Focused Critique – Episode 13

Focused critique is the segment where I review artworks, and suggest ways they could be improved. It is aimed at helping serious artists who want to improve their skills by discovering the weak points in their artwork.

All the artworks are submitted with consent by the original artist.

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This will be the last episode of Focus Critique. I’ve decided to put the series to rest as I’ve found the general idea to be overly negative and also fairly repetitive. Much of what I say in each episode was previously stated in the episode before it. So if you want more tips on improving your artwork, there is around 10 hours of episodes that you can still watch ;)

Thank you to everyone that has stuck through the series. I hope it’s been helpful!

From now on, if you want critique on your artwork, please submit it to the BlenderArtist Focused Critique forum.

Featured Artwork in this Episode

I hope you enjoyed the final episode of Focused Critique. Remember to go to the Focused Critique forum for further help.

About Andrew Price

User of Blender for 9+ years. I've written tutorials for 3d World Magazine and spoken at three Blender conferences. My goal is to help artists get employed in the industry by making training accessible and easy to understand. I'm an Aussie and I live in South Korea ;)
  • Nathanael

    (NOT to shut it down!)

  • Nathanael

    Every on tell him to shut it down!!!!!!!!

  • Nathanael


  • Nathanael


  • Nathanael


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  • Nathanael


  • Nischal

    hey andrew can i leave my artwork hear as well

  • be2inas

    Andrew, You are right about repetition thing. But critiquing in a forum is not the same. Your idea of drawing and pointing to problematic areas gives an instant perception (you dont have to read then go look at the picture etc.). You are a good presenter,I gues thats why your blog is so popular. I propose to develop the idea in some other direction, but not close it.
    For starters maybe split single huge video into per-work parts. That way your readers could also comment those works.
    Or even make some snazzy javascript or flash painting board and let users draw on it and comment.

  • adam

    Duuuuuuuuuuuuuude!!! Say it ain’t so Andrew. I know doing this has to take a lot of time out of you, but that’s one of my favorite things about your site are your critiques. I like hearing you critique peoples work, it cracks me up. You’re totally hilarious and help people at the same time, and I really really hate to see this segment go.

    I wish I could have sent in more than I did before it was over.

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  • anarchymedes

    Hi Andrew, how about making the focused critique more personal, or personalised, instead of stopping it altogether? What I mean is, each episode should have a logon issued only to those whose work is being critiqued and, maybe, those who have submitted their works but did not get chosen, now or in the past. That way, the ‘negative’ element you mentioned might be mitigated by the fact that those who don’t want it will not hear it (while those who have volunteered, so to speak, will still get what they want). A bit like Nature Academy membership, but free (or not, your call) and for the determined artists who are willing to suffer ( :-) ) in order to get at the competitive, professional level in the industry.
    Personally, I’ve had, as you yourself said it, a love-hate relationship with your focused critique series: I have watched them all, I’ve learned a lot from it, and I’m very, very glad it was not my work that got critiqued. No offense, I hope. :-)

  • Andrew Price Jr

    aw dad i never got to post my pictures… o well

  • Mitch Schenk

    what was the video called, the hospital animation

  • Andi Drajan

    Great final episode. I learned a lot from the focused critique series. Really appreciated your honest comments – sometimes negative, but always constructive. Thanks for the series!

  • Dave

    Most people have seen the sun before xD.
    Except from the blenderusers which spend days for their creation and try to understand blender.

  • JamesNoff

    Well, I’ll be sad so see it leave, but I understand why you’re stopping. Is there any way we could see a before and after video?

  • john g

    how do i post my own images for focused critique?

  • Tristan

    I have never found your critiques to be negative. I have learned a lot from the ones that you have posted so I thank you for all the work you put into this series.

    There is always another place to have are artwork critiqued but it is harder to find a place that critiques it with an Australian accent…

  • Kaspian Jakobsson

    Hey Andrew! Great episode, you missed to link Josh’s secound image through, the one with the wiskey. Great episode otherwise.

  • Peter

    You have a nice touch, Andrew, when giving criticism.
    You aren’t afraid to say what’s wrong with a piece, but you are always encouraging as well.
    Pity to see it finish, but I understand why you might like a change from giving negative comments.

  • Brad Lavins

    Hate to see the series go but I certainly understand. I wouldn’t enjoy it too much either.

  • Nate Sullivan

    It does seem that the submissions have gotten better though. I think a great final episode would be how you critique your own work. In the real world it’s you and your clients – and you have to be able to be self critical without getting to down. Enjoyed the episodes that I did get a chance to watch though.

  • Sam

    Great final episode. Been incredibly useful after the ten hours; learned a lot.

    The Focused Critique forum is going to finally get some attention ;)