Introducing the new Blender Guru Podcast!

Coz why not? Everyone else is jumping on the podcast bandwagon, so I thought I would too.

In this opening “pilot” episode I discuss my recent trip to Siggraph 2013 in LA, parking tickets and UFOs… so I guess not strictly blender.

Here’s some relevant photos:

Everyday LA traffic… blows hard:

New episode every Friday! (next is 9th July)

Got a question? Send it via @andrewpprice #podcast


About Andrew Price

User of Blender for 9+ years. I've written tutorials for 3d World Magazine and spoken at three Blender conferences. My goal is to help artists get employed in the industry by making training accessible and easy to understand. I'm an Aussie and I live in South Korea ;)
  • Salomon Bashir

    Ton Roosendaal + ANDREW PRICE = CREATIVITY

  • Craig Hellman

    Why don’t you listen to Rui Luís d’Orey

    I can’t subscribe to the podcast via iTunes. You are missing thousands of subscribers. I do not want to listen to this at my desktop. I want it on my iPod.
    So I can listen to it at work or hiking or shopping or driving.
    I love it !! RSS it !!

    • Alex Myers

      Try using the Downcast app to subscribe.

  • Nikita Gradovich

    It would be nice to have subscribing feature to new podcast episodes.

  • Evan
  • Bryan Buxton

    Great episode, Andrew! Is there any chance you could upload to iTunes ( I usually listen to podcasts in the car.

  • Sebastián Castro

    You’re funny! You actually made me laugh a couple of times.

    I’m currently studying digital animation at an actual college (Duh!) and I can tell you what the problem is for EA. It is the standardization of the industry, Blender is what they need to go faster, but what if the artists there go asking what is Blender and they can’t find their way around because they can’t understand the 3D viewport navigation system, they NEED Alt+L/M/RMB and when the model tumbles instead of rejoice that they can now see the model in any direction possible they go completely berserk and demand of you to export the model to Maya U_u *facepalm*.

    Something that could be worked on is (if it’s not just me who doesn’t know how to do it) the texturing projection workflow (I have ideas :D ) and the sculpting performance, zBrush is still better at that.

  • Leigh

    I wondered why you chose Santa Barbara LOL – nice place but way up the coast. Would have come to the party if it had been Santa Monica! Anyway, glad you enjoyed SIGGRAPH and your time in So. California. No matter where you go in the States (or the rest of the world), I find people are nice if you are pleasant and nice to them; don’t listen to the stereotype BS people try to put out about the US (or any other country for that matter)! My advice is to pay the parking ticket (with credit card) just to make sure your name doesn’t end up on some government shit-list, and next time you’re in LA I can put you up, loan you a car and teach you how to get around much of the traffic! Cheers..

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  • Gavin

    inspiration gone? Link goes to a new blog? Nothing there? Shame

  • LubomirCenovsky

    I was so much fun to listen this podcast :-D
    Definitely keep it up.
    Thanks for your thoughts and i’m looking forward for next episode.

  • Satria

    Yeah. Make it downloadable.

    • Javier Diaz de Leon

      Exactly! So I could listen to it while commuting! Which is the only time when I could do this :(

  • Jeremy Roberts

    Americans get nicer the closer to the midwest you get and as for the parking ticket dont worry about it.

  • AaronF

    Pay the ticket!

    Since the rental car company is the registered owner of the car, they technically will get the ticket. If you don’t pay it, they will and likely charge your credit card for the $48 plus a fee. I’m sure that’s covered in your rental agreement.

    • AaronF

      Just some advise. Entertaining podcast btw.


  • Roll

    awesome Mr. Garu!

  • Jim

    I really enjoyed your podcast. Please keep them going. I am learning Blender just as a hobby and find your comments and tutorials very helpful.

  • Oliver

    I simply liked it. Informative and enternaining as well.

  • Rui Luís d’Orey

    Rss the podcast please!

    • Guest

      you should receive the new podcasts via rss if you have subscribed to the main sites rss feed
      no need for another feed

      • Rui Luís d’Orey

        There is a specific RSS format for podcasts so my Zune or any podcast software can get the audio and sync with my devices.
        The actual RSS it’s for all the main site content and the podcast player cannot get the audio from it.
        But thanks anyway!

  • preecher

    omg you just cracked me up…the majority of americans like it cold for exactly the reason you stated…the majority of them are whales…very large and blubberish….lol…la is usually not that hot anyway…i’m on the other side and it’s miserably hot…it’s all about money over here…business synopsis…have fun in Amsterdam…I like your thought on buying the cd if you can’t go…your right everything is outrageously expensive now here….I enjoyed listening to your views…it is shameful if someone doesn’t know what blender is if they where at siggraph…lol…California is way different than the rest of the majority of this country as for what you say about that…people being nice…but the traffic is really bad in most large cities here…love your Hispanic accent…lol…tricky tricky about the parking…they want your money…i’d forget about the ticket if I where you…lol…a lot of things are retarded over here…thanks for the laughs…

  • Michel Smit

    That was entertaining dude. Keep it up

  • tither

    You should make your podcast downloadable

  • preecher

    cool…you got to come over here…was it your first visit and probably your last…that’s funny you mention driving on the wrong side of the road…I felt like that the times I’ve been to other countries…but I didn’t drive…i’d be dead if I did…lol…did you go to the lightwave booth…or did you just hang with blender people…i’m wondering your thoughts on chronoscuplt…I think they are just hyping their new standalone app to get money…why so cheap if it’s so great…hydra engine and so many polys it can handle they are boasting…I have lw but I didn’t buy chrono…special ended yesterday…I think its hype…anyway I love blender…:) glad you got to come over

  • Luis Humberto Molinar Márquez

    Hey, I’d love to subscribe to this postcard… sorry, podcast, and get it on my iPhone! I hope you can include some kind of subscribers link to this in the near future. I really enjoy your work.

  • Grady Pruitt

    Great to see you have this! Definitely would like to subscribe. You have a feed address for it?

  • Petr Utinek

    sometime I had feel you are bit depressed or tired :) but good to have more blender podcasts happy blending

  • Miles

    I got a $48 ticket as well.

  • TK

    Any chance of an RSS feed so I can automatically download the new episodes as soon as they appear?!

  • Andrewm90

    Thanks for posting this; I really enjoyed it. Nice to learn more about SIGGRAPH, and what it actually is. I also liked hearing about you travel adventures and misadventures; that was pretty funny. Glad you experienced some good American hospitality.

  • Colin Levy

    Super entertaining!

    I got a parking ticket with my rental car too, hah. :/ I plan on paying mine! :P

  • anon3

    I wouldn’t say the flight was boring.. but it was pretty plane. *crickets chirping*

  • benisflump

    This is very nice to hear your constant feedback of blender assets
    Regaurdless of what you talk about it still remains interestiing

  • Ron Bewick

    Thanks for your podcast. I particularly enjoyed hearing about your Siggraph experience. I’ve often wondered what Siggraph was all about and your insights allowed me to get a better understanding of it. I also enjoyed many of your comments both about your preconceived notions about Americans as well as your traffic adventures in L.A. Yes, we’re not all assholes. BTW, I live in Houston, Texas, which is somewhere around the 3rd most traffic-congested city in the U.S., so I can readily relate to your discussion about L.A. traffic. I have to drive in it on a daily basis, although it is still not nearly as bad as L.A. Having access to (paid) toll roads in Houston, however, makes our driving considerably less stressful a lot of the times. Anyway, appreciate hearing about your experience.

  • Sean

    Good start Andrew. Honestly though, I wouldn’t listen to those people about the parking ticket. That can come back to bite you! Although I’m not sure how one would go about paying it off from Korea. Happy we Americans weren’t complete a**holes to you though!

  • kike

    Definetely I think this is a good idea Andrew… I mean, the podcast thing

  • Shane

    Is that first image the view from your buget airlines deck chair??

  • WTF?!?

    9th of july?!? Come on dude!!!

  • Leon Cheung

    Yeah, NIce try. LOL, keep it up, man. I really like this.

  • #1fan

    That dude was referring to the new Dynamic Sculpting tool, where you can do what’s called “collapse short edge”, sculpt over previous strokes and not add to the vertexes of the mesh. Great podcast, by the way. Very entertaining, though it could be a little faster paced. Overall, I enjoyed it very much. Keep up the good work!

  • Thuj

    Great first episode, would probably work even better with fixed topics for each podcast and some guests. Also, a nice intro-outro jingle would be nice! How did the credit card thing ended anyway? Did you have to clean their dishes? :D