating the need to keep multiple windows open to access their tools.

“You can turn scrolling into clicking by making a deeper hierarchy, for example turning panels into tabs.” -Brecht Van Lommel, UI Analysis Article, BlenderWiki.

“Tabs are one of the very few cases where using a physical metaphor in a user interface actually works… [they’re] so visually distinctive, they’re hard to overlook… As interface devices go, they’re clearly a product of genius.

-Steve Krug, Don’t Make Me Think

Modelling Tab

Modelling Tab


Material Tab

Material Tab

EDIT: On the “ribbon” debate, here’s a quote about why it works so well for complex software:

“Displaying commands in menus, toolbars, and dialog boxes works with a limited number of elements. But Microsoft Word 2003 has 1,500 commands, and users typically have no clue where to find most of them… [with ribbons] the focus is now on letting users specify the results they want, rather than focusing on the primitive operations required to reach their goals. (Update: The ribbon was indeed used in several of the winning application designs of 2008 — only a year after it was released.)” -


#2: Home Tab

“From its first screen or home page, software should show users the way to their goals.”

-Johnson, Jeff. Designing with the Mind in Mind.

The Home tab allows users to save, open, import, as well provide a list of commonly used objects.

Home Tab

Home Tab


The objects can even be clicked and dragged onto the workspace:

Elements can be clicked and dragged into scene

Elements can be clicked and dragged into scene

#3: Drop Down Menus

A way to hide the less used functionality and make the most used functions more available.



#4: Sidebar

A bar situated to the right that’s designed to help the user understand and interact with their scene better. Also gives developers more room to add custom tools.



Notifications Panel

For displaying alerts, warnings or errors. Since it’s always on display it doesn’t break the non-modal workflow, nor risk the user not seeing it.



Info Panel

Used to display controls for certain tasks like adding a sphere or using an addon.

Controls when adding a Sphere

Controls when adding a Sphere


Properties Panel

A clean display of the selected object’s properties.

Properties Box


Layer Manager

Finally! Layers with Names!

Layers with names!

Layers with names!



An easy way to backtrack through your previous actions and undo or redo without fear of losing your changes.

Click back or forth between previous tasks

Click back or forth between previous tasks

#5: New Toolbar

Replaces the current toolbar, using icons instead of words, saving x4 the space. Allowing you too leave it open without it taking up so much of your screen.

Toolbar Alone


Plus you can hover over each icon to learn the shortcut:



#6: Rendering Process


The render panel has several big changes:

  • Stills and Animation are separated to avoid clutter
  • Commonly used functions are visible. Advanced functions are hidden below drop down menus.
  • Render Slots now nameable and easier to access in sidebar
  • Preview Render uses OpenGL to preview the scene before rendering


Pre-Render Breakdown

Shows the user what Cycles is doing before it starts rendering, as well as an estimated time till start.

Pre-Render Breakdown -  shown once render starts

Pre-Render Breakdown – shown once render starts



Whilst rendering a progress bar with time remaining is shown (giving user more feedback). Along with a physical cancel button to remove the Esc key button mashing to stop a render.

Rendering in Progress

Rendering in Progress


Post Pro Screen

Once the render has finished, the sidetab switches to Post Pro, allowing users to make click and drag adjustments onto their render and see the results in realtime.

Demo of the Post Pro Screen

In Closing

This UI concept was just a glimpse of the idea. There will no doubt be plenty of questions about how certain things could function, but for now I’m going to see how the community responds. Especially at the Blender Conference which is in one week ;)


Bonus! Survey Results!

At the end of both Part 1 and 2, I posted links to surveys that discussed various topics from the video.

So as promised, here are those results:

#1 Mouse Functionality

“What should be default for selecting in Blender?”

Left-click Right-click


#2 Asking to Save

“Should Blender ask to save before closing by default?”

Save in Blender


#3 Crash Recovery

“Would you prefer a crash recovery dialogue box after closing?”

Crash Recovery

Recover last save

Example of a Crash Recovery Dialogue


#4 Design

“Would you prefer white wireframes over black ones?”


Wireframe Comparison - Current/White

Wireframe Comparison – Current/Proposed


#5 Readability

“Would you prefer an increase in font size (to at least 14pts over the current 11pts)?”


Font Sizes_only 14pts

#6 Undo Functionality

Would type of Undo functionality would you prefer? Chronological (regardless of mode) or Mode Dependant (current)?”




#7 Python Tooltips

“Would you prefer Python Tooltips on or off by default?”

Python Tooltips




So there we go, lots of controversy :)

Understandably there’s gonna be some things you disagree with in this proposal, and that’s completely fine. You’re welcome to express your opinions.

However as I’ve mentioned before, please be respectful to others when commenting.

To better understand the community’s thoughts on this proposal, please give your feedback in the official survey:

Give Your Feedback


And on that note I’ll finish on one last quote from “Don’t Make Me Think“. On the topic of usability debates:

“I usually call these endless [UI] discussions “religious debates,” because they have a lot in common with most discussions of religion and politics: They consist largely of people expressing strongly held personal beliefs about things that can’t be proven… 

The right kind of question to ask is “Does this [function], with these items and this wording in this context on this page create a good experience for most people who are likely to use this [software]?” -Steve Krug


So when discussing any feature or proposal, if we can keep that question in mind, then I believe we can have a much more constructive discussion.

About Andrew Price

User of Blender for 9+ years. I've written tutorials for 3d World Magazine and spoken at three Blender conferences. My goal is to help artists get employed in the industry by making training accessible and easy to understand. I'm an Aussie and I live in South Korea ;)
  • Rusty Watson

    I like that proposal so much… Where can I find the download for using the new Blender? I have Blender 2.70a right now.

  • mojtaba

    Hi andrew

    This is a good move

  • pefdow

    I saw your proposal before getting version 2.7…ur proposal raised my expectation because it is really spot on! but unfortunately not much of it has been implemented on 2.7. I hear you on the UI team now, please push for this. Your UI design is just what it needed (for a start) much like Maya and Max…intuitive.

  • Ринат Файзуллин

    Привет, вы не могли дать ссылку на этот blender

  • DCTally

    I would have left this comment on the discussion but it appears to be largely one sided in favor of the purists of the current user base.

    I am not new to 3d software but I have struggled with the decision to commit to blender as an alternative because of the unintuitive and disconnected complexity in achieving the most basic tasks, so why would I delve further into It! To me, it creates an indication of what is to come, more PAIN!

    Something else that is no stranger to me is the Open Source model and I have contributed to it financially, programmatically and in community participation. One thing I can attest to is that, many times, the minority in most of these debatable discussions are the most vocal, and unfortunately, they become the enemy of progress because they appear to be the majority due to their much clamoring. Not only that, but to take a stand in opposition to these vocal few who seem more passionate and in an open community setting, no less, keeps many from contributing in the discussion for fear of reprisal in some way.

    The solution is simple, Accept that there is a problem and fix it. Just like in every other aspect of business you find a way to fund the needs.

    Listen, the competing software does not come down in price because they don’t have to. People will pay for the tools that help them complete their goals faster. Use that fact to help fund a rework of the UI. Think outside the cube! For example, If you told me that my donation would give me priority in community help and discussion forums through, say a maintained contributor ID system, I’d probably pay for that. Assuming, of course, that I had confidence in the direction of the software. But that all cones down to confidence in the leader(s) of a thing. If that leader fails to recognize problems where they exist that person is no longer in touch with the needs of the thing and becomes more concerned with the perception of it, therefore hampering its progress. That is to say, that unless, the developers and powers that be at the top levels of the Blender Foundation do not admit the obvious issues they will never make the decision to fix them. It would be interesting to know what Ton Roosendaal thinks of the UI issues.

    I hope they do listen and publicly create a UI initiative. I have been in the 3d and digital media field since the Quantel Paint box. Yeah, that’s right, who remembers that! Anyhow, If the effort to bridge the gaps in the UI were started, My peers and I would be more likely to contribute in many ways to Blender.

  • buffonomics

    The REAL question is: “How many people are ready to support the development of these initiatives?”. Free software is never actually freely created. Sweat, blood and time goes into it.

    Andrew, I agree with you 100% on these UI changes. I propose you get the attention of Blender devs and start a kickstarter campaign. Have an agreement with the devs first for them to commit to these changes based on the success of the campaign.

    The kickstarter campaign would help users put their money where their mouth is, and as the author of open-source software myself, this can be very motivational.

  • Rob D

    I’m a developer, mainly on Windows envs, but I’ve also spent time with many OSs and systems.

    Just started learning Blender (mainly for game dev with Unity 3D), and I totally agree it needs an UI overall.

    It seems a very powerful app, but the UI is just terrible. (Sorry!)

    It doesn’t follow any UI standards, and it makes it very hard to learn, in my experience.

    On top of that, because everything seems to be different, its quite difficult to swap between blender and say another app you are working on at the same time (for instance Unity 3D)… because your brain gets used to right clicking (and other things that blender does ‘differently’) to select in blender and when you swap over to Unity its back to the standard left clicking to select, and even after a month of using it, it still takes me 2-3 selects in Unity before I get my brain used to left clicking again…. quite annoying. :)

    It would be really great if the Blender devs can take note of what is in Andrews proposal, and work to making the UI a more standard experience.

    Even if they just did the top 7 items that he picked above from the survey, it would go a long way to making it a nicer experience.

  • Magnus Pilegaard

    Andrew, Please make this happen. Put it in a package or so. I think we are many that wants it :).

    • ben mcdonough

      We are many.

  • Varel

    Look ‘it This the test Build of 2.70

  • Konshu

    So, was there any further open conversation with the blender development team on this?

  • fergus

    here’s a post of why blender needs a new interface.

  • Humbleroller

    most of this can be changed simply by the config.
    posts like this just upset people.

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  • Rubs&Mags

    Good solution for improving the Blender interface.
    (It was great to be a Alpha version for us to test xD)

    wanted to learn a few years working in Blender, only to open it and
    show a ridiculous amount of buttons and options, and that, quite
    honestly, discourages me try to exploit it a little …

    Go ahead Andrew!

  • Joe Rivera


    I enjoy Blender, but your critique is dead-on. As a user experience designer, I’ve spent a lot of time grinding my teeth and rolling my eyes while learning Blender. Also, despite my tech-savviness and the ease of which I learn software — there are parts of Blender I simply can not understand. This has led to superstitious usage, i.e. avoiding whole swaths of the interface for fear of making mistakes that I don’t know how to unmake.

    Your proposal is excellent and I found myself aching for this product to exist while watching the video. As a newcomer finally beginning to learn Blender after struggling several times in the past and giving up, this revamped interface would be absolutely amazing.

    Let me know if there’s anything I can do to make it happen!


  • cryo

    Hello to you all ( I’m french , sorry for my English ) I am professional 3d and like many people I use Maya and 3sdmax as paid software .

    Since a few months my team would migrate to blender which is free. Although the software is powerful we have trouble with the GUI software . I think many people have this problem. I think the interface is not very attractive and repels some people.

    Blender is a software that has hugely potential and I believe in the future of this software and why I think that it is necessary to completely rethink the interface on the visual aspect .

    I think we should not neglect this part . I apologize for this little fantasy that will make. blender should be as fun to watch a beautiful woman :) .

    A graphically beautiful and powerful software attract more people. To be more precise , a software with a clean and simple interface with flexible tabs that can move according to our will . I thought a google chrome whose interface is ultra sleek and easy to use.

    GUI nodal type would a very good idea to give more flexibility to the software

    this was my vision thank you for taking the time for reading my review

  • Blender Guest

    May I suggest:

    Since Blender is open source, maybe some developers can create a special program that can be downloaded separately. Running the special program reconfigures the UI to that which Andrew proposes. When the program is closed, the UI goes back to the traditional mode.

  • Daryl Brennan

    I didn’t like this idea at first, but then again I loathed “metro” and ribbons in MSoffice until I used for them for a while.. Now I love them.

    My main concern with this UI concept is, well, I like to have 2-3 areas open at once. I like to edit materials in a node editor while having another area render the result, and perhaps next to that the UVmap open for texture painting. It’d be troublesome if I had to keep switching back and forth. If on the other-hand I can still divide up the areas as I do now I guess I’m open to it.

  • Dominik

    Best thing to do is have choice to use both interface…For example I want to use new one, because i always hate old unpractise interface. For new users should be definitly good choise. Bud keeping old interface is good for old creators…

  • Stefano

    Very well done Andrew! I assume the UI is just a prototype (a mock up), or?
    If that’s the case, which tool did you use to create the interactive prototype?

  • user

    blender GUI is the best! please, don’t create a new photoshop from it!

    • Krzysztof Deoniziak

      why is the best, and why don`t make a photoshop from it?I mean, photoshop is the best/most popular app to 2d,right?

      • user

        i am not english speaker, but i try to explain my opinion. Photoshop is not BEST 2d app! it’s MOST POPULAR RETOUCHING and DTP program. (there are many most professional apps for 2d: nuke for serious compositing, ae, daVinci for color grading, xara and corel for painting, different vector drawing progs, etc) And his popularity based not on his “best” GUI, but on adobe agressive marketing and PR. And even if PS been best 2d app, blender is NOT only 2d! Don’t forget, that blender is for game creating, node compositing, 3d modeling and many more. So if blender will oriented on PS GUI – he will not grow, but DEGRADATE to PS level. Blender not need to orient to any other soft, because he is unique from start of his life. He is designed as nuke(program of vfx digital domain company), with animating studio, for PROFESSIONAL using(when people create truly needed tools for their PRO work, Its not a glamour PS GUI for red-eye or acne removing)

  • Brian O’Blivion

    As an artist i would really appreciate the implementation of a more user-friendly UI as Andrew proposed. Most of the stuff is industry standard and would in my opinion greatly improve the usability of Blender ! I work with 3d since about 2002 but only project based and mostly for non comercial stuff. So i would really like the idea of having a powerful tool like Blender while not working at the University or a company. I took three attempts to use Blender over the past years and it never lasted longer than a month on my harddrive. I was always astounded at how much efford went in this Software without having a new user or someone who is willing to change from a commercial 3d software in mind. Open and free Software could be a gift for people who are starting their career and / or do not have a lot of money (Open Office for example is used by alot in social and cultural sector and no one complains that it looks a lot like MSOffice). Strangely you do not see a lot of animation films by film students or artists made with Blender. All People with an artistic or filmmaking background i know who are interested in 3d and who have tried Blender have had a similar experience to mine: its just not intuitive and for whatever reason is very different from most existing UIs. I’m really thankful Andrew started this discussion from his position. I wish this would have happened a long time ago…

  • Hyuri

    Have you seen this CAD tool UI?
    I can see some similar concepts in action

  • mstrewe

    May the ui should not changed at all. But the suggestion function on right click is a really goog feature. It can help to find thing more faster and it could be implementet in a learning manner so that the suggestion will get better and better. 2. thing i would love is the post processing screen with preview to see the result. Good ideas!!!

  • Gabo

    I dont see the point of changing the Blender UI just because Andrew Price doesn´t like it. The survey (judging from the number of responses) was answered by a small fraction of all of the blender users worldwide so it doesnt represent the feelings of the community… and not all of the blender users are frequent visitors of this site, and those who are, would lean to agree on all the points and opinions of Price (Which you could corroborate by reading the comments of this post… while some discussions on other sites and communities, would reflect an opposition to this proposal). Criticizing the hotkey oriented workflow of blender is insane. It is what it makes working in blender so enjoyable and efficient. In my experience in Autodesk packages, one of the things I really hated was to have to browse through all that icons and ribbons to find the right tool. It makes you lose time. If you would like some adobe-autodesk-MS Office looking interface, then go buy their products. I´m sorry, but this proposal just sucks. It would make me cease to use Blender.

    • Jacopo Tissino

      His proposal is NOT about removing the hotkeys, and he was very specific about this point in his videos. The changes he proposed are about making Blender better for new users, whilst not hindering the workflow of veterans. He never said that the hotkey oriented workflow was to be changed, just that it would be nice to not have to look up a hotkey everytime you forget it. His proposal, in my understanding, is not a definitive alternative to the current one, but a set of ideas to be improved and discussed. Obviously Blender is very high-end software, but that doesn’t mean that it should be painful to use and be terribly hard to get into.

  • Ninja Dodo

    As someone who has tried Blender a few times and found it impenetrable, an interface like this would change my mind.

  • NJ Boyd

    To be perfectly honest, if these changes were to happen, it would be the final nail in 3DS max’s coffin for me, Blender would actually have the power of both 3DS and ZBrush without the (excuse the language here, but it is appropiate) absolute mind-fu** of a GUI that makes transitioning from anything other than python script such a laborious task that few people find the time to make the swap.
    I love everything else about Blender, it’s feature set, what it stands for, it’s sheer damn power, but the GUI is akin to being presented a wonderful slice of cake in a tough rubber shell. – You know what’s inside is delicious, you know you just need to chew, but for some reason, it’s unreasonably difficult to do so.

  • Dolores 74

    Your quest to improve Blender’s UI is highly supportable
    Andrew, but take in mind, Blender has two serious problems blocking this way.

    It does not have to sell and it is Dutch.

    Believe me “son”, I live 55 years next door to them.

    If in 1664 Peter Stuyvesant hadn’t lost Nieuw-Amsterdam to the English, New-York would have never existed and America would have spoken Dutch.

    It means Andrew, they are beatable.

    Good luck Andrew.

    • Rombout

      hahahaha whats that for nonsense excuse, cause a dutch guy invented it doesnt mean its only ruled or made by dutch

  • Alec Whitcomb

    Even though this is over I still see comments coming in… So just to let everyone know Andrew is stopping the UI stuff. The comments here are irrelevant and are probably not even being seen… So yeah, just thought I’d mention that.

    • buffonomics


  • Kay Cee

    I like most of it, not all though. This isnt sketchup and dont really want it to be that simple looking :). Id say allow the choice of traditional vs your ‘newschool’ design.

  • Christian Leroux

    I just watched your Blender Foundation panel (and I invite everyone to see it). Please do not be so hard on yourself. I admire how humble you are in pointing out the flaws in your proposal, but those stats were not worthless. Perhaps misleading, but the general response still shows that people are not only open to change, but craving it. If anything, I think that asking professionals who know the software inside out is wrong, because obviously, as you mentioned, no one wants to be asked to scrap all knowledge and start fresh on something they are invested in. However, I really don’t think that minor alienation through making things cleaner, simpler, and more intuitive is such a big deal. Some people seemed to be at the ready with their pitchforks, but isn’t the end result to increase user satisfaction and the number of users?

  • exedro

    It will be hard to learn blender again but this will make blender easier to use for new users.

  • randomguy

    Maybe there should be a way of changeability, this could mean new guy’s (like me) could have this GUI, whilst experts and such could have whichever suits them best

  • vinoth

    combination of Ms Office ribbon and Photoshop :)

  • Sean B

    I find it rather funny how many people here say blender is too hard. I am a 13 year old, and it took me but 2 months to get the hang of blender. You can have a look at everything I make on blenderartists(I’m spike1) for proof. In all honesty, If you can’t figure blender out as it is at the moment, you shouldn’t be doing CG as you expect everything to be nice and easy. Here’s the thing, a 3d modelling programs interface is not going to look the same as a word processor, and if it does it won’t be very efficient. At the moment everything is visible, easily accessible and rather reliable. I can understand the problems such as inconsistency, but I still don’t see why they require such a drastic change. The interface as it is may not be newbie friendly, but a newbie who can’t work out the program will hopefully go away and work at MacDonalds, while someone who is willing to invest time into learning an alien interface will probably produce good pieces of art work. I see the same thing on the game engine forum. All the newbies who can’t work out how to make the cube move with the arrow keys never make anything any good, even after being instructed how too. I don’t know how many people who did figure it out made a game, but I know that by looking at most good game creators histories, they never asked such a simple question as they worked it out for themselves or with the help of DuckDuckGo(go away google, you suck lol). That’s my opinion anyway, feel free to refute any of my points :).

    • A blender fan

      While you do have a good point Sean, there’s a large difference between making things easier for people, and making things simpler.

      Your point basically uses the fact that some people are expecting the new UI to make 3D modeling easier in general as a reason to not upgrade the software, but since you were kind about asking, I’ll let you know what the proposal is really trying to do. :)

      Point 1 – Everyone thinks the proposal will make 3D modeling simpler.

      Refute: The proposal is meant to make it easier to understand Blender’s functions so that users can get straight into the modeling without having to watch many tutorials. My first project was done on an obsolete software called TrueView7 which had an extensive tutorial, but simple enough interface that I could figure out how to do everything and model. Blender’s interfact gives you too much at once when you initially start off, and being so short cut oriented, even with modeling practice, I still needed to watch videos, not to learn how to model, but merely to learn how to use the software in the first place so I could get to the modeling.

      Point 2: People shouldn’t bother trying to model if they can’t figure it out while it’s still complex.

      Refute: We all need to start somewhere. The diligence of people to start a project and finish a project has nothing to do with people’s ability to do something. Many people give up several times, but eventually they’ll push themselves forward enough to complete a project. That’s what I’m trying to do myself. 3D modeling is hard and takes a lot of time, effort, and practice, but I know that this new interface will only make things a bit easier for me. I still have to make the models myself and know how rigging works, which is stuff I can do in the mean time, albeit a bit slower. Plus, I’m self taught at drawing, music writing, video making, and even 3D modeling (I never had a personal instructor). So people can learn things from scratch, no matter how long it takes.

      Ultimately, while you are correct about some people being lazy, your comment just comes across as condescending to people who legitimately want to learn the software. After all, Blender at the moment is not for everyone, but that’s exactly why it needs an overhaul, so that it can be for everyone without compromising what advanced users are good at.

      I hope you understand. :) The problem you see is correct, but the reasoning and solution isn’t helping anyone.

    • Blender Guest

      “The interface as it is may not be newbie friendly, but a newbie who
      can’t work out the program will hopefully go away and work at
      MacDonalds, while someone who is willing to invest time into learning an
      alien interface will probably produce good pieces of art work.”

      Please understand two things:

      1) The talent to produce great art and the ability to learn a complicated interface are not related in any way. A person can learn every design software out there, down to the commands hardly any one uses. But if his design or artistic talent are lacking, no software can help.

      2) You are 13. You are still biologically “learning” your way around the world, so external information will be quickly absorbed and processed by your brain. If you are to compare your abilities with others, please do so with people who are at the same stage of your life.

  • DeadPixel

    I would really like this UI, i will help a lot and i think it will speed up work flow and make things a lot easier to find :)

  • bob

    I agree with some parts of this but. I have found that I kind of just pick up on some like the right-mouse select. I would have to relearn a lot. But then that’s true with all change. Hope any changes will work and be effective.

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  • Andrea

    Do you like Luxology Modo interface?
    I think it’s the best at the moment
    I hope the New Blender UI will be like that ;)

    • Mooki

      I agree, sadly, it won’t. The foundation’s reaction was ridiculous. A perfect example of group think. They’re making the same mistakes the Linux community has made for years. They don’t want new users to find it easy to use. They like the complexity.

      • Kaihos

        Actually Linux community couldn’t accept this new UI because it’s too much like Windows(r) 8, and impossible to make in Python.. Linux community likes simplicity, and I’m an Archlinux user, if you know what I mean, KISS principle, “keep it simple”

        • adamiani

          There are many ways to describe Blender’s current interface, but ‘simple’ sadly is not one of them.

        • Knowles2

          , “keep it simple” which is what the ribbon interface does.

  • ari_free

    I agree with most of it except the ribbon. It takes up a lot of space and it’s hard as it is to have Blender side by side next to a tutorial (such as yours…) playing in a browser window so that I can learn how to use it. Yes, by having a ribbon you’re actually making it harder for beginners.
    Also, you should have a survey to see how many people want the ribbon :)

  • Paula Rosal de DelCid

    I really think this is a wonderfull proposal. It´s simple, more graphic, more usefull, more simple to find all the tools of blender. I will be very glad if you can make this chage to the bleder´s UI.