My name is Andrew Price and I run Blender Guru. I am 23 years old and live in

Brisbane, Australia.

Before creating Blender Guru, I used to work for Toyota as a debt collector.

That’s right… if you didn’t pay your bills you had to deal with this:

Hey, when can we expect the next payment?

I also used to serve in the Australian Army as a Reservist.

The true face of a ‘Weekend Warrior’

When I’m not talking on the phone or shooting guns, I’m lifting weights at the gym.

My dream is to one day weigh 90kg, but I can’t seem to break 80kg!

In August last year, I went to a party of a mutual friend and met my now girlfriend,

Chloe Lim. She knows all about my obsession with blender, but doesn’t mind it

as long as it doesn’t cut into our “together time” :P

On a date in Roma St Parklands, Brisbane

Back at the beginning…


One of the turning points for becoming interested in 3d graphics was at a LAN

party (yes I used to be a regular). The person on the computer next to me was

telling me all about how they use Blender in their free time.

“What’s Blender?”was my response.

To demonstrate, he showed me a little animation he had made of a helicopter

robot taking off and landing. I was blown away! It looked like Pixar!

(or so I thought at the time)

I figured that if he could make that by himself, then so could I.

And it wasn’t long after when I discovered this image and sealed my obsession:

So sexy…


At this point I made a silent vow to learn Blender well enough until I could create a car

like this.

How did you learn Blender?


My first week with Blender could best be described as embarrassing.

I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. In fact, if you check my post history on

blenderartists.org you can see what a true burden I was to the community:


*groan* Another thread by redbyte.


My learning style was the very definition of “play it by ear”. I randomly floated from

tutorial to tutorial, finishing some and abandoning others until I could finally create

something of my own. As I recall it was a cube man.

Through constant practice and learning new things I eventually nailed the basics and

moved onto bigger projects. 4 years into my learning process, and I was finally able to

accomplish the dream I set out to achieve:

My very own shiny red car!… Now what?

Why Blender Guru?

I started Blender Guru in April 2009 as a way to raise my profile as a freelancing artist.

I had heard that creating tutorials was a good way to get noticed, so I registered the

domain name blenderguru.com and started writing. However it wasn’t until I attended

the Blender conference in 2009, that my goal changed. People who I had never met

were coming up to me, shaking my hand, and asking me when the next tutorial would

be released.

I was flabbergasted! So from that point on I decided to make educational products

my primary focus.


My first training product was an eBook called ‘The Wow Factor‘,

and my most recent product is The Nature Academy.

Other Hobbies

As well as Blender, I also enjoy…

Going to music festivals:

At Big Day Out 2010, watching Lilly Allen perform

Exploring the outdoors:

Trekking up a mountain in South Korea.

Going on holidays:

Enjoying a swim at Fraser Island

Well that’s probably more than you wanted to know, so I’m going to wrap this up.

You can also reach me on Twitter and Facebook.

I hope you enjoy the site! :)

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