9 Videos from the 2010 Blender Conference

Flying to the Blender conference is expensive! Flights, accomodation, entry fee. Gah! Not everyone who wanted to attend, could. The event organizers set up live broadcasting of the presentations, but unfortunately there weren’t any cameras in the smaller room… except mine :P

I made an effort to record as much of the workshop presentations as possible. Enjoy 9 exclusive videos below!

1. Ton Roosendaal – Keynote Presentation

2. Andy Goralczyk – Speed Modelling

3. Jonathan Williamson – Topology

4. Pablo Vazquez – Compositing in Sintel

5. Soenke Maeter – Lighting and Compositing in Sintel

6. Beorn Leonard, Lee Salvemini and Jeremy Davidson – Bringing Sintel to Life

7. Andy Goralczyk & David Revoy – Art Collaboration

8. Andrew Price – The Big Issues

9. Andrew Price – How to Raise Your Profile as an Artist

PLUS! See photos from the event:

What was your favourite part of the Blender conference? Will you be attending next year? Drop a comment below!

About Andrew Price

User of Blender for 9+ years. I've written tutorials for 3d World Magazine and spoken at three Blender conferences. My goal is to help artists get employed in the industry by making training accessible and easy to understand. I'm an Aussie and I live in South Korea ;)
  • http://blender-helper.webs.com/ Someone

    Hey Andrew could you put the original the #2 in real time.

    It’s super-HARD to find the details (you don’t imagine the time I spent trying to find the name of the discombulator script).

  • http://giovannyarce.artworkfolio.com Giovanny Arce

    Hi dude, I would like to know what can I do if I’m gonna create my new portfolio and I have to choose frome using a short nickname (is better for websites) or if I should use my real long name that consist in 12 characters. What do you suggest?

  • jose antonio

    hola, muy buenos sus tutoriales pero me gustaria saber si pueden hacer tutoriales en español. Soy de Venezuela y quiero desarrollar mucho mas conocimientos en el mundo de blender

  • Jokayo

    Andrew I don’t know how to say this

    ………..thank you so much …………………………


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  • SebastianErler

    Hey Andrew,

    thanks a lot for your effort. Very exciting!

    Thanks for this link. Never seen this website before. Seems to be a great source for learning 2.5


  • JSaffari

    Thanks my friend i hop some day cloud go to the blender conference .

    its very god

  • R.Guiney

    I was watching the Big Issues video and when Andrew mentioned that there were no places for “learning the basics of Blender” it got me thinking. I have only been tooling around with Blender for about a year now. As I am only a hobbyist in 3D. I wanted to learn Blender for the longest time but was turned away by the daunting interface. Then one day I came across a website that was free, and had very great video tutorials on almost all of the tools. I took an entire weekend and watched them all and within a few days I could use Blender. I still reference this site every time I use Blender. They still have videos for the 2.4x series as well as new ones for 2.5x which are still being updated. The site I am suggesting that all new Blender users go to first to learn the basics is http://www.gryllus.net/Blender/3D.html

    I am in no way affiliated with this site, nor the instructor. I just think it is a great place to learn Blender.

  • oscar

    Excellent Andrew!!

    Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  • Ivan Mariano

    Hi!! After i saw Andy’s video y launched myself to do this one:


    I’m only 5 months in the big 3D World…don’t be too hard!!! Please!!

    Made and rendered 100% Blender 2.55

    P.D.: i know that is a little too bright but i couldn’t find the resolution between the environment lighting, the indirect lighting and the scene lighting…sorry.

    Thanks for all the videos and tutorials!!
    Your conferences were very inspiring too!! VERY GOOD WORK!!

  • Husam

    Thanks Andrew you’re the best.

  • Steven

    I’ve only watched #7 as it was the shortest (DSL speeds in SA are terrible) and all I can say is WOW!
    Will try and watch the rest sometime, thanks for posting them Andrew.

  • David Black

    Hi Andrew,

    New Blender front page…

    I think your proposed ‘new’ Blender front page and general website layout alterations looked very professional, they would be a huge improvement over the current format.

    The first impression a website provides moulds and shapes a user’s expectation of the software’s capabilities.

    Beginners will be able to clearly find what they need, and advanced users can easily navigate to a section relevant to their level of expertise.

    Thank you kindly for uploading the interesting videos.
    Best wishes,


  • Salvador

    thatś super dude!! excellent effort really cool of you.

  • Moolah

    Thanks for this nice compilation, Andrew! Your recording is precious for newbies and advanced! :)
    Andy, thank you very much for that Discombobulator tip! I like your style of modelling and wish to become that fast and minimalistic too! :) I don’t know how to avoid over-detailed modelling – it’s haunting me ))

  • ssawyer

    Thanks for these great videos Andrew, I really appreciate it. I’d love to be able to watch these on the go though – is it possible to upload these to itunes as podcasts?

  • http://detaillibrary.org Filipe Soares Dilly

    Really nice presentations Andrew.

  • http://Www.artificial3d.com andy

    Roko: the script is called discombobulator.

  • http://Www.artificial3d.com andy

    Roko: tue script is called discombobulator.

  • JEY

    These videos are so great and instructional! BlenderGuru is awesome!

  • kABHIr

    Wow these awesome videos are really cool watching masters at work is a great learning experience thanks for these videos.

  • http://www.chotio.tk chotio

    Thanks a lot for the videos, I´m trying watch all. Very good videos.


  • Paulo Bardes

    Nice vids and pics…. (yay, I took one of the photos)

  • Roko

    Aweome!Btw,what did Andy use in his speed modeling to make background?Some script from 2.49?If he did,what is the name of that script?

  • http://oruchuban.ru sid350

    Thank you for these videos!
    I wish I could attend there sometime.

  • gopi

    Hey Andrew, Cool Man!!!
    Thanks a lot for your effort!
    Bye the way could you please tell me which camera you used to record these conferences?

  • Verticies

    Makes me want to go to the next one. Looks like fun. Thanks.

  • whoa

    dude… you’re obsessed with thumbs up. just saying.. LOVE WHAT YOU DO FOR THE BLENDER COMMUNITY… but whoa. the thumbs up… dont O.D. and die from those…

  • http://www.dfy.weebly.com stephen

    Great video on topology, very inspiring thanks.

  • zanyman

    Thanks so much for these. I really wanted to watch Jonathan Williamson’s talk on topology, and you’ve got it covered beautifully!

  • hetors

    Wow, very very interesting, thanks for all this videos.
    Nice pictures too :D

  • http://www.tgfx.no Carl Erik

    Thanks Andrew, i was waiting for someone to put these up.. :)

  • Milad Thaha

    Woah Andrew, hats off to you, again! :D This is just what I was waiting for :D

  • marwin

    woah thanks for the videos!!!!! o.0

  • http://kimberlysagayno.tumblr.com kimberlysagayno

    the speed modellings were so cool! im interested to go maybe 2 years from now, i’ll be more knowledgeable and experienced by then. haha i just managed to make our company logo into 3d..to make the globe part, hmmm…just managed to make an orange sphere..

  • nimblepix

    Thanks Andrew. These are very inspiring.

  • Cat

    Thanks for putting the videos up. That speed modeling is amazing. I think that is a car from Tron, isn’t it?

  • cedal

    Interesting vids!
    Just learned something again ^^

  • http://davecollison.com DaveC

    That’s one damn scary photograph up there, Andrew! lol
    Are you sure you’re not related to Ton somewhere along the line? Hmmmm…
    Thanks for putting these vids up. :)

  • Ivan Mariano

    Hi Andrew!! it would be possible to get the no timelapse video from the Andy’s session? It would be great!!

  • greg p

    Thanks so mush or putting these up,i just watched the 2 with andy goralczyk, omg!
    Great choice of music , well done , really inspirational to see such brilliant work. I already watched most of the other ones before.
    It must have been way cool to go to the blender institute, i predict an awesome year ahead for blender guru, thanks for the 40 happy snaps!

  • Bruno

    This is a great catch up Andrew. Thanks for it!

  • Liam

    Thanks, Hellbound!!!

  • http://Www.purpleboogers.com Sean Olson

    Was looking all over fior these! Thanks so much!

  • trinity5150

    Thank you so much for posting the videos on here :)

  • Hellbound

    After the render is done. Press F3, chose the formate you wish, name, enter.

  • Liam

    I know it’s a silly question to ask, but I don’t know how to get my rendered, final image onto my desktop or documents.
    I have a fairly new MacBook Pro.

    I am new to Blender! :)

  • http://youtube.com/AtomicMonkeyPro JaydenB

    Hey Andrew, awesome job recording these, they are the exact ones I wanted to see but couldn;t because of the live stream! I am hoping to go in the next 5 years, after high-school finishes. Hope to see you then!