Ancient Civilization – Results

6 weeks ago I set the challenge of creating a scene based on the theme of Ancient Civilization, and a staggering 185 of you rose to the challenge!

I was really impressed the quality of the entries. To start with, here’s all 185 entries in random order:

All Entries

EDIT: Due to the hacking of BlenderArtists, some entries were originally missed. But the problem has been corrected now and all entries are included. Email if you still can’t see your entry. Cheers


These entries didn’t win, but they came close and deserve a mention:


Created by GustavN

Created by GustavN

Amazing storytelling! I spent a great deal of time staring at this image, and my eyes were always drawn back to the expression on that poor victim’s face. It’s a perfect freeze frame of a moment in time that you just never get to see. Congrats on making such a compelling image!


Jonathan L

Created by Jonathan L

This one reminds me a lot of Ice Age. I especially love the snow on the boots and the trees in the backdrop. It’s let down a little by the man’s face and the tiger, but those are both very hard to master. So a good attempt overall at an ambitious scene :)


Created by LeopoldCdeC

Created by LeopoldCdeC

Beautiful modelling and texturing! The work you’ve spent on the building clearly shows. From the modelling to the grungy textures, it looks perfect. IMO it’s just missing a few characters to breathe some life into the scene, making it feel less static. But otherwise well done!


Created by DerekG1080

Created by DerekG1080

I’m a sucker for nature themed scenes :) Compositionally this is fantastic. The trees perfectly frame the image, and the light on the castle in the backdrop draws your focus there. There’s some texture problems on the cliff and some of the nature in the foreground looks a little chaotic, but overall a very ambitious scene pulled off well.


Created by Nathan Wilkinson

Created by Nathan Wilkinson

Another brilliant entry Nathan! The modelling, texturing and detail is all there. The only thing letting this down is the lighting as it’s a bit dark , and perhaps a more expressive facial expression. But other than that great job. You can really feel the coldness of the scene through the image :)


Created by Shadosk

Created by Shadosk

A great wide open scene that does a great job of depicting life from time long past. I love the bold contrast in the lighting and the unique layers of architecture and nature throughout. The trees used in the foreground to balance the scene were a nice touch. Well done Shadosk!


Created by Tom

Created by Tom

I really like the dynamics of this image. You can really get a feel for the movement of the characters. The silhouette does a great job of leaving some mystery to the characters, whilst the rim lights avoid the all too common problem of black figures. My only beef with the image is that the background looks very out of focus, and so it’s hard to judge the scale of whatever is behind him. Other than that, great job Tom!


Created by jnagy

Created by jnagy

Although a very simple scene, you’ve presented an excellent case for the power of storytelling. Using shadows alone you’ve made the viewer wonder the context. Also, from a technical perspective I think you nailed the character poses perfectly. Frequently characters look stiff, but these (especially the boy) look very believable. Great job jnagy!


Created by sap

Created by sap

Another scene with great story telling! I especially like that you didn’t shy away from the difficult topic of creating crowds of people. It gives a rare visualization of the much pondered construction of the pyramids. Well done!


Created by Hamza Cheggour

Created by Hamza Cheggour

Beautiful colors and lighting! I like the muted and limited palette. Some of the textures seem out of scale (grunge from balcony) but overall I thought the whole scene was really well put together. Well done Hamza!


Honorable Mentions

Here are a few more excellent entries that deserve a special mention:


Created by Amrid

Created by Marcin Sadomski

Congratulations Marcin!

You’ve won:

Everything from the character design, modelling, texturing and lighting is fantastic. He really gives off a menacing vibe. Well done!

That concludes this competition! Unfortunately I don’t have time to explain why each entry didn’t win, but if you post your entry in the comments below, I’m sure the community will happily give you some pointers (if you want it).

Thank you everyone for entering!

About Andrew Price

User of Blender for 9+ years. I've written tutorials for 3d World Magazine and spoken at three Blender conferences. My goal is to help artists get employed in the industry by making training accessible and easy to understand. I'm an Aussie and I live in South Korea ;)
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  • Ng’ash Ervo

    Hey…. I posted my work but i gues it wasn’t seen…Anywho made another render…. How’s it?

    • Neo

      The Modeling of the helmet is quite good, I love the grass which grows onto the helmet. The apples are a bit low – poly, but overall the DoF, lighting and faint background work well together

      Thumbs up

  • send in the jagdpanther

    wow, some of them look as if they could be photographs.

  • dereule101

    Good God, the Hanging Gardens one is beyond amazing.

  • jimbo

    i’m not very happy with the conclusion of the competition. i felt kind of left alone by andrew, as if he didnt take the time for the competition it deserved. thats only a wild accusation and i can not know if this is true, but maybe some of you felt the same way, and if so, maybe he does it better in the future.

    -during the hack of the BA website, i didnt like andrews “crisis”management, he somehow sometimes reacted when people asked what to do, but as a participant i felt like i had to stay active by myself, as if he didnt really care. (*whine whine, i know :( but it adds up). after the first hack and the first delay of the deadline, BA still didnt work and it seemed like all the little participant-lemmings were running in circles in panic, from BA to blenderguru, but you didnt really know how to make sure that your entry was submitted. and the statement “new deadline is 2 pm today” was kind of useless if you didnt know when it was written.

    -then andrew closed the competition, but only at BA (correct me if i’m wrong), and that after, finally, the whole communication had moved to

    -then, the age of great silence.. (later on i found out he posted on facebook that the the winner would be announced the next day.) five days nothing, which is a good sign, meaning he takes his time to judge. but i did not get the feeling that the time went into the competition. because of his taciturnity (?). because of the silence. not one tweet like ["look, another great entry from the competition #mycompetition #showingSomeAttention"] (didnt you use to do that in the other competitions?) or ["i'm on it, my lovely participants #youAreTheBest"] HECK, I WANTED SOME SORT OF COMMUNICATION DAMMIT or whatever, i dont know, i’m sorry, didnt want to capslockyell. :(

    ok, but it was also exciting, the silence. or it could have been. because during the age of great silence, this whole “blender is an old grumpy man”-thingy started, and andrew was very active with that, and i just couldnt help but to get the feeling that he simply forgot or didnt care any more about the competition.

    (It’s absolutely up to him how to handle the judgement, and maybe, propably, he took nightshifts to handle his UI-discussion AND the competition, but i need to describe how i experienced it. because it makes me sad. and angry. (“can i be both? then thats what i am!” -turanga leela) about how it went. and that i dont feel like participating any more ;(;( )

    -then, one little answer to a comment on the UI-podcast-discussion-page (!!), “winner will be announced tomorrow”, next day comes, bam, winners announced. and at long last, i’m not even to happy with the decision. so after all, it’s only because i’m a bad looser. the rest is just made up. maybe. i dont know. you tell me.

    -no offense, marcin, your entry IS awesome! your entry IS the winner. but if you already had the feeling that it could have been a hurried judgement, then it kiiiind of fits very well, because your entry kiiind of also is the obvious winner. i’m sorry. i dont even mean that that i would have chosen another entry. (gnrghl. no matter how i write this, i feel like an angrylittlebadlooserwhinycrybaby. whatever, allmost done.)

    here is what andrew wrote: Everything from the character design, modelling, texturing and lighting is fantastic.
    here is what i read: This looks cool, bye.

    ok, concretely, the ornament-texture on the shield does not look thaat realistic, the chainmail on the arm is kind of screwed up, and the chainmail under the helmet is made of seriously gigantic rings. (again, correct me if i’m wrong)

    not everything from the character design, modelling, texturing and lighting is fantastic. [["...nathan's chainmail is much better, but i dont like the lighting in his picture..." "...eventhough there are small mistakes, the impact of marcins entry as a whole easily makes up for that.."]]

    andrew cant and doesnt have to explain his decision, and he never does more then this time, i’m aware of that, but the way i experienced the competition, this conclusion with this statement “everything is fantastic” just fits to well, its kind of the last straw. i didnt like how andrew handled the competition.

    i’m sorry marcin, i hope you dont get me wrong, you deserve the win, congratulations. maybe (hopefully) i’m the only one who experienced it that way and all of you had unrestricted fun.

    • andrewpprice

      Hey mate,
      thanks for the feedback. And I agree that I should have handled the communication on the entry submissions better.
      Trouble was we really didn’t know when it would be coming back online. As is common with hacks, you think it’s fixed, but then theirs one little code which remains and it’s downhill again. So I had to constantly extend the deadline and finally decided to just let people upload in the comments.

      But yeah I should have put a date on that 2pm deadline thing.

      If it’s any consolation though I allowed any and all entries, even ones that were submitted past that deadline. Provided it was posted either on here or on BA, it made it.

      There was a slight error though as my assistant collected some entries from the comments page early, so they originally weren’t all included on here. But they have since been added.

      As for the decision, it wasn’t hurried. It was just the clear winner to me. I’ve found that really that’s the best way to judge competitions. If you spend too long staring at the intricate details and weighing up the pros and cons you can pass up one that should be a clear winner. Marcin’s entry stood out to me instantly, as the most technically correct and captivating image.

      But I understand if people disagree.


  • Verticies

    I’m really glad to see you have handled the problem of viewing oversized images. Now you need to get back the “next” option so we don’t have to use the back arrow.

  • jonhtravis

    Seriously, the honorable mentions are better than most of the finalists and the winning render is pretty boring compared to other renders….

  • tonton

    hello, congrats to everyone ! great competition ! i especially liked swmo entry ! the character’s expression is really crazy !

    this was my entry, if anyone has some critics about it, don’t hesitate !

    • Neo

      The story of it looks awesome, you can see that a breathtaking battle is taking place. The grass is very well done. Lighting is damp and soft, which fit the scene well.

      The Arrows look a bit hectic, and the soldier looks a bit stiff.
      Overall, badass

      • tonton

        thanks a lot, i totally agree about the arrows, i didn’t have time to work on the particle system, and i finally decided to avoid the motion blur, which hided some defauts. Characters are weirdly disproportionate, and again, the time stopped me for pushing further and correct that. After several days without seeing it, i also think the main character and the crown is drown in the mass, not enough lighted perhaps…
        However thanks for your comment, it confirms my doubts ! (and sorry for my english :) )

      • Shift

        Looks great! I like how the soldier is hold a crown, gives a little story to the image. Those arrows do need some motion blur to indicate some kind of directional motion, as is they look like they are floating in space.

  • DerekG1080

    Just wanted to say thanks to Andrew for the competition and for my entry making the finalists. My goal on this one was to develop a solid conceptual idea and composition and execute it as closely as possible. I was really happy with the end result. Hope you guys liked it as well. Any additional thoughts are always appreciated:)

  • Guest

    Hello there! Could you please make a couple of comments on my entry? I really wish to know what to improve!

    • Gergo Radai

      Sorry that was my comment, something went wrong, and didn’t post the image.

  • Rezan

    i think Nathan Wilkinson’s entry is the best one.
    when the next year competition begins :)

  • Akshat Dhabi

    Congratulations to the winner :D

    what do you guys think of my entry?

  • Garrett Williams

    That winning entry looks straight out of a very professional video game promo.

  • Blender Jax

    All of the entries were amazing! Congratulations to the winner.

    I haven’t been using Blender for very long (only about a year), but I really learned a lot from this competition. What do you guys think of my entry? How could I improve it?

    • Xerubian

      I actually love it as it is :) The comic style is really cool!

      • Blender Jax

        Thanks so much! :) I’ve mainly done toon style renders with Blender. Maybe next time, I’ll try a more realistic one.

  • Paulo Crincev

    Awesome entries, Congratulations to Winner.
    Too bad I didn’t be finalist.

    What did you think my entry?

    • Kamal

      I feel conceptually, this is a much stronger image than the winner of the competition. But perhaps slightly falls behind on technical aspects of texturing, lighting and rendering compared to the winner. This is an excellent representation of how human lives and blood-shed was used for entertainment of select few in an ancient civilization. Lovely concept! :)

    • Konrad Prodamski

      man you did a really great job. I personally love the lighting, giving it a really intense tone. My critique would be to work on texturing. For some reason I really like the right hand holding the weapon.

    • andrewpprice

      I actually really like the story of this image.
      But it was lacking in finer details. Everything felt too smooth and artificial. Eg. Metal needs scratches, leather needs wrinkles. But mainly it’s due to the background being completely out of focus, which kind of throws the weight of the scene. It looks like a character against a green screen.

      Sorry if that sounds harsh. Just my thoughts.

      But again, the concept and story was killer. I spent a while looking at it.

      Keep up the good work!

    • Paulo Crincev

      Thanks Kamal, Konrad and Andrew for your comments.
      It’s true, I confess I lacked more love in my art.

      Despite being long time, it was a bit rushed to me.

      These tips also apply to my gear earlier, I’ll try to improve the texture of my next projects and caprichar over the finest details and compositions.

      Thanks for the tips analyzing my art.
      These tips will help me a lot.

      Come the next competition.

      At, Paulo

  • Karthikeyan

    awesome creations by the masters of blender…

  • AliSpark

    I like several of these very much, but I particularly like the one by LeopoldCdeC. I reckon the people have all gone in for tea!

  • anes

    why the emirage,s don,t figure in this list ”sorry but its weird ” he did a great job…

  • phredered

    Very impressive work. However it does point out the difficulty of achieving realism with Blender.

  • jme

    Wow, really impressive!
    @Andrew: In section “Honorable Mentions” the link to mss’ should be “[...]/mss.png”

  • Sam Samson

    Amazing creations by brilliant artists. Always inspired. TY

  • ben

    my entry wasnt even put in there -_-
    I could care less if i won, but just if i could have gotten the chance to participate…..
    Til next 3 or so months for the next comp.
    Congrats to the winners

  • 501stlegomaster

    What do you think of my image?
    Is there anything I could do to improve it?
    Congratulations to the winner and the finalists. :)

    • Petar Georgiev

      The collors look a bit unrealystic, maybe you can put some more love in the ligts, but i personally like the models and the story- but i am not a pro after all- this is just a personal opinion :)

    • 501stlegomaster

      Thanks! I’ll keep that in mind :)

    • Brandon

      I think you told a great story and set an epic mood. I think the lighting could be improved a bit. The clouds in the background suggest the sun is setting behind him from right a little bit, but the lighting on the character looks like the light is coming from the left in front of him. I think it would look better if they felt more consistent.

    • L lawliet

      I actually really like the background and lighting. But the modeling is what I think could use improvement. Eg the arms look a bit thin and un detailed, and the armor seems to lack weight. But it’s still a really nice render.

  • Sebastián Calarco

    Mine is missing in all entries :(

  • Claudio Malagrino

    Some really great works here. But I would have chosen the ancient palace of Shadosk.

    • Maven

      Agreed, unsure why it wasn’t mentioned as a finalist

  • manicol ercolano

    I’m always disapointed about the competitions results. The winner image is wonderfull but I don’t think it represents the theme well enough, I mean war is the less civilized aspect of human history…

  • MrMelestor

    Congratulations Marcin Sadomski!

    What do you think about my entry? ;D

    • Konrad Prodamski

      really amazing work! This piece was on of my favourites. My critiques would be that there is too much Chromatic aberration and that the grass’s lighting looks a little weird. Maybe it is your materials but the lighting looks off. But great image.

    • Brandon

      I really liked your image. One think I felt would make it a little better is if the character to the right had their elbow up higher. When people use the bow and arrow they pull their elbow upwards for more leverage.

    • Kirill Trideshny

      horse’s tail looks like wire, faces seems low-poly. The composition and horse models are great.

    • Greg

      It’s pretty real, but the lighting, colours and composition are just a bit plain. Still, I would have chosen this as a finalist over one of the others. Great work on all the characters!

    • chockky

      good job win next time

  • Gustav Nilsson

    Great job everyone, a lot of awesome images! It was so tight in the top I would not have been able to make a choice! I can’t say that the winner was a favourite of mine since there was so many others I really liked, but it is a great image.

    Congratulations, Marcin! :)

  • dave

    I think the subject was kinda difficult and that’s why there wasnt so many great images. Anyway Poland is a winner :) Thanx Marcin and congrats :) Cheers from Cracow

  • Xerubian

    Too bad I was not mentioned. But it was fun and it brought me one step further. So it was truly worth the time! :)
    Even better: I was able to work with a few of you guys on your scenes with giving my feedback!


    • dave

      dont worry man, anyway great job, its really strage you werent even mentioned, detail looks really convincing

    • Gustav Nilsson

      Yeah, I was very chocked when you weren’t meantioned at all! I missed you instantly after I had checked all the finalists and the mentions. I think you have one of the absolute best!

    • Ben Amend

      I thought for sure your render would have been at least a finalist, maybe even the winning entry! Yours was definitely better than most of the honorable mentions, and even some of the finalists.

    • Solmeaus

      I was also drawn to your entry too, was hoping to see a mention.

    • pyratepunx

      the reason it wasn’t is prob because it looks like ancient buildings in modern times

    • Rollie

      are you sure this isn’t farcry 3

    • Xerubian

      You guys are awsome. That’s why I had so much fun :)

      Rollie : it is definitely Blender ;) You can see the steps on my website if you’re interested:

    • Brandon

      I thought your image was beautifully done! I hope to be this good someday…

    • Kirill Trideshny

      wow! this is amazing! This big tree is unusual and looks very natural for me. And the forest behind this is very well done!

    • John Fitzpatrick

      Very nice version of Angkor Wat. Beautiful place but to me the biggest detractor is the texturing. Not realistic and detailed enough.

      • Xerubian

        What would you miss in terms of detail? For the temple or the tree? The temple is 1:1, the tree was textured differently as the original one was too boring :) (see the link below)


        • Konrad Prodamski

          In my opinion the texturing is too low res. for instance the normal maps seem like they were blurred or just low resolution.

    • chockky


  • Marro

    Congratulations Marcin! Great work…

  • Bshep

    What do you think of my image?

    • Austin Carpenter

      Sucks ass

    • kmonkmon

      Pretty good modeling, needs work on lighting.

      • Bshep

        Thanks! I will try and work on the lighting

    • Justin

      The modelling is great!! Like kmonkmon said the lighting could use a bit of adjustment and also the skin could use a less flat texture. Also the armour looks a bit flat but that’s just my opinion. Overall it looks great!

    • Kirill Trideshny

      materials and the character’s look (his eyes) are the weak points. The sword is strange. And almost everything is sterile.

  • Jerry Perkins

    i cant believe the winner. Congratulations Marcin Sadomski. You deserve it. I was personally filled with awe and wonder at “Shadosk”‘s piece. It is like ancient Babylon.

  • John Cuaces

    Congratulations to the winner he made a great job although I think there are a few ones that look better… anyway I want to ask you guys what would you do to improve my entry? Thank you.

    • Grue

      I love the detail in the building. Two things stick out. It’s a little over-saturated. I did a very simple decrease in brightness and increase in contrast in GIMP to get the leaves to pop and the building to visually separate from the background sky (attach 1). The second is more of a suggestion, you may want less blur in the leaves and more branch. As if the branches were a little farther away and the viewer wasn’t poking through a hedge. They could subtly frame the building instead of blotting out the border. (attach 2).

      • John Cuaces

        Thank you, you made it look great!

    • Jonathan

      That defocus.. This could easily be my favorite, but that defocus takes too much of the image, is killing it… ._.” (my opinion)

    • Claudio Malagrino

      Hi, John, to me your image is really one of the best. What bothers me in your building is that it does not belong to a definite style. Is it japanese, central asiatic? It looks like several modern stacked houses. But it’s finely done, very realistic.

    • Brandon

      I loved your render! One thing that might be fun to try is having the building completely surrounded by forest and trees (and maybe even a mountain in the background) like it’s a lone building in the middle of no where. Just an an experiment…I love your render though.

    • John Fitzpatrick

      I think this is probably my favorite image from the competition. I love how light this is. It looks a lot like Matsumoto castle in central Japan.

    • Tunji

      This is a nice image, its wonderful…..if only the castle could realistically try to match the leaves in the forground, i mean it looks a little cartoonie

    • Tunji

      This is a nice image, its wonderful…..if only the castle could realistically try to match the leaves in the forground, i mean it looks a little cartoonie

  • koolman

    very weird results, i am not saying that the final image is bad “its not” but i cannot understand what civilization dose it represent??! in the other hand some great work from guys like Luis Voronov and eMirage did present an amazing result that matches what the contest is about “ANCIENT CIVILIZATION” and deserve more than mention. of course this is just my opinion.

    • kmonkmon

      Totally agree. The winning entry would have been great for a fantasy contest, which this was not.

    • John Fitzpatrick

      Someone beat me to the comment. While the winning entry is probably the “Best” for overall modeling, detail, lighting, texturing and story telling, I would disqualify it for not being “Ancient Civilizations”. I’ve never seen a single piece of “REAL” armor (museums, bookss, history channel, etc.” that looked like this.

    • koolman

      looking back at the rules of the competition it say medieval warriors, but also say no fictional warriors like Lord of the ring kind of fantasy warrior. you said “Lord of the Rings style fantasy is too far”. even thought tha final image is much simile to the witch king in LOR

  • orson redpath

    Hi sorry Andrew my enter didn’t seem to be accepted at all i posted it
    on the blender guru ancient civilization contest in the comment section,within the deadline.
    I hope it wasn’t considered as fantasy,as it wasn’t
    here it is :

    • Brandon

      Very cool!

      • orson redpath

        thanks but I really hate her face,it was first time doing a human and drove me insane.
        And for some reason her hair does really sharp bends and not nice smooth shapes,if anyone has any idea why it’s doing this, i would be very grateful for the answers (I don’t know if i was very clear in my explanation )
        but thanks anyways :)

    • Greg

      Looks nice, I think, but it’s really really dark. Always check the histogram and calibrate your monitor.

  • zait
    • Hamza Cheggour

      it has been missed, thanks for noticing this bro :)

  • Big

    WOW Andrew you haven’t even mentioned the “REAL” finalists in my opinion :( . As for the winner congratulations but u don’t deserve it totally, there where even better entries.

  • Blend1

    Congrats Marcin! Great picture! Good job!

  • Guest

    hey guys can you critique my piece for me. I wasn’t a finalist but I’d like to know what to improve on this piece.

    • Konrad Prodamski

      something weird happens with the pictures. My internet bandwidth is slow and probably did not show the extra copies, sorry.

    • Diego

      I think your entry is one of the best. I liked specially the notion of movement in it. Perhaps you should work a little more at the skin shader and overall lighting.

    • Gustav Nilsson

      I just wanted to say that I really liked your image! :) You really deserved to be mentioned in my opinion!

    • Graphos

      Świetnie wyszły Ci włosy i broda, przyczepiłbym się do shadera skóry i białych przejaśnień. Ale praca mi się podoba :)

    • Kirill Trideshny

      I like almost everything here… But his beard… it’s weird. I think it’s because it looks “one-colored”. A bit like a bear’s fur. Oh… working with hair in Blender is still very difficult I guess. Maybe you could also make his skin more weathered. Now it seems like he use a very good skin cream every day :) Actually I like your work more than Marcin’s knight. I guess that Andrew was “bought” by his great lighting and compositing with particles and glow.

    • John Fitzpatrick

      Konrad, I really liked your image. To me the thing that detracts from it the most is the eyes. The rest of the image speaks experience, strength, skill, yet the eyes are a little blury and are not a window into the soul. One of my favorite examples of what eyes should be like is the the attached image for Vikings. If you had eyes like this, you would have won.

      • Konrad Prodamski

        thank you so much for the critique. I had quite some problems with the eyes, I plan on doing a project that specializes on individual features. That way once I master each part I can attempt a face with much more realism and skill.

        • chockky

          it’s still cool can’t wait to see the day i will do something like this

  • Hamza Cheggour
  • Guest

    hey Andrew this is too bad !, my entry have not been accepted at all !, I submitted it on the comments of this page as blenderartists was down, :(

    • Kirill Trideshny

      that’s great! Send a request to BlenderNation. I think that Bart will add your “making of” in news.

  • Anton Kharchenko
  • fedoxcg

    Sorry andrew but you missed also my post with my entry…. I have no chance for victory becouse of the wonderful finalists images, but I worked for the competition and in this way now my work is in the recycle bin.
    Congratulation to everyone for your work!!!! good job!!!

  • Graphos

    Anyway.. Congrats to the winner and finalists.

  • Graphos

    Andrew! You missed my post with my work.. I posted in comments under the competition, because register on BA was impossible… Check it again please and You will see that’s true.. That was this image :

    • makapuf

      Wow, this is great. Deeper than winning pic, even.

      • Graphos

        Thank You! I appreciate it :)

        • Pablo

          Sad, but the rules are the rules :( great job!

          • Graphos

            Thanks Koolman. I had much work with my Crusader. I’m little sad, that my (and others) work was missed.

    • Claudio Cesar Trevisani

      Amazing job. I really liked the shadows on the face, texture, clothing and shading skin. One of the best work I’ve seen here.

      • Graphos

        Thank You Claudio!

    • Kirill Trideshny

      Great! If not see some little mistakes I think you can just add a barely visible light from the ground. I see some orange particles there.. So it could be very logical. Then his face will be lit better.

  • ArcaneVelho

    Andrew, you seem to have missed my entry.

    I didn’t post it on BA because I couldn’t, but it was (is) in the comments under the competition announcement here on Blenderguru. I put it there within the limits of the ever changing deadline. Well, no worries (as you Australians say I believe). I wouldn’t have won anyway.

    By the way, I counted 157 entries (4*39+1=157) although it says 156.

    Nice pics everyone! And congratulations to the winner and honorable mentions.