About Andrew Price

User of Blender for 9+ years. I've written tutorials for 3d World Magazine and spoken at three Blender conferences. My goal is to help artists get employed in the industry by making training accessible and easy to understand. I'm an Aussie and I live in South Korea ;)
  • Shelly Slader

    I have seen a bunch of neon signs in Calgary and I love them! Though, this looks too complicated for me to do. Maybe my husband can figure it out!

  • Boris Jackson

    Hi Guy, your tutorial seems to be “whaou” but, in the version

    2.66 of Blender, i can’t find this :

    “Add a Bezier Curve to the first layer, and make the Bev Object “Curve Circle””

    So i can’t do the rest of the tutorial…

    Please help me

    And i apologize for my bad english, i’m french :/

  • leland

    crazy!! looks like a %100 real neon sign

  • guimz

    Hi… great tutorial. Can you upgrade it to Blender 2.64?

    • Matthew Lebl

      Same procedure. Just use emitter shaders (I think)

  • Sahib

    Hey Can u make a tutorial on plane PLZ :)

  • Arpan

    HI Andrew,

    Always have been a fan of ur tutorials :) Id appreciate it if you could make a similar tutorial for Cycles under the new version of Blender too… :)

    Thanks! :)

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  • Jake

    Thank you, that gave me the idea for an intro on youtube!

  • ChrisD

    I want to add a flicker effect using the f-curve noise modifier, however the above tutorial totally messes up the random noise effect. Is there any way of having the lamps flicker and then follow this tutorial? Or alternatively is there any other alternative method of adding a flicker?

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  • fer basbas

    did this before in 2.4x. got lost in doing this in 2.5x though, couldn’t find the dupliframes part, though. where did those buttons go? thanx for this and other great tuts. :)

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  • mona6662

    Hi, plese iskise me for english but i am not very well.
    were i can get this bacground

  • Skarzych

    I’ve got 2.56 beta release. I can’t make the neons emit light ;( Where can I find ‘curve path’ for the curve? I’ve got only folow, stretch, bounds clamp, radius, offset children.
    I turned on one by one to check if some of it would work. ;(
    Please HELP !

  • tolo

    this is great, I like it. .
    waiting for the next awesome tutorial. .

  • André

    André Hey could you do this tutorial for the blender 2:56?

  • One who is concerned

    Every time i try to create the lamps, the rings always show up. Please help. Thanks
    And remember……….Blender’s epic

  • Andre

    Can you make a remake of this tutorial in Blender 2.5?

  • ((blaster master))

    thanks for the info : ) * *
    *** ***
    ** **

  • classics

    How on earth did you create that by hand? :o
    Is there an easier / faster way to create it?
    ( I did read the first comment, but that’s pretty much chinese to me :p )

  • http://bullshit.com WOWLAG

    DUDE, nice tut, but umm. I have a pretty decent computer and is it suppose to lag to hell when rendering it?

    Because if I attempted to make a game with simular graphics would it lag to hell on me?
    (my comp plays WoW on fair graphics without lag at all, and good graphics with the odd flicker now and then)

    • cajhne

      It’s lagging so badly because of the quantity of lights. Reduce number of lights, and you can reduce your render time dramatically.

  • Joshaki

    cant i not just type in a text and make it glow just like this? is that possable? I would realy like to know that

  • bob

    could u do the lamp data first then dupe a lot of ‘em then change the settings

  • rafly

    this is great, I like it. .
    waiting for the next awesome tutorial. .

  • Justin

    When I rendered the image (F12) the sign i made appears to be laying on its back

  • Shaeope

    Select the circle then M . :D

    Go to your new file and then File->Append. Find your old Blender file and find the composite part of it.. idk if that’s the right way.

  • Dylan

    Can you make a tutorial, or how could i make it to where the letters come up at different times? Like as in when you turn a neon sign on and it it makes the buzzing noise and some letters come on at different times.

  • gary

    how do you import composite nodes from an other .blend file

  • jack

    how to move the circle to last layer

  • Dylan

    Did you use 2.5 for this?

  • Ionescu

    How could one convert a text to a poly mesh???

  • jxdot567

    well, where do i find the “curve and surface” menu for the 2.54 beta release?

  • Frozen Core

    Space>Add>Curve>Bezier Curve.

  • Inês

    how can i do a “Bezier Curve” ?
    thank you :)