Photorealism Competition Results

The Photorealism Competition was one of the biggest competitions ever, with 270 entries.

I know I say this a lot, but the quality of entries this time round was incredible. Every artist strived for photorealism and quite a few people pulled it off!

All Entries


Although these entries didn’t win, they came mighty close and as such deserve a mention:

Created by Julioras

Created by Julioras

A beautiful outdoor architectural render! The soft lighting and integration with the surrounding nature is great. It’s not quite photorealistic but it’s definitely close. Well done Julioras!

Created by Jay-artist

Created by Jay-artist

A brilliant shot of a classic diner. The top right hand corner is almost completely photorealistic. The burger is probably the biggest throwoff, but it’s still a very decent image. To anyone who doesn’t get the movie reference, view it in fullsize and see if you can get it ;)

Created by Mr.Lasla

Created by Mr.Lasla

Chilling! Choosing a closeup of a human face is a brave move, and one that requires an incredible amount of skill to do well. So I give you massive props for pulling this off as well as you did. There are a couple of areas that break the photorealism (the eyes and minor texture stretching in various places) but other than that it’s a brilliant image. Well done Mr.Lasla!

Created by Jonathan L

Created by Jonathan L

Whoaaaa! Clearly some serious effort went into this. Nature is somewhat of my forte, so I can say with confidence that this scene would not have been easy to pull off. Vast open scenes with multiple elements like grass, flowers, trees and more importantly the forest in the background, are very hard to achieve. Not only that but the shack is amazing too. Even as a standalone model it would be incredible, but complimenting it with the surrounding nature makes it even more impressive. You’ve integrated everything together beautifully Jonathan. You came very, very close to winning.

Created by Bruno Borgiani

Created by Bruno Borgiani

You can’t go wrong with a solid interior render. I like that you made the space actually appear to be lived in. From the plant in the corner, to the open cupboards and food on the cutting board, it looks like a house that a real person set up. My favourite element is the chillies/peppers hanging in the alcove, they’re completely photorealistic. Clearly a lot of work went into this.

Created by keeek

Created by keeek

A brilliant closeup of caterpillar. The depth of field (although slightly overpowering) helps add realism to the scale of the scene and the lighting and texturing are superb. Great job keeek!

Created by Marek_H

Created by Marek_H

As someone who lives amongst hundreds of these things (Korean based expat here) I can confirm that this looks very realistic ;) It’s a simple enough concept (if you’ll excuse the downplay) but it’s pulled off very well. The brilliant lighting match and the subtle texture on the walls make this more realistic than others. Excellent attention to detail!

Created by dailerob

Created by dailerob

Stunning! Whilst this isn’t quite as photorealistic as the other finalists here, it’s definitely one of the more difficult scenes to render, so for that reason it deserves a big mention. Not only did you a render a clothed human character in the foreground (does that sound weird?), but you also rendered a full CG nature backdrop. I know first hand just how hard that type of scene is. So for these reasons I give you a massive blender kudos! Truly great work dailerob.

Created by Mumbay

Created by Mumbay

Annnnnd the grossest scene award goes to… Mumbay! :P Whilst this certainly isn’t the most appealing of scenes it’s definitely up there in terms of realism. The paper holder, wall, basin and soap dispenser are all brilliantly textured and give this a very real truckstop-bathroom feeling. Fantastic work.


Created by Major4z

Created by Major4z

The undisputed winner! Like a lot of people, I didn’t believe it was cg when I first saw it. “No way. He cheated somehow. Probably camera mapping at least.” But after seeing the wireframes my jaw literally dropped. What you’ve done in this entry is truly mind boggling. You’ve reached a level of realism that I don’t think any other Blender artist has ever achieved. I feel like the blender community has just stepped onto new ground and it’s all thanks to you!

A massive congratulations Major4z! You’ve won Digital Lighting and Rendering [2nd Edition], $500 donated to a charity of your choice and a permanent spot in the Winners Hall of Fame!

A big thank you to everyone who participated in this competition! There were some truly high quality images submitted, so if you didn’t get a mention don’t feel bad! The bar was set ridiculously high ;)

If you’d like feedback on your image, post your name in the comments below and ask the community for feedback. I’m sure they’d be happy to give it.

Got an idea for the theme of the next competition? Post it in the comments below.


About Andrew Price

User of Blender for 9+ years. I've written tutorials for 3d World Magazine and spoken at three Blender conferences. My goal is to help artists get employed in the industry by making training accessible and easy to understand. I'm an Aussie and I live in South Korea ;)
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  • joshycage

    This looks similar like a bridge in an old picture from when i was a kid, reminded me of that when i saw it. Oregon?

  • zak

    @disqus_zzG71ieser:disqus he used needles because they are instantly recognizable and give some variance in shade to the entire scene. Leaves would make the picture overwhelmingly green or cluttered.

  • jjdot

    the winner cg is cool, but i noticed there are pine needles spread over the ground while the trunks sugest leaves trees, awesome anyway

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  • Kevin

    Wow, the winner has his picture on Blender 2.65 start up. Congratulations!

  • web design india

    Very nice images, especially winner. Good job.

  • Whatever man

    First great job everybody. And the winner. AWSOME! Makes me wanna kill myself, I feel like such a looser when I look at all your images

  • RhinoFlip

    Next competition should be sculpting. Main theme of next competition ‘How you would Marcos Mazoldi look like’.
    Ha ha ha!

  • Chris

    should put link to winners contact info to hire for freelance.

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  • vllano

    Town/City for the next competition

  • andres ocaña

    Thank god this bog is still on line. I saw the results today and WOW, i never before have been passed so much time seeing images from a web, but this is really special, thank you andrew for allow us to be part of this, my cousin and me learned a lot from all the talent submmited to the competition. We send you from Colombia the best wishes an a big fortune to you and all your team. One last thing, thanks for the recomendation you posted for to do a good portfolio. Cheers… Andres y haritold ocaña

  • Sbro

    Beautiful vibrant colors, excellent modeling, great shadows, even added depth of field blur. Excellent!

  • anonymous

    the theme should be nature, but I will not compete

  • Jacob. E.

    I think the next competition should be to create an alien planet. (an outdoor scene) That could consist of aliens, robots, anything that you’d expect to find when you land on an alien planet… (If you can’t tell, I really like sci-fi!!)

  • Jacob. E.

    I think the next competition should be to create an alien planet. (an outdoor scene) That could consist of aliens, robots, anything that you’d expect to find when you land on an alien planet…

  • AndyCalauor

    Great Works Everyone!

  • Andrew Mugisha

    Indeed the winner was undisputed. Yes, I have an idea about the next competition. How about ‘Futuristic Architecture’. Reason is Blender has so far been used to show a lot of stuff but when it comes to architecture, it seems to always pose a big question as to how wild one can go with the tools at creating something ‘out of this world’. So let’s give it a go and perhaps this time the winner should make a tutorial on how they did it. Cheers Andrew for the great work done here.

  • KidzCount2

    I’ve got two ideas:

    1. It could be an ad competition. You have to make the most appealing and persuasive ad on anything you want.
    2. It’s sorta like the first idea, but, this time it could be a movie poster. You would have to make a poster (for example:
    for a movie and criteria would be persuasiveness and story telling(and of course good characters) which would make you want to see the movie.

  • Diabolix17

    Whoa that tree itself is absolutely stunning, but the rest of the scene makes it – as you said – mind-boggling. I wouldn’t have thought that THAT many people participated….

  • Cameron Milne

    Congratz to the winner, well deserved!

    How about a historical themed competition, like a representation of your favorite historical era!

  • Timothy

    Uhhh, did anybody else notice “soup dispenser” in the grossest blend?

    • me


  • Michael Bernetem

    “Cars And Other Vehicles” is a good
    Theme, i want to see how some cars like a lamborghini
    can be rendered with Cycles

  • Jam

    Sometimes it’s unbelievable how far can Blender go. Really outstanding work.

    As for next competition, I was thinking of space scenery.
    Or, if Andrew is more bold, there could be a short film competition.

  • David Ferreira

    I’d appreciate any feedback on my Ancient Fields entry… The grass is the very first model I’ve ever made in Blender, so any tips would be great :)

    Congrats to all the winners! These images are AMAZING! Especially the winner…

  • neondrop

    You all arguing about art here have obviously forgotten that this contest was about PHOTOREALISM. And whilst I may not have “50 years old and 25 years of teaching art at two prestigious Italian universities”, I can tell that Major4z’s image is the most realistic among these. I really didn’t believe something like that was possible in pure Blender. So congratz to you! (But what I cannot understand is why that Violin of Jose.J. is not among the finalists. I would have taken it over the one of dailerob. He surely has put some effort into it, but well, as an objective judge, the realism.. But it’s easy for me to talk, I don’t have to make these decisions :P)

  • snowman

    here’s an idea for the next contest. how about create a prototype/concept idea. i think you will see a lot of cool ideas

  • Jeremy Gold

    Wow – What fantastic, inspiring work! Well done everyone!

    For the next competition, how about Compositing CG objects into photographs?

  • Ristridyn

    Dear Mr. Malzoldi,
    I would like to start with a quote: “I have 50 years old and 25 years of teaching art at two prestigious Italian universities”.
    off-course I could start by saying you should have said: “I AM 50 years old and HAVE 25 years of teaching-EXPERIENCE at two prestigious Italian universities, but only a child would do that…. But this also makes me doubt you are being honest about your identity because an 50 year old art teacher would know how to introduce himself in English. But that is not the main reason I have my doubts about who you are. The main reason can be found in this quote: “I do not belong to any social network and I’ve stayed away from any connection to the internet”. How easy for an impostor to say that to cover up the fact that when you google his name nothing comes up except Blenderguru threads.
    If you really were a respected person who had [quote] “given over 50 seminars around the world and HAD been a jury ON about 20 real artistic contests” your name would have shown up on the internet if only on the websites of the universities you teach, the Facebook account of one of your students, in a list of jurors or the website from one of the hosts of one of your seminars because even if you do shy away from the internet the art-industry certainly does not.
    But I widened my search using multiple different engines, websites and contacts searching for websites in any language, hosted in any country yeah I have even specified my search to Italian websites from government institutions (that includes universities).
    Your name is no-where to be found.

    I believe in the freedom of speech, and I think your opinion has the right be be posted regardless of the fact that you use your real age, name or country of birth. But then please also have the decency to read my opinion of these contests.

    I’m Max Berends (Yes this name pops-up when you google it) and you can find my work scattered across the world-wide-web under the name ‘Ristridyn’, I’m a 17 year old Child that has participated in multiple of Andrew Price’s contests and followed “The Nature Academy”on it’s first and second launch. I am still in high-school as I believe most participants are. This means I haven’t yet started at university and I have a lot to learn about CG-graphics. That is why Blenderguru is such a great site for me, because it enables people like me to learn and explore at our own speed. The monthly contests are an awesome part of Andrews website not because he claims it to be of extreme high standard or because the prices are huge. These contests are great because they give people the chance to work with a theme and compete against each other and THEMSELVES to create the best piece they can make and LEARN in the process.

    I found the nature academy worth every penny (and that wasn’t $2000) and even though I would find it an huge improvement to the contests if the jury would maybe include a guest-juror from Blendercookie or cg-artist or someone else from the CG-world. I can live with Andrew as one-man-jury, the price-money goes to charity so does it really matter who wins?

    Andrew isn’t perfect for he too is only human, but what he does as an 20 year old MAN is something that should be respected and admired.

    and I would advice Andrew to check the source-code of your comment for he as administrator should be able to access your IP-adress and see were you send it from, something tells me it will not be from the study of an Italian University, I put my money one somewhere in South-America, probably the same IP that one of the losing entries was send from.

    A good day to you Marcos Mazoldi,
    And a even better day to Andrew Price.

  • Russ

    Just gotta say, the mountain lion by Nitz is absolutely incredible. Nicely done. This was at the top of my list.

  • TnTFrank

    Marcos Mazoldi, are you sure you are a fifty year old Italian? I’m over fifty and have traveled Italy more times than I could count. You seem neither fifty or Italian to me. I sincerely regret that anyone might think your self righteous rudeness is typical of the friendly and polite Italian nation I have visited. All you have reaffirmed is that more than anything else, people can be ugly.

  • themnax

    i never get around to entering these things because i always think everyone is going to be so way better then i am. but now that i look at these, well 2/3rds of them are, but at least a third of them, of their entries anyway, really aren’t. i probably would have picked different ones for some of the finalists too. but of course that’s to be expected, as we all see things a little differently from each other.

  • SanketN8

    congrats to the winner,he deserved it
    and the next competition i would suggest could be “THE FUTURE WORLD”

  • Cugino

    Thank you Andrew, I really loved this competition, I’m not disappointed that my image didn’t appear between the finalists (although I hoped so :) but I think I made a great work motivated by this competition!!

  • Elia

    The reference was Pulp Fiction, right?

  • Alexandre

    Una de las imagenes que mas me impacto fue el rostro de Mr.lasla. Seria interesante poder ver el .blend del ganador y el del rostro para poder creer que de verdad son imagenes creadas en blender.

  • Stealth Hawk

    If all of these people were to submit there images to the gallery, at LEAST 70 of them would be accepted. Astounding. Great work everyone.

  • Ian Cameron

    What I’m about to write is not criticism of the Nature Academy course, a great product that can be accessed through this site. It’s the judge’s, in my opinion, clear bias towards the nature genre that resulted in his picking this competition’s winner.

    The winner, not bad work but a winner?

    The judge’s bias is clear in the comments attached to Dailerob’s entry. Andrew gives Dailerob kudos for an embarrassingly half done mountain scene. Come on, seriously, kudos for that! You’re just encouraging sub mediocrity there Andrew.

    As for Major4z entry. Quite good but it looks like Major4z may have taken a course of the, “Nature academy”, the online course offered by Andrew through this website and just rejigged some of the elements to come up with the, “winning”, entry. Plus the subject material…over done, naff, twee, boring.

    Truck stop toilet exceeds the winner’s effort by streets for an original idea, less than obvious subject matter and fantastic execution.

    As for Mr Lasla’s, entry, “Ominous face”, as I’ve titled it, not the winner? The energy of the whole thing, amazing. It is an image that if it was on a movie poster, would compel you to handing over your hard earned to go see the movie behind the face. It creates a strong emotional response.

    In closing. if anyone out there wants to argue against my comments, go right ahead but compare the winner to the other entries and why it’s deserving winner and please, please refrain from the pathetically lazy argument of challenging me to do better, in the mistaken belief that only those who can do better have the right to criticise other’s work.

    I do not need to be a master artist to know Picasso is good and Jackson Pollock ruined perfectly good canvas. I do not need to be a Chef to know if I’ve been served up an excellent meal. I can have a house build and never have picked up a saw or hammer in my life but still know if the trades people did a good job or not. Get it.


    Ian Cameron

    • Johnnycbr

      Ian’s got issues… Great job EVERYONE!!

      • Dr. Caballo

        Nope, he’s not, he has a very valid point there, even though I agree with Andrew Price winner choice.

    • major4z

      Don’t be a smart alec. I respect some of your opinion, but I really dont like the way youre making presumptions about me.

    • tinonetic

      Even if Andrew has bias to nature.. reactions dont lie. If you had been watching the entries being submitted through the community, you will know the reaction people had when they first saw major4z submission. No one believed to the point of taking offense…that his image was Blender-generated only to fall off their chairs when they saw proof that the image was actually not a photograph….then people started doing the traditional artist scrutiny, picking flaws and all. But most of us were fooled to think we had been fooled.

      That reaction tells you alot.

      IMHO, he deserved being the winner…nature or not, bias or not.

    • Ronikos

      Dude, the entries were amazing, and I think everyone agrees. Well done to all!

    • http://Italy Marcos Mazoldi

      Dear Mr Ian, I totally agreed with you. My name is Marcos Sebastian Mazoldi, I have 50 years old and 25 years of teaching art at two prestigious Italian universities, have given over 50 seminars around the world and have been a jury of about 20 real artistic contests, I say this only to put into context who is writing to you. And I ask you to share this message with so many people as you can, I do not belong to any social network and I’ve stayed away from any connection to the internet, so I trust you can spread this message for us. In resume: a dear English friend, who participated in the competition, asked me the immense favor to give an opinion on it, and next to one of my best digital art students, we spent an a entire day reviewing the work. We play to be jurors and chose three works made in Cycles, and with great surprise we found five pieces made with the standard rendering motor of the software, which exceeded in value to other works. I tell you that was also a big surprise that three of the works made with the standard rendering came from Latin America. So, we chose the works which were more than just pretty pictures, which were veritable works of art, the works we choose were real art with human content, philosophical, conceptual and there’s one which even has political content. For some reason none of these works was the winner and none of them received some mention, why? Well, in every competition the first thing that really has to be evaluated is the ability of the jury, so the answer has a simple name: the jury, Andrew Price. Here comes the best part: you know who is Andrew Price? I had not ever heard of him, and well; quite rightly, this man is not a man! Is a child! A bambino! A 20 years old boy, without any professional experience in the field of arts, who calls himself just another blender’s enthusiastic. I waste five minutes reviewing its portfolio and of course, Andrew has the portfolio of a rookie, some pretty images, but technically medium images, and none of them has any content to be take it seriously. Now tell me Mr. Ian, How do you call to a competition launched by an inexperienced guy, who is at the same time the convener and the jury, and have the audacity to give a prize laughable with no sustenance for the winning artist, because believe me, I have been in charge of hundreds of exhibits and if any work came to me saying he’s in the hall of fame of Mr. Price, it could be the same that say he’s in the Hall of Fame in the tree house of his best friend. One more thing, I just found a course on 3D nature which costs about $ 2000, ask my students and one of them had it downloaded, we viewed the videos yesterday and is not worth a fifth of its cost, just basic modeling and tedious hours spent in the composition window that is what really the course is all about. Well, my sir, this actually makes bother anyone with common sense , but the underlying reality is this: Truly worth the bother for the decisions of a child? What is hilarious is just that: watching professional artists competing in a competition made by a child. Forgive me if I talk too loud or too ironic, but the Italians have a reputation for saying things openly and directly. Excuse me, likewise, the extent of this paragraph, but there are things that justify the delay, and this is one of them. I wish you good luck and please open your eyes; all of you are giving too much importance to a bambino! To a non-experience kid! My advice, get out of that place, buona fortuna a tutti voi

      • trickto

        I don’t know what you’re doing here if you want to be condescending to everybody involved here. Most of us are around 20, or “children” as you so arrogantly call us.

        Take your smug self out of here and host your own blender competition for charity like andrew has.

      • Ronikos

        Marcos, Blender Guru was made for people to learn, and these 20-year old “children” (as you so call them) are a majority of this site – Andrew is like an inspiration to me and probably quite a few others, and you have the audacity to march in here and criticize the entries? People have worked long and hard on these pictures, and should be very proud of them.

        And I am truly horrified to here you call Andrew a bambino, he has seven years of experience and makes presentation for Blender. So if you think you can walk into this website and condense everyone according to your experience without the community fighting back – then good luck to you.

        So I leave you with this, Mr Malzodi:
        All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.
        -Pablo Picasso

      • Verticies

        This is a Blender site and Andrew is highly respected in the Blender community. You are right to stay away from the Internet. Your comments are rude and uniformed.

        As for the finalist I wouldn’t agree with some of the choices but the winner was clear and it had nothing to do with the subject matter. I viewed them one at a time and this one stood out above the pack.

      • tinonetic

        Is art the primary subject of the contest or is it realism?

        The idea behind the contest is that you make something that approaches realism, the artistic value coming secondary. It certainly has to be observably beautiful, but the achievable realism (WITH BLENDER) is what its about, if I am not wrong.

        It also had nothing to do with age or where the entries were coming from. There are no boundaries and no distinctions of nationality or location. All are welcome as in any typical open society. Boundaries and location dont matter. As for mocking his age, that reflects alot about you as a veteran in arts and expectedly, a mature man.

        Ideally, ofcourse, a competion is nice if it has several minds to judge over it. To reduce bias or prevent mistaken judgement. But remember (correct me if i am wrong), this is a voluntary, one-man sponsored contest. It would be nice to have you create and judge over a Blender contest, though.

      • Bambino2

        Marcos, you have just done a huge disservice to Italians, “real” artists and old men.

        You come here and criticise Andrew and the talented artists because you disagree with the choice of winner? No doubt you wanted your “dear English friend” to win. And then you criticise Andrew for being young, the decision of winner because you don’t like the winning entry, someone else’s $2000 3D nature course, the Blender Guru Hall of Fame, and on and on you go puffing yourself up and trying to tear down the reputation of someone with far more credibility in this field than you will ever have.

        I agree with Verticies: better you stay away from the Internet, since you haven’t got the first clue about how to behave.

        By the way, in terms of credibility and standing in the art world, apparently Google has never heard of “Marcos Mazoldi” until you posted here, whereas Blender Guru and Andrew Price are in high standing in the Blender world, and beyond.

        • RandomUsername

          BTW, I think he means that Andrew’s nature course is worth $2000 (otherwise, he simply critisises some other course that i’ve never heard about, and saus it’s Andrew’s fault, and that would mean he’s not even trying to appear what he is (an italina art proffessor wouldn’t do THAT imo, only trolls do that), however it seems he still tryies to make is believe him), so dear marro, or whatever your name, if you ARE real, know that the Nature Academy lets youc create amazing nature, and is only worth around %250 (almost 10 times less than what you said). However, I’m sure WARNING is quite right ((the guy that says “don’t fed the trolls people”). It’s very wierd (and especially annoying now) that there’s no “report” or “flag as inapropriate” button (on a side-note, why cn’t you thumb people up/down or like/dislike?!)

      • JohnB

        @Marcos Mazoldi : Experience???

        couple of points..:
        1) Experience has nothing to do with age .it has everything to do with Exposure and hard “Smart” work.
        2) old age does not equate high level of experience.

        while I may agree with you that the judging process could have been more mature and refined , I do not see how your reference to Age & experience are being constructive…and you claim to be an educator??? do you educate or just seek pleasure in just kicking young people. and yes…you were young once…..were you absolutely useless and stupid when you were young????

      • Camilo Paez

        It’s really a shame, sorry guys for this but we share this pc with a lot of people and well, this Marcos Mazoldi isn’t in any way an art teacher, is just one of those freaky kids who don’t know a thing about respect, in fact his real name is quite different, and is just a psychology student (I better say a drug student). And well, the WARNING reply is right, please don’t feed back that message, he is really ‘laughing histerically’ of all this, I appreciate if Andrew delete the submit comment message, I take charge of this guy, and also sorry to reply so late but the managers of this saloon were working in other things and just yesterday realise of this… and other thing, the work of all you is really great, congratulation for the competition, have a nice day…

    • Andrew Price

      Seems like I’ve come late to this lively debate! :P

      Others have already stated a lot of what I was going to say, but I feel I should address the topic as well…

      Firstly, having only one judge for a competition is not ideal. If I’m not careful I CAN be biased towards entries that don’t necessarily fit within the theme, but that I like for one reason or another. It’s tough and sometimes I second guess myself. However I do my best to judge each competition as fairly as possible, by looking at all the entries one-by-one, then selecting my favourites and then narrowing down that list until I have the winner.

      But to be perfectly honest, this competition was by far the easiest to judge.

      In the announcement post ( I wrote:

      “Entries will be judged on the following criteria:
      -Photo realism

      No other entry in this competition was more complex or more realistic than Major4z’s entry.

      Nature IS incredibly difficult to create realistically, and I’m not just saying that from personal experience. If you browse through the CGSociety forums, it’s unlikely that you’ll find a more realistic nature scene by anyone, even by those using professional nature creation software like Vue or Terragen. That’s why I and many others were so blown away by this.

      If I didn’t award him the winning position I would be breaking my own guidelines.

      So some people may disagree with my choice, but that will happen with any competition. Eventually I just have to stick to my guns and do what’s right.

      Moving forward though, Blender Guru will (eventually) have a dedicated competition forum where the winner will be decided based on votes. However it will take many months to build the forum from the ground up, so until then the competitions will be judged by me and two blender artists that I’ve just hired.

      Once again, thank you to everyone who entered this competition.
      I’m humbled that so many of you entered :)

      Andrew Price

      • Marius

        Would everyone send in (or post) their entries and then on the day the entries close, voting opens (like the weekend challenges on BA) or would you be narrowing the total and then only have people voting for finalists or something along those lines?

        I’m asking, because if everyone can start voting as soon as the first entry is loaded (say a day or so in), earlier entries have an unfair advantage to gain more votes, while those spending more time doing quality stuff, would then suffer as a result.

      • Samuel

        “so until then the competitions will be judged by me and two blender artists that I’ve just hired.”

        So when are you going to show us the new “blender artists” ?? :)

        • Marius

          He doesn’t want to, because a lot of people wanted the position and he doesn’t want people, chewing them out, if you will. So if he chooses to and gets their blessing to do so, he will, otherwise I think it’s better they remain ‘secret’ so to speak.
          Not everyone has the self-control to say “I am happy for you two” and really mean it and there are some with even less self-control that would be like:
          “My portfolio was tons better than yours and you got the job, that’s not fair” etc., so for now I think it’s the wise choice on Andrew’s part.

        • Marius

          For now he doesn’t want to for their safety, as I understand from his twitter. So I think it is a good idea to at the very least, wait until everyone has settled from the disappointment of not getting the job, so they won’t freak out on the two new guys.
          You know how people can be when they think they should’ve gotten the job or think that their portfolio suited the requirements more (whether it’s true or not). They can get really vicious instead of congratulatory.

          For now, I agree that it’s best he not announce them. If he chooses, it could be a good idea to announce them with the next competition’s results (as they’d be judging also and people would like to know who does so).
          But it’s his and their choice.

        • Marius

          Sorry about the double post, it gave an internal server error so I had to rewrite it and turns out it went through the first time, lol.

  • roberto

    Why not?
    Creating and exploring a dungeon with the blender game engine.

  • amogh

    The next competition should be about inspiration.

  • Manicol

    wow! epic image of major4z, it was clearly the winner! very nice competiton entries, though I might say I’m quite disapointed for a couple of finalists.

    • major4z

      Dude, I would have put your couch render up as a finalist. That was one of the ones I expected to lose to the most :)

      • marcoG_ita

        I agree with Manicol, some disappointing finalists, but well deserved winner. There were superior images for finalists.

        Congrats again!

  • Nita

    Congratssss to winner and all for very very very good and awesome entries…

    • Stealth Hawk

      I was honestly surprised when your entry didn’t make the honorable mentions. It was extremely well done.

  • Ronikos

    Hey, great compition – I would appriciate it if someone would give me some feedback on my picture (of the piano) – thanks.

    • Marius

      Personally, it is just too perfect. Your edges are extremely crisp and there’s no smooth shading. I can see it was done on Cycles or you had a lamp with a low amount of samples (possibly also using Ambient occlusion on multiply). On a real piano the keys have rounded edges on the front; while yours has the beginnings of rounding, they may only consist of three edges forming something like this: >
      That is simply too sharp for this close-up of an image.
      The biggest crit is to start using smooth shading on your objects, like the piano front and the black keys, where you can almost count the faces.
      I really do like the image though. Your DOF gives it the scale it deserves and your lighting I like too. The modeling on the keys is very good and I’ve done them too on a previous project so I know they are harder than they look.
      In terms of detail, I would suggest adding the following:
      – The felt strip behind the keys (it’s usually red or green)
      – Sheet music (not structural, just decorative)
      – A piano maker logo (even if made up)
      – A space for the keys to actually press in, because currently they are on a flat face that’s lit.
      – Locking mechanism for the cover (looks like the camera’s position is around or just after middle C)
      – Some dirt and wear (a pro plays the piano and it shows in scratches and other fine detail you’d find on the case, surrounding the keys especially)

      I really do like the image you have made, but you have to remember (me too) that people who use the objects will also be looking at your work and will notice the above missing. Someone mentioned it in a post somewhere that we as CG artists forget one of the simplest things: nothing in the real world is like a technical sketch, there’s all kinds of attributes that show differences in subtle ways, that gives that realism touch. Though that also requires immense CPU power to pull off many times, so we just need to learn to do what we can with what we have.

      Great image though. You came closer to photo-real than I did, but I bit off more than I could chew, lol.
      Hope that inspires you and doesn’t tear you down. You did a fantastic job modeling it!

  • Ronikos

    I have to say, this competition really pulled me – this is the first project that I actually finished without someone else’s help. Thanks for hosting it, Andrew.


    Wow, congratulations to the winner, and all people involved in the competition ! There are gret works here !

    Andrew, about the awsome and dirty scene created by Mumbay, you wrote :

    “basin and soup dispenser are all brilliantly textured… ”

    I think you mean “soap dispenser “… I hope so, because I have no urge to eat soup in this “restaurant” !o)

    Best regards,


    • shane

      Great entries! I am really inspired.
      I had a laugh at Andrew’s comment, a soup dispenser would truly make that toilet scene even more gross. Well done to all!

    • RandomUsername


      I wondered about it a bit, but I didn’t really have mush desire to think about this too much… So I skipped it, and anyway I wanted to see the winner :)

  • Manu

    Post Apocalypse is a great theme

  • trickto

    the problem with that is that if we pick a winner that created content inferior to that of a more experienced entrant, we wouldn’t be showing the public the that blender can do. the stereotype that only newbies use blender would be empowered and blenders progress along side other 3d packages would be staggared since less users would want to make the switch to thus software because of what they would see in that kind of competition.

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