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9 Videos from the 2010 Blender Conference

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Flying to the Blender conference is expensive! Flights, accomodation, entry fee. Gah! Not everyone who wanted to attend, could. The event organizers set up live broadcasting of the presentations, but unfortunately there weren’t any cameras in the smaller room… except mine :P

I made an effort to record as much of the workshop presentations as possible. Enjoy 9 exclusive videos below!

1. Ton Roosendaal – Keynote Presentation

2. Andy Goralczyk – Speed Modelling

3. Jonathan Williamson – Topology

4. Pablo Vazquez – Compositing in Sintel

5. Soenke Maeter – Lighting and Compositing in Sintel

6. Beorn Leonard, Lee Salvemini and Jeremy Davidson – Bringing Sintel to Life

7. Andy Goralczyk & David Revoy – Art Collaboration

8. Andrew Price – The Big Issues

9. Andrew Price – How to Raise Your Profile as an Artist

PLUS! See photos from the event:

What was your favourite part of the Blender conference? Will you be attending next year? Drop a comment below!

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