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23 simple, useful blender tutorials you may have missed

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Over the past few weeks, my inbox has been growing with requests for specific blender tutorials. I’ve met a lot of these requests, but unfortunately I can’t complete them all. So if I haven’t made the tutorial you requested, my apologies.

The good news however is that a lot of the tutorials that have been requested have already been made by other members of the community.

I’ve compiled this list of the most useful blender tutorials that I know of. I’ve gathered these from various sources including vimeo channels, twitter, forums, youtube and other insider sites that I know of.

I hope you can take something from it!

1. Creating a glow and falloff effect

2. Creating an atmospheric effect in Blender’s compositor

3. Animating a Pumpjack using Constraints

4. Destroying a Mesh With External Particles

5. Animating Cracks

6. Learning 3-point Lighting

7. Creating a studio backdrop

8. Adding extra detail with the Displacement Modifier

9. How to create masks in the compositor

10. Using the Array Modifier to create Spin Duplicates

11. Adding custom brush keystrokes

12. How to Download a Test Build

13. Lighting in Blender

14. Creating an eyeball

15. Using Mesh Lighting in Blender 2.5

16. Modeling a Palm Tree

17. Modeling a realtime stone

18. Creating a wooden barrel

19. Terrain sculpting

20. Texture Splattering

21. Setting up a blender spline

22. Creating texture maps of trees

23. How to use Angularmaps

Hopefully there’s something in there you can use! If you know of another blender tutorial that needs some love, post it in the comments and I’ll add it.

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