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Top 10 Tutorials from 2011

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Wow, what a year! We’ve seen some massive changes to blender in 2011, along with some massive tutorials right here :)

So to round up the year, here’s the Top 10 Tutorials from 2011:

10. How to Make a Realistic Asteroid

9. Create a Realistic Water Simulation

8. Create an Eye Catching Energy Drink Advertisement

7. Create Realistic Outdoor Lighting

6. Create a Flame Thrower

5. Smash an iPhone

4. Create a Realistic Earth

3. Introduction to Rigging

2. Introduction to Cycles

1. Create an Underground Subway Scene

Thanks for sticking around and making this year a blast!

I normally don’t share my new years resolution, but since you’re all here, let’s talk…

Blender Guru’s Goals for 2012

  • Cycles focused – More and more tutorials geared towards Cycles
  • New Product range – Textures, models etc.
  • New staff

What else should be on the list?

Here’s to new year of blender tutorials! ;)

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