‘Movie Moments’ Competition Results

This competition was all about movies! 6 weeks ago I announced the topic of “Movie Moments”. With the challenge to “Create a scene or character from any movie”. A massive 139 artists have sent in their entries and now it’s time to review and announce the winner! Here are there entries:

All Entries

Can’t find your image? If by chance I missed it, please send me an email: andrew@blenderguru.com


These entries came close to winning and deserve a mention. See if you can pick which movies they are from… some are easier than others ;)

Created by IvanCherganov

Created by IvanCherganov

A very impressive render of everyone’s favourite superhero. The thing I like the most about this render is oddly enough, the background. Frequently character renders look stale and stationary, but the flying debris you’ve added instantly adds a level of excitement to this scene. The facial expression is a little unreadable, but it’s still an awesome render. Well done IvanCherganov!

Created by ex-nihilo

Created by Nathan Wilkinson

An awesome reproduction of an awesome film! The environment, along with Mike Wazowski is  perfect. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you copied them directly out of a frame from the movie. The only thing letting you down was Sulley’s face. There’s something about the eyes that just isn’t quite right. However it’s still an incredible reproduction of the scene, and deserves some serious recognition for all that work (especially the fur, wow!). Well done Nathan!

Created by gorex87

Created by gorex87

A nice twist on a cult movie! I like the clean and cartoony look. It’s easy to read and doesn’t make the view squint to figure out what’s going on. But having said that, the background is a little plain, and would benefit from a more complete scene. The girl is perhaps a little too raunchy for the general public (especially for those watching this at work!) but it’s still an awesome image that deserves a mention. Well done gorex87!

Created by rtw

Created by rtw

Truly a movie for the cinephiles ;) I love the texturing and the detail in the bullet. Really well done rtw!

Created by Guss

Created by Guss

Brilliant capture of arguably the best shot in the whole trilogy! It’s lacking some detail in his face, and there is visible texture stretching, but it’s still an excellent image. I especially love the Depth of Field on the ring. It’s perfect! Well done Guss!

Created by moxiecrimefight

Created by moxiecrimefight

I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t the slightest idea what movie this is from, but I know a good render when I see one. Truly fantastic work. I especially like the clothing. The fair and eyes could use a little work, but it’s still a very decent character render. Well done moxiecrimefight!

Created by zman2001

Created by zman2001

A brilliant rendition of an old classic! Everything looks sharp, colorful and well lit. Mickey could probably have a bit more life in his eyes, but other than that it’s awesome. For those who don’t know what “movie” this is from, do a little search on the history of animated cinema. This one goes waaaay back!

Created by Kaptainmaxmorga

Created by Kaptainmaxmorga

A well composed and beautifully lit scene! Now if only I knew what movie this is from! :P I wanna say Lord of Rings but I’m only guessing. Anyway, it’s a fantastic scene with some really great detail in the nature and the character. Well done Kaptainmaxmorga!

Created by yowas

Created by yowas

Two batman themes in the finalist category? I guess Christopher Nolan’s trilogy really did strike an inspiration cord in the hearts of artists. A brilliant render of a great action scene. The smoke, fire and street could use some work, but the main focus is the tumbler which looks great. Clearly a lot of reference images were used to get this to look just right. Well done yowas!

Created by keeek

Created by keeek

The lighting, colors and attention to detail in the hair and clothing is great. The only thing letting it down is the smooth, “clean” areas on the male’s chest and face. But it’s still a excellent piece of artwork that has obviously been slaved over for hours. Well done keeek!

Created by Ristridyn

Created by Ristridyn

This one was actually handed in past the deadline, so it doesn’t technically qualify, but it’s still an awesomely good render that deserves a mention anyway. Well done Ristridyn!

Other honourable mentions:


There can only be one winner, and for this competition the winner is…

Created by Pratik Solanki

Created by Pratik Solanki

Congratulations Pratik! The character is beautifully modelled and the lighting helps to instantly draw the viewers attention. The surrounding scene is nicely detailed, whilst being subtle enough not to detract too much attention away from the character. Overall I loved that everything meshed together so well, to create a goofy, fun and attractive final render. Well done. Does the name Pratik Solanki ring a bell? Well that’s because he was actually the winner of the very first blender guru competition! This makes him the first artist here to win a competition twice :) Pratik, you have won:

  • Any movie of your choice on DVD or Bluray
  • Any item from the Blender e-Store (hey, tears of steel!?)
  • $500 for any charity of your choice.
  • A permanent spot in the Winner’s Hall of Fame

So that concludes this blender competition! A big thank you to everyone who entered this time round. I really do appreciate all the effort that you put into your entries. It’s people like you that keep the blender community alive! Unfortunately I can’t give critiques on every entry that gets sent in, but if you’d like some feedback, drop your name in the comments below and I’m sure the blender community would be more than happy to give you some pointers. Which entry do you think referenced the most obscure movie? Leave a comment below!

About Andrew Price

User of Blender for 9+ years. I've written tutorials for 3d World Magazine and spoken at three Blender conferences. My goal is to help artists get employed in the industry by making training accessible and easy to understand. I'm an Aussie and I live in South Korea ;)
  • 42 Gallifreyan Anglerfishes

    3 Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but no Star Trek?
    I wonder if I’m excited or angry, but I’m not sure.

  • Randomly generated commenter


  • be2inas

    I smell Nature Academy in winners work. Ace looks awful and out of place to me. Couple other participants are more suited for this tropy. I gues nature stuff behind him melted Andrews heart.

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  • http://www.blurredmotion.net/ stephen

    Some brilliant work here, very well done everyone

  • blessing

    well dat’s fair. but de batman theme i think wer great

  • Whatever man

    Awsome work. Many deserved to be winners but by the end of the day I think right pic one. With Batman closeup as close second

  • Guss

    Ho ho!
    WOW! I didn’t even know that I was a finalist! Thanks for a great competition Andrew! Really looking forward to the next one!

  • Verticies

    Love these contests just don’t like navigating through the huge images. Could they be made to fit on a monitor?

  • http://www.facebook.com/shawn.mccown.779 Shawn McCown

    Good to see the Ace Ventura image won. When I was glancing through the thumbnails, this one jumped out at me. I started laughing thinking of the scene. It was instantly recognizable. I haven’t seen anyone do a Jim Carey CG render before. Very original.

  • bruno borgiani

    i hoped to get my render mentioned even if it came a week too late, i’ll try to work faster for the next competition! congrats to everybody, my favourite render remains the batman face!

  • Moxiecrimefighter06

    Yes! Finalist. I can die happy now.

    • redwaller

      What was your image from?

      • Moxiecrimefighter06

        I was going for Jesse Heiman. He is an extra in the background of every movie ever made.

  • Tibor Farkas

    These competitons shows blender true power! Keep going!

  • http://twitter.com/clb92 Christoffer Bader

    Can you guys give me some criticism on my entry? :D

    • Ced

      Your Work is AMAZING, and above that it’s a smart reference to Usual Suspects, I remember saying to myself “well done” when i saw it on blenderartists forum” cause your approach was way smarter than others. Feeble points though : the coffee isn’t real at all and the spill drops seems to be added like planes and no volume, and there should be a lot more. The lack of volume and “splash effect” smoothens the shock of the blasting cup, i think. I also think that the environment colour and textures (floor) don’t really match with the movie it refers to. The bottom of the cup is a bit too thick and the broken parts are a very bit too grainy. The things i say here is to be really critic, maybe a bit saddistic… and be aware that I CLAIM again you did an EXCELLENT Job !

      • http://twitter.com/clb92 Christoffer Bader

        Thank you very very much for the kind words! You are right about all the flaws, including the coffee :) I spent hours trying to make it look better, but I didn’t want to use the fluid simulator, so I just added a few particles around the cup, and hoped for the best. I also spent an hour or so trying different techniques for the material of the inside clay/porcelain at the broken parts, and ended up saying “Fuck it, I’ll leave it like that”, rendered it, and submitted it to the Blenderartists thread.

        Thank you again for the honest criticism! I will definitely work more on the overall realism next time.

  • Max Zimmer

    We should have a game engine competition!

  • CGmaniac

    Great Contest, I wish i would have finished my entry in time. The next contest should be of famous landmarks, manmade or not, such as the pyrmids or the stonehenge in england or even the gateway arch, just to name a few.

  • Nathan Wilkinson

    Thanks for the mention Andrew :)

    Now that the competition is over I am making my .blend available to everybody.


    If you have any questions or comments I will be happy to get back to you :)

  • cianmcsweeney

    could the next theme be video games?

    • Wwza7

      Great idea :D

  • cianmcsweeney

    this was my first time entering.(started blender last month) and i really need help with the compositor could anyone give me a few tips on improving my entry(its the(attemted) battle of pandora with the helicopter firing missiles

    • Wwza7

      I think that I saw once free compositors basics tutorial and how to make flash lights in movie. If you cant find any, you can also support Andrew and buy from him “the Wow factor” its an e-book that can guide you to make awesome things with compositors. Still you need to learn more also in meshes, materials and textures, they were also not so good in your work, but hey, I started with blender 2 years ago and still my work here is the best I ever made (its on top right of all entries).

      I’m wondering, how the hell did they made works with so many polygons, my work was quite simple, and my powerful PC couldn’t handle with more than this, and I wanted to add more fighters, explosions, smokes, particles…

  • Nikhil

    Congratulations Pratik…………………………………………………

  • Ced

    Hey people, I really enjoyed entering the competition, and wanted to cheer the winners up !
    I would like one more thing though as it was my first participation… I really want some critique on my work, coz i didn’t have any comments or return on my work and really thought i did a quite competing job. My entry was the “up!” scene (Mid-Air). Feel free to cheer me up or tear me down, any critiques are hugely welcome and needed to go on the “better” way. Thank you everyone and thank you Andrew, i really had fun entering this competition. Looking forward to hearing from you all

    • Wwza7

      Everything was perfect in your work except of that what was behind doors. Sky was flat, no clouds, simple planes and airship, but it looks like you just didn’t manage to finish it whole in time, am I right?

      • Ced

        Well, I did my very best to do the exact replica of this scene… in fact
        What do you think of it?

        • Wwza7

          You did amazing work (sorry, I never saw UP movie), Still those Fighters and Zeppelin don’t look realistic.

          • Ced

            I still think they don’t look realistic either in the real scene but many thanks for your reply !
            For my part I think I could have blown a bit more wind in the curtains, definitely should have improved the hair of the character (by the way : any tutorial references for creating realistic hair with cycles??? I would be the happier guy on earth ;) and could have worked a bit more on the umbrella rack’s texture to make it look abit more bronze-like.
            @Andrew : Would really love it, if you could give me your critics about my entry (Mid-Air) and maybe some tips (the focus critique’s way, would be awesome but i feel like i’m pushing things a bit far… Don’t I ? hum…) Sorry but it’s my first blender release and really want to know how you blender artists and masters feel about it… To be part of the mentionned next time (maybe)
            Already looking forward for next competition, Grrrrr
            PS: @Wwza7 You Should DEFINITELY watch the UP! movie mate, … How dare you ! ^^

      • 3luke33

        There needs to be more detail on the hair and the clothing, you seem to have made the whole thing with materials but no texture. the vase, door, wooden ornaments and the wall paper needs some bump map. Your image was quite attractive in it’s own way as if you were trying to make it simpler and smoother than the actual image but the newspaper gave away that you were going for a more accurate recreation. Also don’t be scared of lights dude, use the light to bring out you character and the important things. the reason people keep attacking you planes and stuff is partially because their lacking dynamics and textures, but it’s also because the light makes the view think that their the centre of the image and their not. so you have two real options, add a TON more textures or remove the realistic textures and have a more cartoon image and in either case add some lighting because there’s not much depth at the moment and lights will add that.

  • Uttam

    congrats pratik for doing it yet again .. all your works are really inspiring…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=805630084 Gagan Hajatri

    Personally, I didn’t like the winning entry. I just feel like Jim is a bit out of place. he’s done in a very cartoony way, whereas the environment is just hyper-realistic drag and drops from the Nature Academy. I liked the Mickey Mouse one quite a bit more :)

  • fergoblender

    When will the info for the next competition be released?

  • fergoblender

    Congratulations Pratik for having the winning image! And also congrats to all the entries :D You all did an amazing job! btw can anyone give me critique on my entry!

    • Karl

      Bob looks awesome but the pizza boxes, ground beneath the big tables, building and pool edges just need some more detail.

      • fergoblender

        ok thanks for the feedback :D

  • Kenny

    Aw! I missed this competition. I would’ve done a hologram that would’ve said:
    “Anakin, you’re not the father.”

  • IvanCherganov

    Completely agree with Andrew’s choice. Congratulations Pratik! Great job indeed )

  • scar

    “PS. In the future, competitions will be judged by votes. So that should hopefully put this discrepancy issue to rest ;)”

    Noooo, I hate votes, because it is like “who got more friends on fb” ;s And not the best win.

    • Domski

      I tend to agree. Andrew is doing a great job of what to me seems like a near impossible task – there are so many entries that should be winners. Somebody has to make a decision at the end of the day and I’m not sure a popularity contest is the way to go.

      • fergoblender

        Totally agree with that :D

        • JonathanL

          Well this would be odd because whoever gets theirs in first would get the most votes, am I right?

          • Wwza7

            so voting could start only after deadline for 2 weeks

    • Uttam

      or BG could have some percentage (say 50%) for people votes and remaining for BG…i understand where you are coming from but I personally prefer the way it is right now…

    • yeobe1

      One more vote for no votes. What I tend to find the best, is usually something I’m having particular difficulty with. I think Andrew is best suited to take a step back and look at the image holistically. A panel of respected blender artists could also be utilized, or guest judges who specialize in the specific type of image or theme for the current contest. Maybe a BG award and a fan choice award… now I’m just rambling

    • http://www.facebook.com/EvenTarash Even Tarash Tudu

      No i don’t agree with you
      Art should only be judged by an honest critic

    • 3luke33

      I totally agree, maybe pick certain artist that you know or that have had consistently good entry’s (like dragoneex) to help prevent any “bias” or personal artistic preference being a determinant but don’t let those who may have NO artistic preferences at all have a say in an art heavy competition.

    • Fleye

      One more vote for no votes

  • http://www.facebook.com/frostbyte555 Trent Frost

    I don’t even know what movie that is from.

  • JohnMervin

    how come when I click my picture it says ” error 404 not found.”?

  • ian

    I would have picked Nathan Wilkinson – MonstersInc. Good job indeed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nathan.t.anderson.7 Nathan Timothy Anderson

    Awesome. But my war of the worlds scene is not here, it’s the first entry on page 18.

  • Tess

    Many great contest entries)Looks like Batman and WALL-E are the most inspiring characters:) And is it just me or images 50 and 100 are the same?:)

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.robert.schilling James Schilling

    grats everyone.
    As my first ever Blender work, I would really appreciate any feedback anyone has on my R2-D2 scene. Thanks guys,

    • Karl

      R2 looks amazing but the main loss in the photo is the circular lights in the background.

  • John Mervin

    AAAHHHH!!! IM AN HONORABLE MENTION!!!!! well, kind of, but when I click it it says “error not found”

    • andrewpprice

      Sorry about that! I’ve fixed the link. Great work by the way ;)

  • BlackClaw

    I would’ve choosen Kaptainmaxmorga’s image, but, actually, it isn’t thaaaaat clear from what movie it is

  • Zack

    Awsome renders, but my entry wasn’t posted anywhere on this page. I checked 4 times. My entry was Paradox, why wasn’t it posted?

    • Nexu

      Same here. I cant find my entry here :-( (Nexu)

    • Kenny

      Neither was mine. My entry was Spider-man.

    • mrfsandor

      That’s life! I don’t see my entry too. (#338 The scene with a charriot and 4 horses). Anyway, I can’t wait the next contest.

  • ark4n

    Really awesome entries! I need to work harder (and take longer) in the next time ^_^

  • mbarek gzize

    where is RANGO

  • Nita

    heya congrats draguu… adn Andrew i guess u missed my entry its not in the list..

    • Wwza7

      yea, I saw that on forum, maybe he really missed that, or thought that tis is real photo :D It could be an awesome work if not those smooth textures on Davy Jones face.

    • andrewpprice

      So sorry to have missed it Nita. I’ve just added it to the list.

      If I’ve missed anyone else’s image, please shoot me an email at andrew@blenderguru.com
      Thanks all!

  • Jonathan

    How that Mikey, or that batman, didn’t win?! D: Such an amazing render

    • Jonathan

      I saw why the Mikey entry didn’t win ;) Still wondering about that batman

  • Guest

    lol image 76 was a recreation of the van scene from inception :D
    You said before Andrew “The first one to recreate the van scene gets a beer”

    You gotta hold this promise Andrew :D :D

    • andrewpprice

      If the artist attends this year’s blender conference I will gladly deliver on that promise! ;)

  • Guest

    Wow many nice entries there :)
    Next topic for a contest maybe procedural textures only? :P

    • Wwza7

      NOOOOOOO! Next contest have to be about game! I cant wait to see Pac-man Assassinating ghosts or just imagine how many Minecraftians will show up!

      • Guest

        ok, calm down bro ^^
        But I agree games can be a funny topic
        Though I must say I will hate to see more minecraft renders, but thats just an opinion…

        • Wwza7

          Yea, that’s the easiest way, but sometimes those are doors for beginners, to make awesome work without much experience. That’s why I decided to make lego scene, its on my level (hey, i got blender only from 2 years), I wasn’t expecting any honourable mention, but i’m happy, that I finaly made good, complete scene.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bert.vandenbosch.96 Bert Van den Bosch

    but what is the film of the winner??

    • Gustav Nilsson

      Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls :) Hilarious scene! (Like the entire movie, but I also happen to be a Carrey-fan)

  • Oliver

    The winner did an amazing entry; however im suprised Kaptainmaxmorgas entry didn’t win. Could anyone clarify why this is?

    • Jurek

      I have the same Question his Render is just so awesome…

    • pixaal

      Yeah man, no offence to all the rest of the great artworks, but Kaptainmaxmorgas’s one beats them all hands down. The only things that are a bit weird are the stiffness of the horse’s tail, and that rock on the left looks a little too CG and could do with more model detail rather than just a bump map. The rest is nearly photorealistic.

      • Samuel Loy

        My guess is its because this contest is not focused on photorealism, but rather capturing a moment from a movie. This image is probably from Lord of the Rings, but really it could be from any old movie with a medieval theme, there’s nothing that Identifies it or is any remotely memorable about the scene

    • MiikaH

      I was wondering that too. I’m a fan of both Ace Ventura and LoTR so both images were my favorites but IMO Kaptainmaxmorga’s entry has better artistic composition.

      • Jonathan L

        No offense, but in my opinion the composition is what is letting it down. I love the scene and the colors and all, but it feels off balance, a tad out of scale, and a little bit flat. Not that I don’t like it, it is absolutely fantastic, but I do agree with Andrew on this one. Pratik’s render had more life in it IMO.

    • andrewpprice

      Technicality wise it IS awesome, but it didn’t invoke much emotion from an artist level in my honest opinion.

      This is mainly because the character’s back is faced to the camera, so you can’t see who they are or their facial expression. There were also issues with the clouds not scaled to match the horizon, a flat color scheme, torn focal point (the rider, the ruined building or the bright sky to the right?), also the trees look a bit chaotic.

      If you’re reading this Kaptainmaxmorgas, please understand that I’m not trying to rip on you. You’ve pulled off an amazing scene (as is evidenced by the comments of support here), I just had to answer the question of why I personally didn’t pick it.

      PS. In the future, competitions will be judged by votes. So that should hopefully put this discrepancy issue to rest ;)

      • Xnekal

        Part of the issue I see with the render is that it looks like there is two light sources…the sunlamp coming in from the right of the image aned the rays in the sky background. They dont match up. I probably would have not even seen the issu but everyone is taling about it and I took a closer look at the image again. just something that I see in the image.

      • Pete C

        Andrew Its better that you continue to judge the competitions. I really hope you do. You are the pro here and although I cannot even get to the finalist group (yet) I would rather be judged by your professional eye than by those of us without your experience. Your critique always enlightens those of us who wish to learn more!
        I vote you keep judging :)

        Pete C

      • Brian S

        Wow. I know this has been over for a while but I’m very very surprised that you can’t detect any of Kaptainmaxmorgas’ artistic intent. I loved Pratik’s scene, but it kind of makes me mad to hear you talk about not “invoking much emotion” having picked a scene with a goofy face. Blatant and artistic aren’t synonyms.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001456336734 Egils Araajs

      I am both hands for Kaptainmaxmorga’s work too (it even gave me goosebump). If you are more familiar with plot in that scene, the guy on the horse is one of the nine riders, and the tower in foreground is the one, where Mary, Pippin, Frodo and Sam are, evening before they (riders) come and stab Frodo. That’s my guess (altough it appears to be pretty obvious for me)

      • Randomly generated commenter

        It’s called Amon Sul. (Or Weathertop if you want.) It isn’t Mary, it’s Merry. There’s Aragorn too. If you want to know, the rider is a Nazgul and I may know his name, but I definitely forgot it now. Yes I’m a hardcore fan of Tolkien ;) so I know a bunch, sorry if I sound like I’m mean and you’re stupid. However, in the picture the tower (or its ruins to be precise) look soewhat wrong. It’s supposed to be a ring of stones, without high standing pillars; also, it somehow looks disproportionate. Of course it’s an interpetation, so it doesn’t have to be exact. However I can’t help noticing that at the time of the attack, the Nazgul had knives, not long swords. I think I need to be less of a purist when it comes to art, I just can’t help myself :)

        BTW, otherwise it’s a great entry. 2 LOTR finalisit, yay!

    • yeobe1

      Also, one should factor in the judges background. Some of the most amazing parts of his scene are the nature which, to someone that runs a programme called the nature academy, are probably old hat and repetitive. The horse and rider are really nice, but not awe inspiring without the plot behind it.

      I would love to see his take on the scene after taking in some of Andrews and others critiques into account. For me, the composition and focal point as Andrew pointed out, additionally I would like to see some volumetric foreground fog, some spec on the horse, maybe even a sword glint (if I recall the movies correctly?) also some motion blur on the horses legs minimally to invoke the fear of the rider descending on the hobbits.

      All that being said, if it came to a vote, it would be a toss up between this one and monsters inc. Although I love the Mickey rendering too