Interview with Colin Levy

Let me start by saying, what an amazing week for Blender this has been!

It’s barely been 5 days since the release of Sintel and it’s already been viewed over 1 million times on YouTube, heavily discussed on CGSociety, hit the front page of 3d world and is still being tweeted every few minutes (even by celebrities!)

So I think I speak for everyone when I say, “Well done Durian team!” You guys sure know how to get the attention of the public ;)

Last week we interviewed Ton Roosendaal, and this week I’m excited to speak with the director of Sintel, Colin Levy!

Listen to the Interview

In this 57 minute audio interview Colin explains:

  • Why he was choosen as the director
  • The biggest challenges that the team faced
  • What he would do differently if given the opportunity
  • How he deals with criticism
  • His future plans and aspirations

*WARNING: This interview discusses scenes from the film! If you haven’t yet seen Sintel, watch it now.*

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Click Play to stream the audio or download the MP3 file here.

If you liked this interview you may also like the interview with Ton Roosendaal.

That concludes this week’s post! Join me next week for an indepth discussion with Campbell Barton on developing Blender and the upcoming stable release :)

About Andrew Price

User of Blender for 9+ years. I've written tutorials for 3d World Magazine and spoken at three Blender conferences. My goal is to help artists get employed in the industry by making training accessible and easy to understand. I'm an Aussie and I live in South Korea ;)
  • teepee

    another good short by the durian team

  • Milad Thaha

    By the way Andrew, the link works, and yes I listening the interview. Very nice, and please keep it coming. How about trying to interview David Revoy?

  • Milad Thaha


    Will you ever demand free lunch? :)

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  • Daniel

    I hate to be rude but i signed up for blender tutorials and i have gone 2 weeks without one :S, but don’t get me wrong your amazing

  • keenan

    Okay, its 9:49 PM on Tuesday. I may go crazy if I dont get my new tutorial soon! lol blenderguru forever.

  • Rutger Wiersum

    I personally think interviews are very informative and intresting, and certaintly the one that is about to come this week. You have still plenty of tutorials to keep your trainng up and running, and I’m sure Andrew will make more in the near future, so just be patient I’d say. Ofcourse, is also an very informative site, but BlenderGuru still rocks too!!

    By the way, this is purely my own opinion, I’m confident that Andrew knows how to steer this site in the right direction.


  • Asri

    @Ae U re right Ae,i dont knw how andrew manage his time..,myb he now focus at his coming dvd,

  • AE

    To everyone that wants tutorials, go to It comes out with tutorials every couple of days and still manages to do some interviews and other things. It is run mainly by two artists and almost everything is free, but some is not.

    I had faith that this website would eventually become better than Blendercookie, but I guess not. Sorry, Andrew, but some of us would rather have tutorials than interviews, and this will be the other option.

    Andrew, don’t get me wrong. I used to love this website and I now that I’ll love it again if it goes back to what it used to be.

    Until then, USE BLENDERCOOKIE!!!!!!!!!


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  • Serpent36

    It’s not like someone stays interested in something forever… I mean, don’t you get tired of something and get interested in something else for a while, then get interested again in that thing?
    But I too would like more tutorials, I really enjoyed the other ones.

  • Dave

    Everybody needs a break, just moved back home away from his girl you know.

    I do think it would have been a better move for his site to wait until he had help with the tutorials though… with all the winers and all.

    Keep up the good work, and, oh ya, Sintel rocks!

    Almost forgot what this topic was about.

  • Ryley Swan

    i loved the movie. was very sad but just an amazing story of friendship.

  • nathan

    just a random suggestion.. when you cut out a head and put them on a black background it would be a good idea to feather your selection a bit to get rid of the white halo :) (for the banner image)

  • Addae

    @Milad Thaha

    That was not your point! I can read an old comment you know.

    Anyway, if you have not gotten the picture, what I am saying is to not say some thing you will not commit to.

  • SomeGuy

    @nazarethbleedz check out digitalstormonline that’s where I got mine. I used to put my own rig together, but now I just pay a few hundred bux extra and let the pros do it.

  • nazarethbleedz

    andrew i really appreciate the effort u put into all the tuts, i asked a question about how u put the comp together, i wanna know as am budgeting for a comp for blender please let me know if there is a service u used to order or u ordered and assemled thm urself……………….nazarethbleedz

  • MartianR


    Personally, I think you have struck a really nice balance in keeping the site feeling fresh, and having a few surprises to come back to, with great tutorials and other interesting angles on the 3d world, all of which are highly useful in their individual way.

    You seem to be enjoying yourself too, which comes across in the content.

    Keep on trucking and don’t worry about the dependent types :))

  • 5araon

    Great, thank you, Andrew, for your work and interesting materials!

    Well, I also feel some hunger for new tutorials, BUT! How can we claim for more tutorials? Do we pay for this? Only a sponger can claim for something he didn’t pay/work for. Andrew has all the rights to try this experiment. It may be successful or not, but he may do this.

    I find the “Focused Critique” segment very useful and interesting, as well as the “Guest Tutorials”. But I’m still looking forward to seeing some new tutors from you, Andrew, as you’re the real master of blender =)

    Also, It seems to me, that it becomes a bit hard to keep everything up, maybe it’s time to think about someone who will help? =)

    And, sorry for my poor English =S =)

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  • Milad Thaha

    Hmm, seems like you haven’t got my point. Dude, even Andrew is a human, he has his own life to look at, so he must be busy with something else that might be very well more important than Blender. Sorry to say this, but you’re being a little too demanding and pompous. I’m not being rude.

  • Geoff Borchers

    Hey Andrew, I’m sure it’s not just me that loves cool interviews like this, but I’m also sure it’s not just me that hungers for more modeling tutorials. I’m just sayin’…

  • dusski

    Great movie, was nerve bracking to make i suppose
    My toughts on the movie:
    it’s a little boring actually
    all that fuzz for only 14 minutes :)
    i expected a lot than i got
    i tought it would be at least an hour longer :)
    but no
    Anyway glad to use blender, hope get’s better so it can be used more in the film industry for movies like “Up” and others

  • Addae

    @Milad Thaha

    I am a skilled blender user and i refer people to this site. But that is now going to stop. Blender guru was an all tutorial site.

    So people who came here because of that make up most of his crowd.

    If you are saying you want all of us to go, then so be it.

    I am not saying do not add the interviews, but you should also put up some more tutorials.

    Interviews are nice, but even better are tutorials.

    I know this is how everybody is feeling but is just not saying it.

    Whatever, im done arguing. Say what you will. All i am saying is that he will loose his audience soon. That is all

  • Gez

    Nice interview, and very interesting information.
    Knowing a little bit more about the internals makes me respect more the effort and the outcome of the project.
    Congratulations to Colin and the team!

  • Fan,

    Huh..,the crowds need tutorial..,hv or not it’s up to u bcoz u create them,i think info like this just for fan,not for blender user like me,really cant make blender user like us better in blender,the best thing is do something new,annaunce at website..,n try configure how to make project faster, easier n still hv a great render,then make a tutorial..,but hv or not it’s up to u,u are king in blender guru..hehe, :) sorry for my bad english..

  • Andrew Price

    It seems to be working from my end. Perhaps try again? :S

  • Ben Anderson

    Thank you very much Andrew Price for this interview, I found it very inspiring and interesting to listen to :).

  • Milad Thaha

    Personally, I don’t like a ‘Tutorials’ only site. This kind of a site is more interesting for me, giving us quality reading regarding our favourite software. Its free too- you’ve nothing to lose but gain. If you don’t like it, I suggest you don’t come here.

    I’m not being rude, I’m saddened to see some people’s reactions over here. Andrew takes a lot of effort to put things together, and you blame him? Please try doing the same for a long time, then talk.

    @Andrew- The downloadable mp3 file link is not working; I’m at my office, and I can’t listen to it here. Could you please look into it?

  • Milad Thaha

    Lovely, downloading right now; Thank you Andrew!

  • Frinka

    I had Shingles in my early 30s so you’re not alone! If you had the Chicken Pox at some point your are prone to getting Shingles.

  • Billy Ralston

    I wish that many of the people who just watch the movie on You Tube could listen to an interview like this. They make a lot of comments, but don’t understand the time and hard work it takes to realize a project like this. When you start working with Blender (or any other animation software) and start trying to design 3d objects, add textures, rigging, getting the lighting and camera action down, and then animating and editing, well it comes down to a whole lot of work.

  • MiikaH


    Not everyone follows Blenderguru for tutorials. I don’t really care for those. Instead I really like those discussion “episodes”, focused critique and now these great interviews. So in my point of view this is getting better not worse. :)

  • Addae

    @The Fatansacker

    You must not want to get better with blender and keep on reading the success of others. You could be in their position with a little guidance from the self-proclaimed ‘blenderguru.’

    Look at it like this, there is a man who can reverse death.(awesome right?)

    That man puts up tutorials on how to do that(also awesome!).

    He begins to draw a crowd and becomes well known.

    He says that he will teach the crowd everyday.

    Then he says every week.Then he says every month.

    Then he says that all of the tutorials will not be ‘tutorials.’

    Then he starts showing the crowd his workspace but not enriching them in science/showing tutorials. (That’s alright i guess.)

    Then he shows a discussion between two experts in science, and releases no further tutorials.

    *Mind you, the audience needs to find this out monthly!! That’s a long time!!*

    Then he shows another discussion!*

    It has been three months without a tutorial, then this man dies. (Harsh right?)

    The people, in essence followed him for nothing. His life could have been reversed but since nobody knew how to help him, he stayed dead. This man had a talent and used it the wrong way.

    So you are telling me, you would be okay with this?
    Cause i know I’m not.

  • chuck norris

    @ Stephen

    You have changed your behaviour in 3,12 seconds ! between a comment and other one.
    Wow factor !

  • blendercomp

    Very Interesting interview!

  • Stephen

    @Andrew price. Still can’t see my original post, but I was a bit hasty with my “bye bye blender guru comment”. I’m sure it’s some sort of technical issue and you’re not trying to censor my opinion.

    My apologies for my rash reaction and kudos for running such a great site.

  • Andrew Price

    My apologies! Somehow your comment was caught by the spam filter (not sure why).

    It’s now posted :)


    @Andrew : a big thank you for making interviews as well as your excellents tutorials. I find interest in both.

    I don’t understand the behavior of some people here. I’m quite sure that most of people ranting here continue to buy their daily newspaper even if there are bad news inside and things that they don’t like.

    Your information source is free and I have never found bad news here, and though they rant…

    just do’nt take care and keep on the good work you are used to do !

    Thank you Andrew !o)

  • RNs

    Colin Levy, is a rising film director now, wish him the best!
    Colin don’t get caught up with the Hollywood evils, stay true to the art form with blender.

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  • Felix

    Damn it! I want to listen to the interview but I won’t watch Sintel until I have my DVD! :-((

  • stephen thomas

    Was just giving some constructive criticism and you decided to not publish/delete my post? Bye bye blender guru…

  • Oyewumi Abayomi

    Twenty years, wow, that was a long time, it would have been more interesting if she has been revealed aged at before reaching the fight with scales.

    I think this teach us more of movie making and those tiny things that matter most if our story would really be passed out.

    Great job

  • Oyewumi Abayomi

    I agree with Colin Levy on the hayena attack thing and i love the idea of her aging.
    I think alot will grab that that she aged alittle cause the dragon cannot just grow up over period of days which was what her journey looked like.

    Also in her story of meeting Scales she would have been younger.

    All in all great job for the Sintel Team

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  • Gavin Mey

    I’m a beginner at this and really appreciate your tutorials and great advice about Blender. You really are a master at what you do and you keep me and other Blender users very inspired to do what you can do. PLEASE keep up the good work!

  • Taylor

    You’ll never please everyone but the effort you put into teaching and informing about Blender and everything related is very much appreciated from this subscriber!

  • Webhawk

    Fantastic interview! In addition to your outstanding teaching skills on your tuts, you have shown yourself to be equally adept at interviewing people. If all the naysayers would quit whining long enough to actually listen to what Colin had to say, they might have gained insights into Blender that are at least as useful as any tutorial. Thanks again for your dedication to the Blender community.

  • Brad Cathey

    Thanks Andrew for posting the interviews.